Spiritual Meaning Of The Color White

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White is a unique color and is often associated with positive energy. White represents positive and good aspects, whether it involves angels, crossing the spirit into the other world, or harmony and peace. White doves are symbolic of purity and peace.

White is a beautiful color. White represents purity, peace and joy. It is a color associated with cleanliness and spiritual aspects, innocence and hopes to name a few. It is also a traditional color in certain religious and cultural ceremonies.

Have you been seeing the color white recently or perhaps dreamt about it? Carry on reading as we explore this wholesome color’s facets and spiritual aspects.

The Following Are Some Spiritual Reasons To Seeing Or Having The Color White Around

White is not just any color on the color spectrum, instead, it brings out the other contrasting colors, even more, creating a perfect “blank canvas”.

White wedding dresses

When we think of white, we often think of white wedding dresses since they are bold yet graceful.


The color white is a long-lived tradition representing a wedding dress, purity and a new beginning for the bride and her groom. A white wedding dress wasn’t always a part of the norm. In fact, in the 1700s it was said that white dresses were reserved for mourning.

Princess Phillipa was one of the first known women to wear a white wedding dress when she got married in the 1400s to the Scandinavian King Eric.

But, Mary, Queen of Scotts opted to wear white dresses as part of her attire even when it wasn’t a funeral. She wore it for fashion and some say that she was rather a bold fashionista of her time. She would also later wear a white wedding dress when she wed her husband, the King of France.

Stepping out in a white wedding dress was always a bold move for those who wore it. Still, it soon became a trend and, later, customary for weddings, even now. However, in some Eastern cultures, the color white is still symbolic of mourning, death and somberness. This is completely opposite to the modern association with the color white as we know it today.

White is a clean color and often makes a beautiful theme throughout living spaces and offices. It is neutral and blends well with a multitude of colors and even patterns.

Just like white wedding dresses, white objects, flowers, and more are essential, and it is critical to know what they mean.

White flowers and their representation

White is the color that plays a pivotal role in helping to express emotions. Flowers are used for many occasions. Flowers have helped many people break the ice before they share what’s going on in their lives.

  • Dandelion – It is a flower sign that wishes can come true, represented by how the plant fluffs and blows away quickly.
  • Jasmine – The Jasmine is said to be beautiful and symbolic as a gift from God.
  • White lotus – The lotus represents a new start, birth or rebirth, a new world.
  • Magnolia – Magnolia represents peace, past lives, and soulmates.
  • White orchid – Symbolizes fertility, forever love and desire.
  • White carnation – The white carnation flower is beautiful and relates to unconditional love.
  • White carmilla – The white camellia represents longevity and perfection.
  • White daisies – The daisy is a carefree plant known as a playful and youthful flower.

Crystals and white stones

When it comes to spiritual meaning and white crystals or white gemstones, there are several types. Before getting to the names of the various types of rocks and crystals in white, It’s good to know that they contain spiritual essence and a deeper meaning than just the color within itself.

White crystals, whether pure white or a typical white color, crystals have always been essential in prominent families in royalty and other aristocratic rankings. Crystals are also vital in many cultures and religions and it is easy to see why they relate to good and spiritual beings.

  • Dolomite – meditation, peace and focus.
  • Howlite – Used for stress relief and calmness.
  • Moonstone – Feminine divine, positive energy, intuition.
  • Quartz – Energy boosting, able to clear energy.

Positive Connotations – What White Might Mean From A Personality’s Point of View

White, for some people, showed a preference for calmness and serenity. This is especially when white happens to be your favorite color too.

People who like the color white are also particular about cleanliness and take extra care, sometimes overdoing their cleaning and chores. They tend to be very tidy.

White has many positive meanings and characteristics, but it also has its downsides and could represent traits like:

  • Being sterile
  • Dull and bland compared to other bright and popping colors
  • Stone cold
  • Empty
  • Without feeling


What is special about the color white?

The color white almost always represents purity and peace. Wearing white at a wedding also represents the innocence and virginity of the bride.

Why is white a favorite color?

White is often a favorite hue of choice because it doesn’t have a color. Instead, white can blend and fit in with all other colors and can also be customized for any occasion. It’s a neutral, genius color.

What emotion is white?

White is a safe color and not endangering like red, for instance. White often makes us feel calm and secure since it is often associated with divine beings in modern and ancient cultures.


White could represent a clean slate, and as you’ve read. It also has many other positive aspects, making it a color seemingly incomparable to other colors in some ways. Like the words of Leonardo Da Vinci “For those colors which you wish to be beautiful, always first prepare a pure white ground.” Since da Vinci was also an artist, he understood color, and it is true for any colors you wish to pop in your setting, use white to help accentuate them.