Spiritual Meaning Of Falling In Dreams

Falling dreams are common for the most part, but while some people may have a falling dream just one or two times that they can recall, others may have it as recurring. It’s a scary dream but it often signifies deeper meaning related to the dreamer’s waking life. Continue reading for more on these uncontrollable dreams about falling.

Falling dreams are in no way fun. Feeling like you’re falling off a building or from a random high point in the sky is very frightening. Still, this is a common dream and one specifically about not having control of a situation.

People have always had falling dreams which are one of the most common nightmares a dreamer can have. The sense that you have no control over what’s happening as you plummet into a descent bears witness to the lack of control you might feel over a situation in your real life.

We can’t choose our dreams but understanding their meanings can help make them less scary.

The Following Are Some Interpretations Of Dreams About Falling

If you’ve had a dream of losing balance or simply a dream about falling, then you’re at the right place. We have possible reasons why you’re having this dream.

Your dream may signify stress and tension about your schedule ahead

Let’s say you work a busy and intense career, and balancing work and your personal life has proven to be tough. Still, you’re faced with many things to do and deadlines to meet every day. Your dream might be that of what you’re expected to experience in your day.

You might have meetings and a tight schedule for the day or the next few days. The dreams that you’re falling are your subconscious, letting you know that you’re feeling stressed and out of control with what you need to be in control about.

Take stock of your day and make time to rest. Learn techniques to help balance your life and work so that you can better handle your situation with fewer feelings of being overwhelmed.

Falling dream with a safe landing

Sometimes when you dream of falling, you don’t always see the end of the dream because, in many cases, you wake up before you reach the bottom. Still, if you dream that you’re falling and you end up at the bottom, but safely, then it’s an indication that you will experience changes in life and your situations.

If you are having a bad season with business or your personal life when you’ve had this dream, then the safe landing shows that you will come out alright. It is a sign that better days are coming soon.

Falling from a building and having an unsafe landing, maybe even fatal one

The falling dream is scary when you drop from the sky and end up fatally or badly injured on the ground. Some interpretations suggest that it may be a sign that you will face a huge problem. Dreams are often there as an interpretation of waking life. While not all “bad dreams” have bad interpretations, some do.

You may be highly emotional at this stage of your life or you’re experiencing some dramatic events causing the emotions, this is why you might be having this dream.

Trying to balance but end up falling

Sometimes dreams about balancing to avoid falling is directly connect to your career. Perhaps you’re starting a new one, or many developments are happening that make you feel overwhelmed.

Take note of the falling dreams and see where it takes you. If you end up falling along a building, what floor have you reached? Sometimes you can look and you’ve fallen into an elevator when you see in your dream.

Some people are not ready for the next step and remain stagnant in their careers. This can lead to boredom and a desire to receive more. Sometimes dreaming of falling is a nod from the universe that it’s okay for you to change careers, grow and feel better and empowered.

Seeing other people fall in your dreaming

Sometimes seeing other people in your falling dream may not be directly about the people in your vision or in your life. Sometimes, seeing others falling in a dream means that some good situation is going to happen. These can be blessings about to fall on you and your situation.

Falling out of bed while dreaming

Have you ever had a dream and just fallen out of bed? You could fall out of your bed in your waking life or see yourself fall out of bed while you’re asleep in your dream. This is your subconscious telling you that you are working hard to achieve a certain goal. You may feel you’re struggling to please everyone and it’s becoming a bit too much. These feelings are thus manifesting in your dreams.

Your dream also shows you that trying to please everyone all the time is not reasonable, and you could burn out in your waking life. Instead, take a moment for yourself and try to get extra help. Start realizing it is okay to ask for help and that you don’t have to be the hero in every chapter, even if you want to.

You dream of falling as a control factor manifestation

Maybe in real life, you tend to want to impart your principles and wishes to others. In this way, you could also try controlling people, so they see things the way you do. This can apply to your loved ones or other close friends. By being controlling, you end up dreaming that you’re falling, and this is something you cannot control.

Take a step back and let those around you be free to have their own ideas and express their feelings. The more you try to control them the more they won’t be free to live without fear of disappointing you.


What is the cause of falling dreams?

Sometimes people have falling dreams because it is related to something evident in their waking life. For instance, if you find yourself holding onto something that isn’t beneficial, but you can’t let it go.

Why do I dream of falling when waking up?

If you fall asleep, but just before you wake up, you have a falling dream, it could result from activity in your body and your brain while you’re sleeping. Sometimes something happening in your life causes this type of dream and startling wake.


Dreams are wonderful impressions that often guide us on our paths in life. Taking note even of the littlest aspects of a dream could help to improve your life if you understand what they mean. For instance, when you have a falling dream, you can take it as a cue that you must start taking things a bit easier. Avoid spreading yourself too thin, and you will feel less overwhelmed.