What The Dove Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

The humble little dove has many positive spiritual meanings, which should make you feel blessed and excited each time you see one. The presence of a dove always has a calming effect and can melt the heart of even the most cynical human. Their gentle, unobtrusive manner and soft white or grey feathers are a welcome sight and bring a calming reassurance to most settings.

The spiritual meaning of a dove is always positive. These gentle birds represent deep peace, purity, innocence, love, and harmony. To see a dove during a difficult time can be deeply comforting as it is a reassuring sign from the universe that all is well and new beginnings are not far away.

When dove appears to you or manifests to you in a dream, receive its message of comfort and hope with joy. The dove carries several lessons, and by understanding what they are, you will be able to use your intuition to find context for their presence in your life.

The Spiritual Meaning Of A Dove

A dove is an almost universal symbol of peace. They are frequently represented in art and literature throughout the ancient world and still hold tremendous spiritual meaning as messengers of hope for better things to come.

Doves, especially white ones, have deep spiritual connections and associations. The outstretched wings of a dove, particularly just before landing, resemble an angelic form. They are the messengers between the heavenly spiritual realm and our physical world. As they move between the two, they deliver tidings of hope and comfort to those that need them.

Life has many challenges. Sometimes sad times and loss can feel overwhelming. If a dove comes to you when you have lost a loved one, it brings a message of reassurance and comfort. Your loved one is no longer be with you in this physical world, but they are at peace in the spiritual world.

The dove has been sent to let you know that all is well.

Doves remind you to become introspective and reflect on any matters that are troubling you. They want to remind you that hard times don’t last forever – there is hope on the horizon. In any form, the presence of a dove, even if you only find yourself drawn to an image, is symbolic of deep peace and quietness.

The spiritual significance of a dove as the symbol of hope is deeply entwined into many cultures and religions. In Christianity, it was a dove that returned to the ark of Noah bearing an olive branch to indicate that the water had subsided. The essential meaning of the message that the dove brought to humanity was hope and optimism that, with perseverance and continued effort, everything would return to normal.

If you are moving through a difficult time, if a dove appears to you, it has been sent as a sign of healing, and new positive beginnings are just around the corner. A dove’s presence lets you know that the worst is over, and although you might need to carry on for a short time longer, relief for your soul is not far off. Put on your spiritual armor and stay strong until you reach your destination.

Doves also carry a message of innocence and purity. In any encounter with a dove, notice how gentle they are. These small birds live harmoniously with each other and never show any aggression to any other creatures despite the circumstances. Doves remind us to take the high road when we feel attacked. There is no need to get involved in problems that will drag you down. Treat everyone with gentleness and love and move gracefully away from situations that don’t serve you.

Doves build simple nests from a few sticks and don’t boast or show off with loud calls or bold behavior. And despite this, they have cemented their place in art, religion, and literature in almost every culture.

To be like a dove is to be happy with simple things and take pleasure in what you have. A dove can be surrounded by colorful hummingbirds or blue jays but is content and at peace to follow its own quiet path and lead a life of fulfillment.

Doves are known for their uncanny ability to navigate and find their way home. For this reason, they have been used to carry messages, even during times of war. An encounter with a dove during times of uncertainty or significant changes in your life when you are feeling unsettled should be deeply calming.

A dove is letting you know that even if you are not at a place where you want to be, you must persevere, and you will once again find your way to a place where your soul will once again feel at home. There is hope on the horizon, things will change for the better, and even if you feel lost, a dove has appeared to reassure you that you will find your way to a place of serenity and peace.

Doves can spread their wings and soar into the sky. They are reminders that our own perceived limitations should not limit us. Seeing a dove should serve as inspiration for your creative and artistic side to flourish.

Fly high and push yourself to try new things that be expressions of your inner self. Dancing, singing, poetry, art – whatever you choose that will give a voice to your spiritual self, let it out and enjoy the journey.  

One of the most recognizable meanings of doves is their spiritual representation of love. Seeing a dove, especially a white dove, invites you to open yourself up and allow yourself to receive and give love in a meaningful way. Most of us have been to weddings where doves are released as a symbolic sign of the happy union and a new beginning of the couple’s life together.

In this life of disappointments and failed relationships, we often become disillusioned and make ourselves unavailable to receive love. If you encounter a dove, its message is to take down your guard and allow yourself to receive and give love. When you feel unsure of how to proceed in a relationship, a dove asks that you listen to your intuition, and if it feels right, don’t hold back.

What Does It Mean If You Feel Drawn To A Dove?

Doves are common birds, and you probably encounter them frequently. Spiritually they have profound significance as they are the physical manifestation of messengers between the material world and the spiritual realm. Noticing a dove in your environment is rich in meaning and reminds you to seek greater harmony, love, peace. It brings a message from above that all is well with a loved one who has passed.

Frequently relishing in the presence of doves and observing them quietly can be deeply meaningful and inspiring for someone who feels especially drawn to these birds. Unlike many other animals, there is no need to fear or feel anxiety while they are near. Doves manifest inner peace and quietness and invite those around them to leave the rush of modern life and breathe in serenity and peace.

People that feel a close attraction to doves are usually highly compassionate and empathetic. Doves have no malice or aggression. If you are often surrounded by doves and enjoy having them near you, know that even though your life may be complicated,  your soul is kind and pure.

What Does It Mean To Dream About A Dove?

In dreams, the presence of a dove represents spirituality. They are the link between the material world and our spiritual side, which is not bound by the constraints of the physical realm.

Dreaming about a dove should be a deeply comforting experience. Although your journey may be pitted with complicated situations, there is hope ahead, and you will get through your current challenges.

To see a dove in your dreams may also be inviting you to drop your guard and open yourself up to love. Doves are the precursors of new and exciting chapters and remind us not to become jaded by past experiences but to look forward to new beginnings.

Dreaming about any bird in flight represents an inner longing to break free from your current situation and fly to something beyond the confines of your world. However, a dove takes this further and symbolizes your connection to the spiritual world.

If doves frequently appear to you in dreams, it may remind you to spend more time in peaceful introspection where you can take time to focus on your inner peace. Taking yoga, regular meditation, or keeping a reflective journal may help you find a deeper connection to your spiritual self and feel more connected to the spiritual realm.

 A dream that includes a dove may also occur when you are in conflict with someone. You might have gone to sleep thinking about a situation troubling you. A dove is a powerful symbol of peace and harmony. The need for inner peace is often more important than winning an argument, and your subconscious has sent the dove to advise you to seek resolution to restore your inner balance.

The Spiritual Significance Of Doves In Other Cultures

Doves are among the most common birds globally and occur on every continent except Antarctica. They have attained a deep spiritual significance in many cultures and religions and appear as highly symbolic representations worldwide.

Throughout the world, doves are consistently celebrated as messengers of good tidings. They appear as messengers or manifestations of spiritual realms or representations of purity and peace. There are some of the cultures where doves have attained special significance:

  • Ancient Mesopotamia – doves are frequently represented in statues and paintings. They were the symbol of the goddess Ishtar who represented love, sexuality, and war.
  • Christianity – the Holy Spirit is frequently represented as a white dove in Christian art. Doves appear throughout the Bible from Genesis and continue to feature as powerful symbols throughout the New Testament. The presence of a dove can also signify purity and humble devotion to God.
  • Celtic symbolism – doves were believed to bring healing, and their images are usually found around sacred sites. To hear a dove coo indicated that someone had transitioned peacefully to death.
  • Chinese symbolism – In China, doves represent peace and long life. They are imbued with positive symbolism relating to devotion and happy marriage.
  • Native American symbolism – In some native American cultures, doves appear as symbols of love, fertility, and faithfulness. In others, they are symbols of protection or luck.

Why Are Doves Often Symbols Of Grief?

You might have noticed that white doves frequently appear as symbols at funerals and memorials. There are two possible explanations for this. One is that the sound made by most doves is a mournful cooing which can sound like they are also mourning the loss of a loved one.

The other reason doves are often associated with death is not for somber reasons. A dove is filled with deep spiritual connotations. They represent the meeting of the earthly world and the spiritual world. Doves bring a message of comfort and assurance that our loved one’s spirit has been released from its physical constraints and can soar unfettered towards heaven.

White doves frequently act as messengers from heaven to comfort those left behind. Encountering a white dove, or even finding a white feather, is always significant during times of grief. You may feel the loss deeply, but you have been sent a message that all is well and your loved one is at peace.


Any encounter with a dove should be a profoundly spiritual encounter as these birds symbolize the meeting of the physical world with the spiritual. They are the messengers of peace, harmony, and love.

A dove brings a promise of new bright beginnings ahead. Seeing a dove should give you hope, no matter how dark your current circumstances might be.

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