The Spiritual Meaning Of Kissing In A Dream

Kissing dreams are among the most popular dreams because they play a big role in normal life. They can be plutonic or have passion behind it. If you’ve recently had a kissing dream, you’re probably wondering what’s the meaning of such a dream. Well, you’re at the right place.

Everyone’s situation is different, and the dream interpretation of kissing someone may not be the exact fit for everyone. Your dreams are often unique to you, the dreamer and your situation as it plays out in your waking life.

Kisses have always been important with significant meaning. Even administering CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is known as the kiss of life. This is because the unconscious person is revived by breathing into their lungs through their mouth, followed by chest compressions.

What Are The Possible Dream Meaning Interpretations Of A Kissing Dream?

The following are some possible scenarios related to your mystery kiss dream. They may depict hidden desires and might be something related to the dreamer’s personality.

Kissing someone else’s partner

Seeing yourself kissing someone else partner can be scary, especially if that isn’t your intention. Still, this might just be your inner desire to have a relationship with someone. The connection is portrayed by the two you see who are a couple, it isn’t necessarily showing that you want to be with that person.

You kissed someone you don’t like

If your dream about kissing is with someone you don’t like, it may be that the person or someone close to you might betray you. If you dream someone is forcefully trying to kiss you, and you’re blocking them from doing so, this can depict someone else trying to force their ideologies and ideas onto you.

Kiss in a dream with your partner

If you witness yourself kissing in a dream but kissing your partner, it may be your desire for more passion or more interaction with your partner. Perhaps you have a long-distance relationship, or of late, the romance has quieted down, and your dream is manifesting your desire to have that romance with your partner.

Kissing a stranger

Many dreams about kissing include a kiss with a stranger, and this type of dream is very common. This dream may tell you that you feel insecure about something in your waking life. It might be work, a relationship, or decisions you need to make. Insecurity in this dream is depicted by the uncomfortable feeling you might get if you were to kiss a random stranger or someone you don’t like.

Kissing your children

Dream symbols kissing family like your children can be a pure indication that you and your family are happy. Because your child is part of you and probably the part you’re most proud of, it makes sense why you would share a kiss with them.

Kissing a sibling

If you dream about kissing a brother or sister, it means there are some suspicious feelings toward someone close to you. You may develop an even closer relationship with the person, but be wary of them and their intentions.

Kissing a father or mother

It is usually a good sign when you dream about kissing a parent. Kissing your father in a dream may be an interpretation of prosperity headed your way. When you dream about kissing your mother, you could become clear on a situation you may not have previously understood.

Kissing the foot or leg of someone

It might seem a strange placement for a kiss, but it is confirmation that in your waking life, you are very humble.

Kiss on the hand

A kiss on the hand simply means that you are comforting and comfortable with the person. How did you feel in the dream and did you know the person whose hand you had kissed? The dream may be directly about the person or it may be symbolic for someone else.

A kiss on the forehead

As simple as that may seem, it has a deeper meaning to how you feel, or someone else feels about you. Many dream interpretations about forehead kisses show that you are unhappy with someone’s actions. It can also mean someone else is unhappy with your actions.

French kiss

If you dream about French kissing someone, it could be your longing for openness and honesty in your relationships and life. The dream is depicted this way because a French kiss is so intimate.

Kissing the ground

If you see yourself kissing the ground, then it is usually negative. It may signify setbacks in your near future or emotional struggles.

Kissing an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend

Kissing an ex in a dream means that you might still have feelings for the person, or it could simply mean that you miss them. You may also be longing for a relationship similar to the one you had.

It could signify that you’re ready to move on if you’ve dreamt about kissing an ex-girlfriend. However, it could also mean that you miss the person, similarly to the one about an ex-boyfriend.


What is the biblical meaning of a kiss?

A kiss is often considered an act of affection. This is also why when Judas betrayed Jesus, he used a kiss so as not to be suspected. Greeting with a kiss is also mentioned in the Bible, this too is affectionate.

What does an open-mouth kiss mean?

Dreams of a passionate kiss or dreaming about French kissing with passion could indicate a desire for intimacy and love. It may be a desire to be loved and embraced by another in a romantic relationship.


Everyday life may include kissing, so dreaming of such will always have something bigger as meaning or interpretation for you. Again, always remember to take note of your emotional feelings, who the person is, and the type of kiss. These elements help depict the true meaning even further.