Spiritual Meaning of Knee Pain

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Whether you’ve dreamt about having knee problems like stiffness or you’re already experiencing such in your left patella or right knee, it’s time to take stock of what you’re feeling inside and there may be a spiritual component to it.

Here’s What The Knees Represent In The Spiritual Aspect

In many spiritual interpretations, the knees are said to be a symbolic bridge system that connects the spirit with the tangible. It can also tell if energy is possibly out of sync.

When we think about the knee, it is a reasonably protruding joint that some spiritual definitions may consider the antenna to the spirit and physical world. If you think of a satellite, the kneecaps work similarly and are thus a significant part of bridging the body and spirit world.

Strength and weakness

The knee might not seem like an essential part of the human body, at least not as important as vital organs, but still, it has a role to play. Some interpretations depict the knees as a connecting link symbolizing weakness and strength.

You need to surrender

Since the knees have to do with being humble when there is a pain in the knee, it can be that you are holding on to things that are not allowing you to go forward. The pain in the knee is a sign that you need to let go of any anger you’re feeling towards someone. In other words, surrender and be humble.


Your scale of arrogance may be high

Other interpretations determine that arrogance is the reason you may be experiencing knee pain as you try your hardest to beat the circumstances even though it isn’t possible. Your knee chakra might be having complications and you’re experiencing knee pain because you may need to take a step back without pushing so hard.

Move towards a higher level of spirituality

Some depictions regarding knees that are sore, especially the right knee time and again a sign that the individual is growing on a spiritual level.

Left knee ache

In some instances, when it is the left knee chakra experiences soreness, it may be that the person is facing this pain because of trying too hard and going beyond their means. The left knee is about intuition and emotion, so the hurt occurs in this side when it’s too much taken on in one go.

How The Knees May Speak Volumes According To Religion

Some interpretations of the kneecap whether pain or other physical body aspects, the patella caps say quite a bit. They are also very sensitive. Some cultures and religions believe that knees can mean humility and humbleness.

There is a saying about “pride comes before fall”, a saying which means if you think you’re too good and you’re too proud, fate might have that change for you. You might see the universe show the other side of being proud in a vane way and this isn’t usually a good thing.

You could end up failing in what you wanted to achieve for being too proud. That said, the knee joints help us stand tall, and when we bend our knees in humility or humbleness, it shows this side which is the opposite of being proud.



Bending the patella to pray is a universal symbolic gesture representing humility, that we’re merely human, and we give honor to the Creator of everything. Christians are also observed kneeling to pray in church as coming before God at the altar.

There are many scripture readings from the Bible that speak of pride and how it isn’t wise to be proud.

When it comes to emotional responses towards others, where being humble and practicing humility is concerned, it does not mean that you need to cut yourself short. Being humble doesn’t mean you must forget about the gifts of God. You have your gifts and talents to bless others.


The knee can depict devotion to God

In Islam and other religions, knees are bent when prayer takes place. Practicing Muslims perform ritual prayers called salat, five times a day according to the five pillars of Islam. The salat requires various series of bends and kneeling when speaking to the Almighty.


Buddhists are also seen entering a stance of prayer that involves kneeling before laying flat on the ground. A show of surrendering all to the Creator.

Blocked energy in the knee chakra

Holistic medicine believes that when there is severe knee pain, the energy flow is blocked and the knee chakra is not performing at optimum. While this may be true, if you experience pain in the kneecap and there are no injuries prior, then it may be spiritually linked to the knee chakras more than physical.

Knee Pain Spiritual Meaning Possible Solutions

  • Do stretches to help improve flexibility in the knees.
  • Do exercise that will encourage kneecap strength in the tendons and tissue surrounding the knee and may be causing the knee pain.
  • Let things be that are not in your control and allow life to run its due course. We cannot always control everything, and the knees symbolize this. Paining is your cue to step back.


What emotion causes knee pain?

According to some interpretations, the emotion linked to knee pain is depression. People may experience knee pain becoming worse in the evenings.

What chakra controls knee pain?

The left and right knee and some of the lower extremities are controlled by the root chakra which is sometimes called the knee chakra too.


Taking care of your knees is essential for them being healthy and strong. On a substantial note, the knee joint can do with strengthening and flexible workouts. Spiritually knee pain can be a sign that you must go with life and not try to do more than you possibly can. We have spiritual guidance comes in many forms, and when it comes to the meaning of knee pain, it is one that you need to take note of.