The Spiritual Meaning of Rain In A Dream

Rain dream interpretation has many meanings, but it symbolizes good fortune and happiness for the most part.

Your dream about rain could be directly talking about your current waking life or something that is to come. Water is a life source; thus, dreaming of rain or any form of water is good to take note of the elements in such a dream.

Rain dreams are not uncommon to have and are often symbolic of hopeful future endeavors. This is probably because rain washes away the old and cleanses everything in its path. Having a rain dream is a positive thing. Mostly.

Keep reading to explore the meaning of rain in dreams.

The Following Are Some Examples of Rain Dreams Most People Have Had And How They May Have Felt While Dreaming:

  • The dreamer in the dream was in the rain and they were happy.
  • The person dreamt it was raining on their wedding day and felt joy about their upcoming nuptials.
  • The person had dreamt of walking in the rain and felt relieved.
  • The person dreamt that they were standing under an umbrella while it was raining outside, and they felt refreshed as if a new beginning had just begun for them.

Rain dreams signify that God opens the heavens and pours blessings over you. He also said that whenever we see a rainbow, it should be a reminder of His love for us. We see rainbows usually after and during rainy days.

You might feel cold in your dream of rain, but that’s okay because it’s just the association with actual rain, which brings in cold too.

In the dream state, things can often seem confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes downright scary. But, taking the time to understand dream depictions and their meanings helps create clarity.

The Following Are Some Dream Meaning Interpretations Surrounding Rain

Rain with lightning and thunder

Lightning and thunder can be scary in real life and a dream. It’s also powerful and often depicted in scary movies, but it may have a less sinister meaning in a dream. Some interpretations about rain falling with thunder and lightning say you may discover surprising news, possibly shocking too. You could also be headed for some real success in your waking life.

Sometimes both features of thunder and lightning may mean that you are evolving spiritually and becoming enlightened.

Stormy weather and heavy downpour of rain

Heavy rain types of dreams often signifies spiritual development and growth. In this instance, it may symbolize a spiritual breakthrough in your life. Rain also washes away impurities and even in your waking life, it may be clearing a way for you if you’ve been battling with something lately, now is probably the time it begins to get better for you.

Heavy rain is also a sign of divine rain and blessings, which, despite how frightful it might seem in the dream while you’re asleep, it’s a good thing.

Standing in the rain

If you found yourself standing in the rain in your dream try to recall if you saw what the ground looked like. It’s said that muddy and dirty water symbolizes gossip and people who don’t have the best intentions for you.

On the contrary, with clear water beneath your feet, you can prepare to have some encounters with good people who may be entering your life.

Are you hiding from the rain seeking shelter?

You might have dreamt that you’re ducking for cover from the rain. This version of a rain dream means that you are a neutral individual that prefers avoiding unnecessary conflict.

Running into the rain

As opposed to taking shelter from the rain, if you’ve seen people or even yourself running into the rain, it is your characteristic of being able to solve problems that is being shown to you. People that do this are gifted in problem-solving.

Have you felt warm soothing rain in your dream?

Experiencing warm rain that is soothing and comforting in a dream suggests that you can take this gentle rain as a sign that you can relax, reflect and take time for yourself.

Cold raindrops

Have you encountered cold raindrops in your dream? This is a depiction of you giving someone the cold shoulder. You may have someone you’re keeping at a distance; your dream is just confirmation of this.

Have you seen rainfall over a house?

It is beautiful if you’re witnessing rain over property as it signifies a blessing over that household. It is a shower of blessings. If you take note, you may even recognize whose house it is; it might even be your own or someone you know going through a rough time which should pass shortly.


What does it mean to dream about rain falling?

Rainfall dreams often bear positive symbolism like expectation, new beginnings, happiness and washing away negative aspects.

What does heavy rain symbolize?

Heavy rainfall can mean anything from unhappiness and a pause for introspection to rebirth and the end of the drought. The drought can also be something the dreamer might be struggling with in their waking life.

What does rain mean spiritually?

The rain showers show a good sign and are a pleasant dream despite the cold, wet nature of rain in real life. It’s often a direct message from a higher power meant to guide us in life.


Dreams are often reflective of our waking life and things we want to do or what we’re dealing with. But when you’re getting dreams, you can’t make sense of, reading about their meanings like you’ve been doing now is sure to give you some clarity and possibly some peace of mind given the circumstances at the time.