Cherry Blossom Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

Cherry blossoms are flowers of the cherry blossom tree, which are known in Japan as the sakura. Although these flowers are not entirely indigenous to Japan like the bleeding heart flowers, Japan is where the cherry blossom flowers are revered with ceremonial receptions called Hanami. Why are these flowers revered? Do they mean and symbolize something?

The blooming seasons of cherry blossoms are short, which symbolizes humanity and mortality in Japan, and feminine beauty, feminine sexuality, and power in China. The cherry blossom flowers have a deeper meaning of appreciating the transient nature of life.

The cherry blossom flower only opens for a handful of days each year. Hundreds of blooming cherry blossoms gently unfold and reach their peak as tiny, delicate white and pink blossoms. As they die a short while later, they detach from their stems and blow away with the wind. The fleeting beauty of these flowers is what enchants many people.

What Is The Meaning And Symbolism Of Cherry Blossom Flowers?

The symbolism of the cherry blossom plants began in Japan. These beautiful vibrant flowers are symbolized as an omen of good fortune and an emblem of love and affection. They also have an enduring metaphor for the fleeting nature of mortality.

Interestingly enough, the overall symbolism of the cherry blossom has transcended into other deeply rooted meanings, especially in Japan, where the sakura trees mentioned above are held with the highest esteem.

Ceremonial receptions called Hanami, which happens in April, is a time when people gather under cherry blossom trees to ponder and appreciate the transient nature of life and death and the fleeting beauty of the flowers because cherry blossoms are generally known as not having a long lifespan.

The concept is similar to the mindfulness ideals that Buddhists have regarding the nature of life. There is instant beauty followed by immediate death reminding people that life is too short to waste.

Furthermore, the samurai greatly admired the flower because they would inevitably die, much like the cherry blossom flower because they lead lives marked by conflict and battle. The samurais revered the cherry blossom plant as the flowers represented drops of blood. These days, the flower represents innocence, spring, and simplicity.

The cherry blossom season is said to mark the arrival of new beginnings because it overlaps with the fiscal and calendar years in Japan. These new beginnings could be as simple as a person’s first day at their new job.

The Meaning And Symbolism Of The Cherry Blossom In China

As expected, China’s symbolic references are much different from those in Japan. Whereas the focus was on the nature of life in Japan, the flower represents females’ beauty, feminine sexuality, and dominance in China. To sum it up, it symbolizes power and strength.

This is because a woman’s attractive looks allow her to command men utilizing her beauty and sexuality. However, this flower is considered a symbol of love and passion within the herbal traditions because love is a feminine emotion.

Why Is The Cherry Blossom Flower So Popular?

The cherry blossom, which is known throughout Japan, is the sakura. This is a flower of several variations of a type of tree named the Prunus genus. There are 200 varieties of cherry blossoms. In Japan, the most popular variety is Somei Yoshino, while Yoshino hybrids are mainly found in the U.S.

The cherry blossom’s intensity and exuberance gives people the go-ahead to dream and hope of greater things to come so that they look ahead with optimism and enthusiasm. For many people, the cherry blossom makes us realize how precious life truly is.

The life cycle of this flower makes us desire a life of living in the moment instead of worrying about the future we may not even get to see or thinking about a past that we cannot change. Ask yourself why most humans fail to live life to the fullest?

Why do we prioritize work-life over spending time with loved ones or take time to just pay attention to the living, beautiful world around us? Cherry blooming festivals are an excellent time to regain any lost perspective on your life. You may not live in Japan, but you can also easily celebrate the beauty that the cherry blossom flowers bring into people’s lives.

This is possible because Japan gave thousands of cherry blossom trees to Washington D.C in 1912 as a sign of goodwill and friendship. Because of this, a National Cherry Blossom Festival is held in which thousands of people come to celebrate this beloved event.

During World War 2, the cherry blossom became similarly associated with Japanese kamikaze pilots, as they made a point of decorating the aircraft with the flower as they were going into a suicide mission. These days, the cherry blossom has become a part of a philosophical tradition instead of military purposes.

The peak bloom of the cherry blossom flowers is usually around the 4th of April. This is the time that people look forward to. The festival is so important that the peak bloom season of the flowers is monitored.

The cherry trees and climate conditions are examined to revise the forecast of when the flowers are more likely to bloom so that people wishing to celebrate this phenomenon can arrive in time to experience the bloom in full force.

Although cherry blossom flowers are always shown as pink, they aren’t always that color. There is a cherry blossom known for its white flowers called the Takesimensis. This is a common variety in the U.S. Another variety known as Ukon changes color throughout its blooming period. Regardless of the different colors, the meaning and symbolism stay the same.


The beauty of cherry blossoms lies within a bittersweet idea as they remind people of the beauty of life and yet the tragic end of it as well. Everyone should see the blooming of the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan at least once in their lives.