Azalea Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

Although the Azalea originated from China, it was popular in Japanese gardens for hundreds of years. As with most animals and flowers in Japan, they are encased in meaning and symbolism. As a popular garden plant, many wonder about the meaning and symbolism of Azalea flowers.

Azalea flowers represent many things depending on the individual and the color. The most important are familial duty, familial bonds, elegance, wealth, abundance in beauty and intelligence, femininity, and passion. They are also a symbol of friendship and love between married couples.

It’s hard to describe the beauty of Azaleas in full bloom. Their colors are bright, and the flowers abundant. That is why it is analogous to symbolizing abundance in real life. Not everyone will believe or understand the meaning and symbolism of the Azalea due to cultural differences, but let’s further investigate this interesting subject.  

What Does The Word Azalea Mean?

According to the etymology dictionary, Azalea (n.) is a modern Latin word from the feminine Greek word azaleos, meaning dry. Linnaeus created this word in 1753. It probably had a different name in China, Japan, and Korea.

Azaleas thrive in sandy, well-draining soil that has a higher acidity level. That type of soil is typically dry and drains water well so it is easy to see why the name was derived in this manner.

Why Do Azaleas Have Meaning And Symbolism?

Floriography (the name for the language of flowers) has been used for centuries. In ancient texts like the Hebrew Bible, flowers describe lovers or love. The roots of modern floriography can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire and the city of Constantinople.

Flowers were used as a covert means of communication in the courts, and tulips were especially popular. Plant symbolism was very popular in many cultures. It was used as a silent means of communication when messages were too dangerous to convey or if somebody needed to keep a secret.

Azaleas are popular to be used as messages or symbols for something. Because of their toxicity, white Azaleas were commonly used to deliver a serious threat to a rival family or gang.

What Is The Meaning Of The Azalea Flower?

Because the Azalea flower may have more than one meaning it will depend on the situation it is received or given in as follows;

  • Caring for a loved one – Azaleas are great get well soon gifts and show that you care for that person.
  • Sophistication and wealth – It was commonly exchanged between the wealthy and sophisticated in the early 1900s
  • Friendship – They make the perfect gift for a person who wants to succeed in life. Giving them this flower shows you want them to have good things come their way
  • Missing home – When someone feels homesick, they’ll often send their families Azaleas to let them know they miss them. It’s common in China and Japan for them to do this.
  • Death Threat – While this message delivery method is not common today, it was used in ancient times to draw a line in the sand proverbially.

Do Different Color Azaleas Mean Different Things?

 Azaleas are no exception in many cultures that attach meaning to different color flowers. The following colors explain their meaning;

  • Red and dark pink Azaleas – Romance and commitment
  • White AzaleasSelf-control, innocence, and politeness
  • Purple and pink Azaleas – Relation and cheerfulness
  • Yellow Azaleas  – Friends and relative relationships
  • Blue Azaleas – Endearment and kindness

Azaleas In Popular Culture

Azaleas are not only popular in landscaped or botanical gardens; they are often used in other settings such as;

  • Tattoos– Azalea tattoos are very common for women to get. They show pride in celebrating womanhood and seeing the most beautiful part of life.
  • Art– In 1885, Claude Monet painted the magnificent still life,  White Azaleas In a Pot.
  • Fabric Print – Linnen and fabric printed with colorful Azaleas are immensely popular and brighten up rooms instantly.  

The meaning and symbolism of Azaleas in popular culture might not be common knowledge to some individuals, but by doing a little investigation, the information is readily available.

What Does It Mean When I Dream About Azaleas?

Good news! Dreaming about this particular flower means good news is coming your way if you have been waiting for a raise or a payback. Well, let’s see what the Azaleas say.

Dreaming about these flowers has different interpretations depending on the color of the Azalea in the individual’s dream. Some dreams may mean that things will work out better than expected.

The dream means that things will work out better than expected. It may also mean pleasant moments with your family are still to come you’ll enjoy each others company and not wanna miss spending time with your family in the future.

Depending on the color of the Azalea in your dreams, the meaning will differ for example;

  • White – If you see white Azaleas in your dream and feel sad, you’ll experience that sadness In real life as well. However, if you feel happy when you see the Azalea flower, most dream books reveal that you will experience physical happiness.
  • Pink– There is a person younger than you whos in love with you. Possibly you’ve known them for a long time, but they are afraid to confess to you because you’re older than them and or in a relationship, married.
  • Multicolored– Multicolored could either be white-red or white-yellow. This means the people around you will pay more attention to you. Your family will start to realize how important you are to have around.

Where Do Azaleas Come From?

Azaleas originated from China, Taiwan, or Korea but were made popular in the beautifully manicured gardens of Japan. Azaleas are a status symbol and symbolize wealth and abundance.

Azaleas made their way to the rest of the world from Japan and China and became popular in vast landscaped gardens, potted flowers, and suburban shrubs. Today, over 10 000 cultivars are available, making it one of the largest groups of flowering plants available.

If Used In A Wedding, What Is The Meaning Of Azalea Flowers

Azalea flowers used at weddings can mean a few things like softness, femininity or undying love. Depending on the theme of your wedding and the color of Azaleas you’d like here are some of the meanings;

  1. Red Azaleas symbolize undying love
  2. Purple Azaleas symbolize good judgment
  3. Pink Azaleas symbolize femininity
  4. White Azaleas symbolize softness

After using potted Azaleas at your wedding you will also be able to take them home and use them to landscape your private garden as a continuous reminder for that beautiful day.


Azaleas have mostly positive meanings and symbolism attached to them and will make the perfect gift to anyone who loves a thoughtful gift or gesture.