Baby’s Breath Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

If you were to look into a flower shop, you would probably find that most, if not all the bouquets, no matter how bright and cheerful or toned down they may be, also contain small dainty flowers that give the posy that “something special” feeling. These tiny flowers are called Baby’s Breath and hold an array of meaning and symbolism in themselves.

Baby’s Breath in bouquets and flower arrangements represent everlasting love and innocence. These are examples of why these little bloomers are popularly used in wedding bouquets and celebrating the arrival of a new baby. Different colored flowers hold different meanings and symbolism.

To understand and appreciate the meaning and symbolism of Baby’s Breath Flowers, we need to delve a little deeper to uncover some of their mysteries.

Meaning And Symbolism Of Baby’s Breath Flower

Most people admire bouquets adorned with bright, bold, beautifully colored flowers and greenery.

Some may take note of the small cloud-like flowers poking their heads out between the vastness of color and texture without even realizing the meaning and symbolism that accompanies Baby’s Breath Flowers.

 Following are some of the most general symbols and meanings regarding Baby’s breath flowers.

  • Everlasting love. Baby’s Breath flowers symbolize endless love and can be gifted to family, platonic friends, or love interests. Because of this, Baby’s Breath flowers and bridal bouquets often walk hand in hand.
  • Pureness and Innocence. Due to this, it is often custom to give a bouquet with Baby’s Breath to a mother and her newborn baby. Some even believe that it protects the baby from being corrupted by outside influences.
  • Power of the Holy Spirit. Some Christians see Baby’s Breath as a representation of the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Reconnection. Some cultures also believe that this little flower can re-connect family members and lost loves.
  • Self-discipline. Baby’s Breath is considered a symbol for being true to your love in more modern times.

Different Colors Baby’s Breath Mean Different Things

As the saying goes, “Nothing is pleasant that is not spiced with variety,” this rings true when investigating the meaning of different colors of Baby’s Breath Flowers.

It often happens that florists color these little beauties with liquid dye to satisfy color requirements by clients. However, apart from the white Baby’s Breath Flowers that we are so familiar with, nature also provides them in beautiful natural colors of blue, orange, pink, purple, and even hues of yellow.

Consider the following colors and their meaning before gifting someone a bouquet of Baby’s Breath Flowers.

People have always considered white a symbol of innocence and purity through the ages. We can add unity and spirituality. Due to the connotation above, it is easy to understand why the white Baby’s Breath is a favorite in many cultures and its use in wedding bouquets and gifts for newborn babies and mothers.

It means there is belief in what is taking place, and there is a blessing on the couple getting married. White also celebrates the new baby’s innocence and purity, and a gift of white Baby’s Breath is suitable for a baby shower.

Blue is a firm favorite to choose as a gift for someone you honor and respect as it symbolizes honesty, trust, and respect. Giving blue Baby’s Breath to someone tells them you recognize these traits in them. Blue is also a popular color to take to a newborn baby boy’s welcoming, maybe mix in white.

Orange represents happiness, joy, and optimism! Therefore, this color is fantastic to give to dear friends and family. Send them happiness and positive vibes with a bouquet containing orange Baby’s Breath Flowers.

Red is for romance, love, passion, and affection. These are brilliant options for a loved one.

Pink symbolizes softer, gentler emotions of love and affection. Pink Baby’s Breath flowers are a firm favorite to give as a celebratory gift to a newborn baby girl or someone near dear to you.

Purple will be well received by most people seeing it symbolizes nobility, royalty, and beauty. Therefore, purple Baby’s Breath flowers are a safe choice when deciding on the color combination of the bouquet or table arrangement.

Yellow Baby’s Breath flowers are a perfect give for friends and family as they symbolize joy, friendship, and happiness. If considering a unique, happy vibe type of gift, choose yellow Baby’s Breath flowers.

The sweet-smelling, dainty flower of Baby’s Breath flower has many meanings and symbols worldwide. For most cultures, though, this little flower represents love and purity and is used at weddings, children’s births, celebrations, and even to remember the deceased.

The Meaning And Symbolism Of Baby’s Breath Tattoos

Not only is Baby’s breath flowers a firm favourite in household gardens and bouquets, they are also popular as tattoos.

These little flowers tend to be many people’s choice when deciding on their first tattoo.

A popular trend is to combine ones Baby Breath’s flower tattoo with something that has personal meaning and symbolism.

Baby’s Breath Tattoos And Their Meaning

  • Innocence and everlasting love. Baby’s Breath Flowers symbolizes innocence and everlasting love and getting a Baby’s breath flower tattoo will remind you of all who is near and dear to you.
  • Motherhood and everlasting love for your child. Combining a Baby’s Breath flower tattoo with a crescent moon tattoo of which the symbolism is motherhood you can express your eternal love for your child or children. It is easily understandable why this tattoo combination is popular among mothers.
  • Letting go. In tattoo terms a broken light bulb symbolizes letting go. Combining a broken light bulb with Baby’s Breath flower is a testimony of someone’s ability to grow through loss and sadness. This combination can further be personalized by adding a word or phrase as encouragement.
  • Love. Love is portrayed by hearts and the combination of Baby’s Breath Flower and heart tattoos shows that someone deeply loves another in a romantic way.


Baby’s Breath Flowers may be small, dainty, and sweet-smelling, but they pack a powerful punch and livens up any bouquet or table setting. People love giving and receiving Baby’s Breath Flowers, and although they are sometimes only used as filler flowers in bouquets, these little cloud-like bloomers bring meanings and symbols that enhance people’s lives.

Innocence, purity, love, and affection remind us to be kind and gentle towards our loved ones and everyone around us.