Flower Meanings

Allium Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

Loving flowers, their beauty and their scent has helped my interest in floriography grow, specifically the meaning and symbolism of allium flowers. Along with believing the meaning behind allium flowers, I also believe that a red rose conveys love, a daffodil conveys celebration, and an iris expresses sympathy. The allium flower itself symbolizes good fortune, …

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Lily Flowers Meaning And Symbolism

When one looks at a lily flower, one cannot help but be transported by this mesmerizing summer blossom. Their bold shape, colors, and fragrance demand attention. Do these pretty flowers hold greater meaning or symbolism? The lily is a broad name for a beautiful array of deeply personal flowers. They represent purity, femininity, purity, and …

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Hawthorn Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

The Hawthorn flower, also known as the Mayflower due to its appearance around May time, has magical symbols and connotations. The Hawthorn tree, identifiable by its spaced-out leaves and woody thorns, is known to be undemanding as it grows almost anywhere with ease. This plant is well-known, especially for the symbols and meanings it holds. …

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