What The Elephant Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

There are essentially two types of elephants, the African and the Asian elephant.  An interesting fact about these two animals is that the Asian elephant’s ear is shaped like the Indian subcontinent, while the African Elephant’s ear looks like the continent of Africa!  The Asian elephant is an endangered species, while the African elephant is the largest land mammal.

Elephants are wise and loyal, with great memories.  The elephant is connected with the root chakra because it relates to the earth element.  When a person feels lost, alone, and lacks support from family, it is good to connect spiritually to the elephant spirit to heal those traumas.

When you find yourself drawn to the elephants or have dreams about them, this article will help you understand the spiritual meaning and how to use this animal’s characteristics and traits to guide you along your spiritual journey.

What Are The Physical Traits Of Elephants?

Before we go further into the spiritual meaning of the elephant, let us have a look at its physical qualities and what makes these animals so majestic.

  • Elephants are the largest mammals on earth.  They grow to heights between 2-3 m and weigh 4000-6000kg.  Elephants are known to be sturdy and robust.
  • Their trunks contain about 150,000 units of muscle, which are used to feed themselves, drink water, and be used as snorkels when swimming.
  • Their skins are incredibly thick, around 2,5m thick in some places.  The thick skin helps protect the elephant against harsh outdoor conditions and animal attacks. 
  • Elephants communicate through sound vibrations.  They have been known to purr when communicating, much as cats do.  Sometimes too low for the human ear to hear, their trumpet calls are also a communication form.
  • An elephant will walk through a forest or jungle without thinking about its obstacles.  It is no wonder they are used in some cultures to symbolize the remover of obstacles.

What Are Some Similarities Between Humans And Elephants?

Humans share many qualities similar to these large, docile, and gentle creatures.  If you have chosen elephants as your spirit animal, then perhaps it would help to understand and know what qualities are being awakened.

  • Humans and elephants have developed the largest and most complex brains of any land mammal.  We acknowledge awareness of the world around us through our brains.  We become resourceful, discriminatory, adaptable, and dynamic through our brains.
  • Elephants and humans have lengthy lives and cherish family relationships.
  • The offspring of both the elephant and human benefit greatly from solid childhood ties and essential life skills are passed down from generation to generation.
  • Like humans, elephants also live in communities and tribes.  Elephants are social creatures like humans are as well.
  • “A memory like an elephant,” scientists have not yet proven this theory, but elephants are known to have memories very much as humans do. 
  • It may seem strange for an animal, but elephants have feelings and display emotions.  They show great affection and love and are also very defensive and protective.
  • Expanding on these feelings and emotions displayed, it is no surprise that these wonderous creatures exhibit motherly care, affection, companionship, and deep loyalty towards the community.

The Elephant’s Association With The Root Chakra

If you experience feelings of being stuck, feel lightheaded, experience anxiety, and cannot manifest your dreams into reality.  Chances are your base, or root chakra is blocked or not functioning correctly.

The root chakra, or centers for energy on the human body, is located at the tailbone and governs the legs and feet.  It is the first foundational chakra, also known as the Muladhara chakra.  

The color red is related to the root chakra, and being at the root, the energy is dense, slow, and therefore related to the Earth element.  A balanced root chakra invokes steadiness, stability, and endurance.  When this chakra is balanced, you are energetic, have a satisfying family and home life, sound finances, and work success.

Because of its association with the root, you feel more grounded, loyal, patient, and organized when this chakra is balanced.

The elephant is physically strong, stable, and steady.  All these qualities are representative of the elephant and the reason the root chakra is related to the elephant.  Connect to your root chakra, the elephant spirit, and use that energy to pick yourself up whenever you feel down or need an energy boost.

What Spiritual Qualities Can You Draw From Elephants and The Root Chakra?

If you ever sit at a holy place or place of worship, you experience a sense of calm, belonging, a connection to the earth and everything within it.  This is how you should feel when your root chakra resonates with the frequency of the earth’s vibration. 

When you connect to the elephant spirit within, you are connecting with the force of the universe.

The following traits, qualities, or characteristics are drawn out

 when you connect with the elephant spirit. 

Connected To Earth

Despite being the largest mammal, the elephant connects to the earth’s vibrational force, communicating through seismic signals that create vibrations on the ground.  Whenever a person connects to the earth’s energy, they are in harmony with the present.  The person who experiences stability has superior strength, wisdom, and the ability to think clearly.

In Sanskrit, “Buddhi” refers to “intellect,” the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.  When a person is connected to the earth or elephant energy, their intellect is transparent, allowing them to make the correct decisions.


Elephants are associated with wisdom because of their massive heads.  They, like humans, have the largest developed brains amongst all land animals.  Even though the head and brain are connected to the crown and third eye chakras, the root chakra is where discriminatory characteristics occur. 

The root chakra must be strong, it empowers you to be fearless, and when it is balanced, your wisdom is wholly utilized, and manifestation occurs.


The wisdom and energy of the elephant ask us to tap into and draw from the earth around us.  It empowers us to embrace the outside world and trust our instincts.

The root chakra connects humans to the physical world, the epicenter of humans’ survival instinct. 

Being at the base and connected to the earth, the root chakra is where our survival instincts, better known as our `flight or fright instinct,’ are stored.  Therefore, it is no surprise that the root chakra is connected to our adrenal glands. 

Just as the elephant has a high connection to the family system, we question our place on the earth and in our family when balancing the root chakra.  These are not conceptual questions based on cognition; rather, they are instinctual.


When a person is experiencing a breakdown in the family, issues related to generational traumas, difficult or strained relationships, any spiritual master will advise healing the root chakra.  Like the elephant represents family, the root chakra is connected to family relationships, feeling safe, belonging to a family unit. 

Whenever the root chakra is blocked, the person experiences feelings of aloneness and lack of emotional support.  As a healer, advise the individual to draw on the elephant spirit to clear and repair any blockages.  This should restore family connectedness.

Strength And Power

If you come across a person with constant knee, leg, feet and joint pain, again look at the root chakra.  An elephant has massive feet and legs despite its enormous size, strength, and power. 

When the root chakra is not strong, the person experiences fear related to survival instincts, food, shelter, self-preservation, and security.  The root chakras link to human’s basic needs that make them essential for financial prosperity.

Intuition And Psychic Abilities

Elephants are deeply grounded creatures; they respond to the earth’s vibrations.  Thus making them highly intuitive.  When you connect to the elephant spirit, you are connecting with the vibrations of the entire universe; your awareness is heightened, as well as your intuition and psychic abilities are enhanced.

Why Use The Elephant Chakra?

There are several important reasons you use the elephant chakra; some are listed below. 

  • It allows ease to connect to the earth’s energies
  • Amplifies feelings of safety and security
  • You feel more grounded
  • Like the elephant removes all obstacles from its’ path, connecting with the elephant spirit, you may remove obstacles from your path.
  • Connecting to the elephant spirit enables you to release and heal any ancestral line issues.
  • It enables you to connect deeper to your heritage.
  • The elephant spirit within invokes wisdom.
  • It helps you release any traumas connected on a cellular level to the root chakra.
  • It enables you to manifest prosperity, abundance, allowing you to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • You feel more grounded by connecting to the elephant spirit.

Do Humans Carry Animal Traits From Past Lives?

In 1872, Charles Darwin explained in his book,” Expressions Of Emotions in Man,” that humans carry survival instincts from past births.  These survival instincts were brought on in response to the environmental challenges of that time. 

We carry these instincts within through generations; they are stored on a cellular level.  We need to release these traumas to heal, which keep us from reaching our souls’ purpose.

Here is where healing of the root chakra comes in.  By drawing on the elephant totem spirit, you can heal even these traumas.

Use Of Elephant Medicine In Spirituality

When we speak of “elephant medicine,” we don’t refer to physically using parts of an elephant for medicine.  What this means is that you connect to the universe’s collective consciousness, and when you do that, you become unstoppable.

The young elephant is playful as it frolics around in a mud puddle.  Connect with your inner child to be playful, humorous as the young elephant.  When faced with difficulties, be like the adult elephant.  Remain calm, think clearly. 

You have the wisdom of the entire universe within; all you need to do is recall.  Use that elephant memory, and all answers will be revealed to you.

When you are about to undertake a new project, start a new job, or are anxious about any future endeavors, call upon the elephant spirit, ask for guidance, and remove obstacles.

The elephant head is massive!  It is a symbol of supreme knowledge and wisdom.  From its trunk, the primordial sound Aum emanates.  The elephant medicine brings you good luck, prosperity, positivity, and good health.

How To Connect To The Elephant Energy/Spirit

There are several practical ways to connect and awaken the elephant spirit.  Listed below are a few.

Music And Art

Music, art, and even dance are excellent ways of reconnecting to elephant energy.  Any form of dance or yoga releases stuck energy.

Change Your Diet

There is a direct connection between our minds, thoughts, and diet.  For clear thinking, increase in intuitive or psychic abilities, a change of diet is recommended.  Try a plant-based diet, high-vibrational nutritious food, reduce intake of toxic chemicals and substances.

Tree Meditation And Connect With Nature

Because the elephant is connected to the earth element, it makes sense to take time outdoors in nature.  Ecopsychology explores the dynamic relationship between human beings and nature.  Studies show that spending time in nature, just sitting for 15 minutes a day, can reduce stress, improve feelings of well-being and happiness.

When you have more time to spare time try this simple tree meditation.

Find a safe place to sit with your back against the tree and remove your shoes to better connect with the earth’s energy.  Relax become aware of your breathing.  Breathe in and out rhythmically.  Become aware of the tree, its branches, the roots.

Just as the tree’s roots run deep into the ground, picture strong roots emanating from your feet, driving deep into the earth.  Feel the connection between yourself and the earth. 

Picture the earth energy as white light, coursing the roots, moving upwards, reaching you.  Allow the light to cleanse and heal you.  Release all negative thoughts and emotions.  Feel oneness with the tree.

To end the meditation, express gratitude to Mother Earth and all the elephants of this world.  See the elephant in your mind’s eye, gentle, wise, kind, loving.  Set your intentions here, speaking to the elephant spirit.  You will receive great sparks of intuition, insight, and wisdom.  Seek comfort and security from your elephant spirit.

Connecting To The Elephant Spirit By Using Crystals

Crystals, referred to as semi-precious gemstones, are valuable and rare.  Therefore, they emit vibrations and no surprise to their connection to the earth and elephants.  Crystals have gained popularity as healing stones, with many celebrities endorsing the use of crystals. 

When you need to connect to your elephant spirit animal, there are two crystals you may use, the amethyst and Lapis Lazuli.  Since ancient times, these crystals have been used in healing associated with spirituality.

They are used in the healing of the third eye and throat chakras.  To improve memory, clear intuition, for getting in touch with the vibrations and energy of the universe, use these crystals. 


The elephant spirit is an ancient one.  When you experience feelings of despair, loneliness, lack of energy, or strength, draw these from the elephant within.  Like the elephant removes all obstacles in its way, it powers ahead, with a one-pointed awareness that is how you should be.  Balance the root chakra, and you can manifest all your dreams and goals.  Be brave, be strong like the elephant, strive forward fearlessly.

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