Begonia Flowers Meaning And Symbolism

Walking through your neighborhood or your local flower shop is a great way to notice new flowers you aren’t familiar with yet. You might have noticed the Begonia flower and overlooked this common but beautiful flower. Begonia flowers are full of meanings and symbolism that will surprise you!

The Begonia flower’s meaning is deep and vast. From warnings about misfortune, being cautious, thinking dark thoughts, showing gratitude, and expressing your individuality to peace and justice. It can also mean harmonious communication between your friends and loved ones.

The Begonia flower’s meaning and symbolism are so deep that this beautiful flower deserves a second glance. Continue reading with us to find out what this bloom means and symbolizes!

The Meaning Of Begonia Flowers

Of course, every flower in the world has a unique meaning behind it. The beautiful Begonia blossoms are no different, and there are several meanings linked to this fantastic flower.

To get educated on all these different meanings, check the list below:

Warnings About Misfortune

Begonia flowers are often used to warn somebody you deeply care about that dangers are about to happen.

Begonia blossoms make the perfect gift for a friend or family member who has been hurt due to an accident.

However, the warning of misfortune should not be seen as the most dominant meaning of the Begonia flower, as there are several more meanings.

Caution And/Protection To Others

Begonia flowers also make the perfect gift for somebody close to you who might be going on a long trip or who is planning on partaking in a potentially dangerous activity.

In the past, Begonias were often gifted to express that you are afraid of the person’s safety and well-being. Begonias can also mean that you wish another person a safe trip to their destination.

Dark Thoughts Or Unpleasant Events

Begonia flowers are also linked to dark and negative thoughts. This symbolism ultimately comes from the fact that Begonias are linked to cautiousness and warning signs.

Either way, Begonia flowers are often not surrounded by very positive energies, and cultures often use them in their time of mourning.

Showing Gratitude Towards Somebody

Besides the Begonia being a warning sign, it also has a strong meaning of gratitude.

Begonia flowers will make the ideal bouquet of flowers to show somebody that you are thankful or grateful towards something.

Expressing Uniqueness And Individuality

One of the main reasons why Begonia flowers stand out is because of their unique beauty. Therefore, they can be seen as symbols of these two traits and can be considered showing somebody you appreciate their unique appearance and character.

This makes the perfect gift for your best friend and even significant other and can look great at a dinner table.

Obtaining Justice And Peace

A begonia flower has the meaning of obtaining peace and justice, and it was often given to people as a sign of guilt or remorse.

People often forgave each other after receiving these flowers for the things they did wrong or sins they have committed.

Harmonious Communication Amongst Loved Ones

If it is the first time visiting a friend’s new home, you can express that you come in peace and start a conversation about these flowers.

These flowers make a perfect welcoming gift to somebody, and they symbolize timid and pleasant forms of communication.

The meaning of different colored Begonia flowers

There are several different colors of Begonia flowers. Each of these colors has a different meaning. The colors with the general meaning of the Begonia flower will send a specific meaning to the person who is lucky enough to receive this flower.

Let’s take a look at the different colors of Begonia flowers and what they mean:

Red-Colored Begonias

The color red symbolizes love, romance, and passion. The red-colored Begonia flower makes the perfect gift for somebody you love, find attractive, or want to pursue a romantic relationship with.

You can gift a red Begonia flower to your partner or significant other. You can even gift it to somebody you have just met but find this person to be appealing and attractive.

Pink-Colored Begonias

The color pink, much like red, symbolizes romance, love, and subtleness. You can gift this lovely flower to your partner or significant other for Valentine’s day or to mark a milestone or anniversary.

Yellow-Colored Begonias

The color yellow symbolizes wealth, contentment, and happiness. The yellow Begonia flower would make a great gift to give to somebody you want to see happy and receive good fortune.

You can also place this brightly colored Begonia flower in your home to bring in a positive ray of sunshine to lift the mood.

White-Colored Begonias

The color white has symbolized spirituality, innocence, and purity for thousands of years. White is known to be a universal color with mild symbolism. This is why you can gift a white Begonia to anyone.

No matter the person’s age or the nature of your relationship to the specific person. A white Begonia flower gives anyone a universally positive and kind message!

Blue-Colored Begonias

Blue has been seen as a symbol of creativity, passion, and artistry for decades. The unusual blue-colored Begonia flower will be given to somebody who is open to receiving the worth of getting the beautiful blue-colored flower.

Purple-Colored Begonias

The color purple symbolizes royalty, nobility, and creativity. Usually, a purple Begonia flower will be gifted to somebody you respect and consider to play a positive and important role in your life.


The beautiful Begonia flowers might have some negative meanings, but along with the negative always comes with some positive meanings as well. It is certainly like this for a reason. Begonia flowers can be seen as the watchdogs in the flower world, and this is how this extraordinary flower got its name!

Gifting a begonia flower to someone will strengthen your bond ad communication, without any need for stress or overthinking a possibly uncomfortable situation. they are overall a great flower to gift to anyone you respect and love.