Spiritual Meaning Of Christmas

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Christmas day is a celebration of Jesus Christ, sent by His Father to be the salvation of the world. Christians are known to celebrate Christmas, but other religions also celebrate it.

Christmas is celebrated worldwide and is the day that the son of God, Jesus Christ, was born. The three wise men travelled from far following the bright star, and others brought the holy baby gifts to celebrate his birth. Christmas has spiritual significance as well as history in paganism.

Christmas, Christianity, and Paganism

The pagan celebration during the month of December has been a long-time tradition amongst the age-old practice. Aspects such as kissing under the mistletoe, giving gifts, and decorating homes are some practices the pagans took part in their celebration.

Pagans were the folks who had their religious beliefs before Christianity was introduced. Amongst them were the Vikings, Romans, Greeks and more. The pagans celebrated gift-giving, tree decorating, wearing wreaths, and much more.

It’s said that Christians adapted some of the practices of the Pagan religion to celebrations like Christmas, Easter, and so forth.


The Following Are Some Of The Meaning Of Christmas On A Spiritual Note

Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ

God sent His Son to come to earth and be the world’s saviour. Jesus would later die for our sins paying the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Christmas is celebrated as a holiday season. Some call it the season for love, giving, and making a difference in someone’s life.

The birth of our savior wasn’t a glamorous one. In fact, Mary and Joseph were given a stable because there was no space in the Inn. She gave birth in the stables, and there was no crib for a bed.

Still, Jesus, as a baby wrapped and kept warm, was asleep peacefully in a manger. Here, the three men or the “three magi” aka the “three kings” would later visit, bringing exclusive gifts of Frankincense, Myrr, gold and lots more gifts for the baby Jesus.

Exchange gifts

We know Christmas to be a time for giving and sharing gifts with friends and family. One of the examples that God the Father made was sending His son the gift of love and the most precious gift that whoever believes in him will also have the gift of eternal life.

The concept of presents also carries on further where it’s known that father Christmas or Santa gives gifts to children on the day of Christmas.

Santa’s persona

Santa aka St Nicholas is from the pagan celebrations during this time of year. St Nicolas is known to be a giver and has given poor children and orphaned children gifts each year around Christmas time. St Nicholas’s image and memory are carried on into modern days of celebrating Christmas.

St Nicolas was also said to be an old man with a beard, carrying gifts in a bag for all the children. Today, the modern world celebrates Christmas featuring “Santa” or “father Christmas”.

According to the stories, other historical myths and stories say that Odin, a Viking god, was also an old man with a white beard and often wore a hat. Odin did charitable deeds during the winter and was also a magician specilizing in the use of ruins.

Sacred plants of the pagans were used in Christmas celebration

Both mistletoe and holly are plants that the pagans used in their celebrations. They also used it during the winter solstice, and these plants are adapted as part of Christmas decorations.


When it comes to Christmas, charitable giving extends not only to gifts but food as well. Many families will have turkey dinners with eggnog and Christmas cake. The food is another aspect adapted from the old folk celebrations as they also feasted during these times.


What is the biblical meaning of Christmas?

As recorded in the bible and over the years, Christmas has become a precious and holy time of the year. It is the time we celebrate the Christ Child and his birth as he was also the ultimate sacrifice and gift of love for our sins.

Where does the Christmas spirit come from?

When people speak of the Christmas spirit or the spirit of giving, it refers to the feelings and actions people experience on the day. For instance, giving to the needy or simply sharing with family and friends. Being inviting and compassionate and sharing love are all aspects of the “Spirit of Christmas”.

What does Christmas mean in the bible?

Christmas is the commemoration and celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The name “Christmas” stems from Christ’s name.


Celebrating a Merry Christmas and love and hope is what the holiday brings each year. The real meaning of Christmas is how God loved the world (us, his creation) and sent His son as atonement for our sins. Sin that once separated us from the love and grace of God, but now we can live again because God’s son died for us. Celebrating Christian mass is also part of the celebrations on this holy day and during this holy time.