Forget Me Not Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

The beauty of the little blue wildflower with a bright yellow dot in its center lies in its unexpected appearance in gardens, on sidewalks, or the veggie patch. Like its name, it’s a reminder: forget me not. Whether known by this quaint name or as a Myosotis variety, the forget me not flower’s rich symbolism in myth, fantasy, and national flower is fascinating.

Forget me not flowers’ five-petal blue blooms link to early mythology and medieval fables. This flower’s historical significance is as a national flower, and on objet d’art, gift cards, and tattoos, these wildflowers signify true love and remembrance. The flowers are insignia for care centers.

One can’t help but pause and think with amazement of just how this wildflower species of the Boraginaceae family has captivated the minds and imagination of different people across the world and in so many ways. That’s enough reason to look at the meaning and symbolism of this plant and why this is so.

Forget Me Not Flowers As Reminder To Not Forget

From designs on gift cards, as necklaces or forget me not friendship flower bracelets, in poetry or on Instagram, and even as Alaska’s state flower, the symbolism of forget me not flowers runs deep. Its spiritual denotation and meaning are that of: do not forget. The significance of forget me not flowers is a reminder not to forget our cultural roots.

Forget me not flowers, with linkages to our cultural roots trigger consciousness in us that’s embedded in love and passion. The numerical meanings of this little flower’s symbolism center on achievements, dedication, enlightenment, and a new dawn. The flowers remind us that what’s best for us is ahead of us through courage, discovery, and honesty.

Forget me not flowers are symbolic of a positive attitude to life. Such an attitude is directed at making moments the best in your life. Combined with this is the assurance that what you’re doing is okay. Forget me not flowers are a reminder not to forget and that remembering – as much as self-assurance and determination – are our strength.

The layers of specifically remembering where we come from run deep. The assurance of believing in ourselves through not forgetting where we come from, in a spiritual sense, affirms not only our worldly identity but how we too add diversity and beauty to life. Forget me not flowers in dreams are signs of people you love or even want to see again.

Forget me not flowers have similar significance worldwide. In Japan, forget me not flowers are a symbol of true love. The gift of forget me not flowers is about the giver who wants to be remembered too. In Japan, there’s a rich language of gifting called Hanakotoba that incorporates the symbolic value of flowers like the forget me not.

Colors of Forget Me Not Flowers’ Deep Symbolism

Forget me not flowers are of the Boraginaceae family, and there are 148 genera with more than 2,700 species. The most distinctive aspect of the flowers is their brilliant blue petals. The significance of the blue blooms has inspired people worldwide. This wildflower also blooms in violet, white, and light pink and, these colors give additional meanings.

The name forget me not is richly significant, and blooms’ colors carry meanings that signify our emotions and feelings. These feelings, sometimes even secret ones like wanting to tell someone how we feel but not having the courage, can be conveyed through a sprig or a posy of forget me not flowers. The color of the blooms adds significance.

Other layers are too associated with the color of forget me flowers. In the unconscious or dream states, dreams of flowers (in general) are happy dreams. Dreams are filled with bliss, joy, and portent good luck. Dreaming of forget me not flowers symbolize endearment and even longing, and the colors in dreams are symbolic too.

In floriography, the study of the meaning of flowers, there’s a common belief that flowers can be messengers of feelings. We gift flowers to tell people how we feel. As flowers are significantly tied into our feelings, the color of the flowers we choose to give have symbolic meanings. The blooms are a shorthand message of our feelings and even affections.

Ancient Greeks believed that flowers have oracular meanings, which are associated with the moods of gods. In the context of forget me not flowers, this is significant on more levels than just the flower’s name. The color of these flowers is rich in symbolism, and the first color we associate with forget me not flowers is blue.

The Meaning Of Blue Forget Me Not Flowers

If you want to inspire or touch the creative soul of a person, a sprig or posy of blue forget me not flowers are the right choice. The message in the flower’s name has connotations of ‘unforgettable’, and added to this significance is the color blue. Blue forget me not flowers are no ordinary ones but speak to the hearts of this world’s dreamers.

Blue forget me not flowers through their color is associated with creative energies. These energies, whether recognized in a clump of blue forget me nots or seen in our dreams, reaffirm spirit qualities associated with calmness, even clarity, and wisdom. Dreaming of blue forget me not flowers are about inner states of mind related to higher awareness.

The religious connotations of the radiant blue of forget me not flowers include beauty, joy, and happiness. What’s evident is that forget me not flowers’ radiant blue color, and the spiritual significance of the little flower goes beyond its ‘mouse ears’ name, from Greek Myosotis used to describe the genus.

Memories And Inspiration In Blue Forget Me Not Flowers

What’s significant is that sprays of the delicate blue forget me not flowers are worn at times of mourning. Forget me not flowers symbolize the wearer’s feelings and mostly that of endearment. The blue flowers also symbolize faithfulness to a loved one. The flower is significant of states of mind associated with peace and being tranquil.

On another level, blue forget me not flowers are symbolic of inspiration when given to poets, artists, or musicians. The blue hue is associated with calm and tranquillity in mind and soul. As inspiration or the spiritual meanings of blue forget me not flowers, the symbolism reaffirms divine connectedness.

Blue forget me not flowers are symbolic of faith and as a beholder of secrets. In the language or meaning of flowers, these secret codes reveal our feelings without saying them. The color blue is used in healing too.

The color blue is significant in religious beliefs and associated with protective powers. An example of such symbolism is the Nazar (or the Evil Eye), a blue glass bead. The ancient Egyptian god Osiris used the protective powers associated with the blue bead to ward off evil. In Turkey, Greece, Pakistan, amongst others, this belief continues.

Meanings Of Colors Violet, White & Pink In Forget Me Not Flowers

Symbols are subjective and differ in cultures worldwide. The symbolism associated with the colors of flowers differs too. Though, on an esoteric and spiritual level, the color blue (almost cross-culturally) represents calmness and is used in alternative medicine to promote healing (see above), forget me not flowers bloom in white, soft pink, and light purple too.

The violet forget me not flowers mostly have regal connotation and, on a spiritual level, affirms our uniqueness and perfection. This color affirms our connectedness to the universe. The color symbolizes faith and is significant as a reminder to have a noble heart. This color forget me not flower is energizing and speaks of devotion.

The symbolism of white forget me not flowers varies from being associated with purity and serenity to being given to the bereaved in mourning and death. So do the meanings of pink forget me not blooms have meanings of femininity and romance in western cultures; in China, pink is seen as a shade of red and symbolizes good fortune and joy.

Even the tiny yellow dot at the center of the blue forget me not is a symbol of purity, clarity, truth, and intellect. The minute dot symbolizes strength and integrity too.

Forget Me Not Flowers’ Early Mythology

The symbolism of forget me not flowers is eternal love, and with that, a promise of remembrance forever or those memories shall always be alive. Forget me not flowers are symbolic of true love and always promise to remember another person. Forget me not plant symbolizes fidelity and being truthful to someone you love.

When choosing a tattoo, the forget me not flower’s symbolism and meanings are hope, true love, and memory (in the sense of remembering). Interestingly, this tattoo is the most chosen flower and is mainly done on more visible body parts, like an ankle, wrist, foot, or shoulder.

How the name came about is layered. Ancient Greek mythology describes how the principal Greek deity Zeus named plants when the little Myosotis wildflower, somewhat overlooked, said: ‘forget me not’. Zeus ordered that the ‘mouse ear’ foliaged plant with deep-blue five petals be called: ‘forget me not’.

Other fables are told too, but significant in the twentieth century is how this flower is linked to modern causes and movements (see historical relevance below).

Forget Me Not Flowers And Medieval Noblemen And Ladies

Before looking at the forget me not flower’s modern significance, there are tales about this enchanting wildflower, some with cultural variation, but all, in essence, the same. The story goes: a gallant young man, a prince, or a knight in armor and his beautiful princess or maiden were walking in the woods when they saw this exquisite flower.

As folklore has it, the young man tried to pick a posy on a riverbank, slipped, and drowned just as he handed his maiden a bunch of freshly picked forget me not flowers. At that moment, he declared his true love and asked her: forget me not.

The image of her clutching the flowers is a lasting tale that’s been retold in many languages. This image symbolizes everlasting devotion, and love is a constant refrain. Whether the French knight exclaims: “ne m’oubliez pas” or in Germany, ‘vergissmeinnicht’, the story captures the essence of this little wildflower.

The spiritual meanings date back to early creation myths and God’s naming of the plant world. Others describe the Jesus child on the Virgin Mary’s lap looking at her beautiful blue eyes. He stroked his hands over her eyes and then touched the meadow below, and from then, blue forget me not flowers grew everywhere.

Forget Me Not Flowers Historical Significance

Of the many tales, forget me not flowers have their association as a secret charm, a messenger of good luck, and even a power to protect humans against witches. One of these myths or fantasies is of King Henry IV, who, it is told, used the forget me not flower as a lucky charm while in exile in 1398.

Beyond lore, there are instances in history in which forget me not flowers symbolize remembrance. In 1934 in Germany’s pre-war Freemasonry circles, the blue forget me not was pinned to lapels instead of the Nazi regime’s square and compass. Forget me not flowers represented defiance against suffering or persecution.

Forget me not flowers represent remembrance for the many survivors of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. This flower became associated with respect, devotion, and recognition of the millions killed during the early 1900s.

In Alaska, the State Flower (even before the State of Alaska came about) is the Myosotis alpestris, or the Alpine forget me not, which grows throughout Alaska. The flower was adopted as Alaska’s emblem in 1917 and still is as the people there love its symbolism.

The Alpine forget me not is symbolic of the spirit of Alaska’s early pioneers. In 1908 the first constitution of the Grand Igloo in Nome clearly stated that Alaska’s forget me not flower will be their official flower.

In 1949 when Alaska first became a U.S. state, the forget me not flower was officially adopted as the Alaska state flower and floral emblem. In many other places and organizations, the forget me not is a poignant symbol. In Newfoundland, the forget me not flower represents those who died in World War I.

Forget Me Not Flowers As Insignia For Action Groups

Action and support groups have drawn on the meaning and symbolism of forget me not flowers, and used them as an emblem. One such group agitating for children’s rights is the International Missing Children’s Day. The Alzheimer’s Society uses forget me not flowers to symbolize memory loss and raise awareness for the disease.

As the official logo of the British Alzheimer’s society, the message is to unite against dementia. As a symbol of remembrance, the forget me not flower’s significance is a reminder not to neglect people diagnosed with dementia. It’s a call to action to support people with dementia and the support group.


We tell ourselves stories to not forget, and we look for clues to remind ourselves of the things we want to remember, especially fleeting ones. The fascinating symbol of such remembrance is the tale of an almost insignificant plant’s flowers, the forget me not flower.

Whether through its naming or simple beauty and striking blue flowers, it might even be closest to being symbolic of humanity’s search for immortality.