What It Means When You Dream Of Riding A Bicycle

Dreams encapsulate our subconscious; sometimes, they can be a warning or a sign of something good. This post is for you if you’ve dreamt of riding a bicycle. Stick around as we uncover what it means to dream of a bicycle.

Bicycle dreams often depict something you want to achieve. You’re trying to reach your destination as you paddle away on your bike. Still, depending on the dreamer’s waking life situation, it may have many other meanings.

Albert Einstein once said that “life is like riding a bike. To keep our balance, you must keep moving.” Riding a bike in your dream may mean you’re motivated and pushing towards your goal. Dreaming of riding a bicycle uphill can be related to the difficulties you’re facing or might face on your journey to your destination.

The Following Are Some Possible Meanings To Your Dream Of Riding A Bike

You’re in a bike race

If you’ve been in a bike race in your dream, this is fantastic as it is symbolic of the new and exciting things coming your way. Still, you must be wise about the choices you make in your endeavors ahead for the best outcomes.

We’ve all seen videos where cyclist celebrate their win before they cross the finish line only to be passed by another rider who finishes first. If you are close to achieving your goals, keep your eye on the prize and celebrate a

Bicycle chain

The bike chain plays a critical role in the bike’s functionality. Dreaming of a broken bike chain can symbolize a relationship with someone in your life who might be fractured or broken. The same applies if the chain is loose.

You’re the one riding a bicycle

If you’re specifically riding a bike in your dream, you may feel that you don’t want to stand on the sidelines. Instead, you want to take part in the decisions.

Perhaps this dream could be about work or your personal life, but you have strong feelings and opinions you would like others to know.

Take note of how you can be more assertive in your daily life if you dream about riding a bicycle.

A bicycle accident

To witness or be in an accident with a bicycle may mean that you are facing risks of some sort in your waking life. Perhaps you’re thinking about an investment, or you’re making a drastic life change, there may be some risks involved.

It may be time to reassess what a calculated risk looks like in your current situation.

You see or you’re using an exercise bike

Stationary bikes are great; you might use one for exercise, and subconsciously, it’s become part of your dream world.

Seeing or using a stationary bike in a dream means that you could be facing some confrontation soon. The bike’s challenging feel may depict the conflict associated with the given confrontation.

Speeding downhill

If you see yourself speeding down a hill on a bike, then it’s a warning to be slow to speak.

Sometimes we can quickly respond in situations but being quick with words can turn a situation sour. Take it as a sign to be careful with what you say since words carry power.

Tandem bike

If you dream about a tandem bike, then it may mean that you must evaluate your relationship with others in your waking life. The dream may mean you must work with those in your life to arrive at your destination. The bike is symbolic of your life’s journey.

If you can see the person riding with you on the tandem bicycle, then this might be the person you need to cooperate with.

Bike brake failure

While dreams might not always have a direct meaning, they can sometimes be a warning. Dreaming of the breaks failing on your bike is a cautionary dream that there might be dangerous situations ahead.

Scan your surroundings and future interactions for areas where caution would be beneficial to employ.

Lost bicycle parts

Dreaming of a lost bike part might be you’re feeling overwhelmed and out of control in your waking life.

Dream about an old bike

A dream about an old bike might signify that you may have to deal with something from the past, an event, an experience, perhaps something you’ve put behind you.

What if you dream about being a passenger on a bike?

Being a passenger on a bike isn’t typical for the dreamer because bike dreams are usually about the person dreaming.

Still, if you are dreaming that you’re the passenger and someone else is driving, there might be someone in your life who wants to control the narrative for you.

Be careful of situations in which someone is putting words in your mouth or is framing a situation in a way that puts you in a bad light.  

What About A Biblical Meaning Of Riding A Bicycle?

From a Biblical outlook riding a bike also means that there are new and positive things ahead for you. God may be opening a new door for you to help you in your current situation. There is a way being paved for you.

These new things to come can pertain to any aspect of your life. You might be starting a new family, getting a job promotion, or having a positive breakthrough.


What does it mean if you dream of cycling?

While dreams of bicycles may vary depending on the dream’s focus and what is happening in the dreamer’s life, it might not be the same for everyone. For the most part, to be biking in your dream means you’re trying to achieve your goals.

What does it mean to dream of a bicycle?

When you dream about a bicycle, either you’re driving or someone else is, the dream may represent the start of something and your heading towards it.


It should be exciting news if you’ve dreamt of a bike lately. A bicycle dream signifies many things. It is most commonly a sign of new beginnings, exciting adventures, and positive and prosperous times.