Spiritual Meaning Of The Color Purple

Are you fascinated by purple and its mystical connotations? Purple is a fascinating color that carries many meanings, from royalty to femininity to mystery.

This article will teach you about purple’s history, shades, and significance.

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History of the color purple

Surprisingly, purple’s story is the most intriguing among all the colors. The origins of the meaning of purple can be traced back to the Neolithic period.

In particular, specific Neolithic sites in France showed cave writings painted with manganese and hematite powder sticks, producing a purplish appearance.

Purple dye, known as Tyrian purple, was first created by ancient Phoenicians in the 15th century by extracting the secretions of a snail that lived on the beaches of the eastern Mediterranean.

The Phoenicians demanded a high price for Tyrian purple all over the ancient world, including Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and even Rome, because of the difficulty of the process and the number of sea snails required to produce the dye.

As the demand for the pigment outpaced the supply, only affluent monarchs could soon afford the luxury of dyeing their garments with it.

As a result, this shade of blue came to represent luxury and exclusivity.

Laws were implemented restricting its availability to ensure its exclusivity. People generally wore white or earthy colors. At the same time, the ruling class wears a purple robe, including the monarchs above, priests, magistrates, and other elites.

The Symbolism of the Color Purple

The color purple’s symbolism has a deep meaning related to our spiritual nature and psychic abilities. The vibrations of our higher self and of making a spiritual connection are amplified by purple, making it a fitting symbol of spiritual fulfillment.

Meaning of the color Purple embodies spiritual growth, fire, water, passion, emotion, strength, and honesty because it combines red and blue on the color wheel. A bouquet of purple flowers could help lift your spirits if you feel overwhelmed.

Purple signifies balance and metamorphosis due to its ability to connect the material world with the spiritual realm. The Crown Chakra, where mystical understanding and communion with the divine are accessed, has its energy centered on the purple.

Purple’s propensity to heighten psychic awareness is one reason lightworkers highly regard it. Amethyst, Purpurite, Purple Fluorite, Lepidolite, and Charoite are just a few of the purple crystals and sacred stones you can carry and employ as talismans, magical focal points, or meditation aids for this purpose. Those who choose the color Purple can pursue spiritual enlightenment without losing touch with reality.

The purple represents imagination and daydreams, which is excellent for those who need to focus and quiet their “busy brains.”

Purple is full of energy, compassion, and understanding. Since it is so alive with new ideas, it is commonly connected with artists and psychic ability.

The psychology of purple

It is generally believed that purple is associated with mysteries and spiritual questions. Many churches use purple for this reason.

Purple also represents prosperity and leadership. Consider that leaders from Egyptian Kings to Queen Elizabeth II wear purple to signify their status.

In reality, people either adore or hate purple. It can inspire courage, psyche, insights, heightened sensuality, and peace of mind in those who appreciate it.

In literature, purple prose is a literary term for overly flowery language, exaggeration, or outright fabrication.

As a color, purple represents selflessness, sagacity, and a sense of calm. This hue works well in charity advertisements and meeting rooms for humanitarian efforts.

In terms of creativity and imagination, purple is a beautiful color to help people open up to possibilities. Also, to give your home high-frequency energy, burning purple candles is a great place to start.

Different Purple Shades

Below are different shades of purple;


Lavender is a soft violet and light purple color, slightly bluish in tone. It’s a shade that’s drawn to aesthetic perfection. It’s soft, delicate, and easily damaged, while darker shades can be a symbol of despair and sadness.


Color-wise, lilac falls between pink and violet on the spectrum. It’s a sign of naiveté, shallowness, and youth. It’s outgoing and upbeat, evoking feelings of glamor, romanticism, and vanity.


The color mauve is between the softer purples, lavender, and lilac. It aids in making sound decisions, cares about seeing justice done, and acts morally consistently. On the flip side, it may suggest a desire for mediocrity on the part of the social climber.


Amethyst is said to stimulate the imagination and the subconscious. It safeguards the weak and helps those in need. It represents the evolved soul’s color.


A plum’s color is a deep, crimson purple. Plum is a time-honored shade that carries the significance of respect and family history. And it’s always preaching at you, so you know it’s prudish and close-minded.

Deep Purple

Dark purple, and indigo, are associated with enlightenment and refined spirituality. It’s a striking shade but may signify hubris and cruelty.


The color violet is part of the visible light spectrum, while purple isn’t. The color violet is associated with affluence, originality, pride, and majesty.

Personality traits associated with the color purple

If purple is your favorite color, it’s a good bet that you’re a sensitive, generous, and devoted individual. You express your affection for others by meeting their needs before your own.

This fact is well-known, and some individuals will use it as an excuse to drain you of your upbeat disposition.

If you have a purple personality, it’s best to steer clear of energy, money, and life suckers.

Because of their inability to process harshness, those who identify as purple tend to be emotionally fragile. This is the work of a kind heart that yearns for peace and independence. Your strong suit is not anarchy.

Your inherent charisma makes you a magnet for the global spotlight. Despite your reserved demeanor, you exude a magnetic pull. You’re a bit of a “lone wolf” because you prefer to work on various projects independently. The phrase “eclectic” perfectly describes your taste and the design of your own spaces.

Those who identify with the color purple are idealists who seek a world free from bigotry, fear, and manipulation. For the Purple heart, that’s one of the risks. She tends to daydream at the most inopportune times.

Purple, as a unique color, suggests that you have a calming and uplifting influence on those around you. Even negative shifts don’t phase you too much. Even if you don’t like it, you’re more capable of dealing with it.

Purple may be considered an old soul by those with psychic abilities because of their innate interest in the subject. You have faith that the “truth” exists and that the challenge now is to locate it. You may be reluctant to share your insights for fear of being misinterpreted because of your adeptness.