Calla Lily Flowers Meaning And Symbolism

Calla lily flowers are known to be one of the most beautiful flowers in any bouquet. With their trumpet-shaped flowers, which are often white, they actually come in many different shades and colors. Are you curious about the meaning and symbolism of Calla Lily flowers?

The word “calla” means beauty in Greek, so the name fits perfectly. As white is their primary and most common color, it symbolizes holiness, innocence, faith, and purity. Their meanings are influential from their symbol in religion, which consists of images that represent the resurrection of Christ.

Calla Lily flowers’ beauty makes them versatile flowers that could be used in almost every bouquet. It doesn’t matter what your occasion is. A Calla Lily can be used to send your desired message. Read more to find out the meaning and symbolism of Calla Lily flowers!

The Calla Lily Symbols In Religion

You may recognize the Calla lily flower because it is very often portrayed in religious images. This symbolism is why lots of people tend to identify Easter with the Calla lily flower.

The Virgin Mary is also commonly portrayed holding the blossom of this plant. Another Christ symbolic meaning of Calla Lillies is that of the resurrection or rebirth.

However, these blooms also symbolize hope, so many grieving families use the Calla Lily for this reason. It is often included in funeral arrangements.

You may also spot Cala Lilly flowers at weddings in bouquets, as the blossom represents bliss and devotion.

The Calla Lily Symbols In Mythology

If you look at Calla Lily’s symbolic meanings in a broader perspective, it also symbolizes faithfulness, holiness, and purity. This goes back to its high significance to religion.

If you go back to Calla lily’s Greek roots, you will realize like many other types of flowers, they come from legends of ancient times. Calla Lily’s origin stories can be debated, as they are mentioned more than once throughout history!

Interestingly enough, most of these stories in history point to the general theme and idea that the Calla Lily symbolizes purity and beauty.

The first story starts with Venus, who is known as the goddess of desire, love, and beauty. It is said that one day, Venus came across a large field of lilies.

She was ultimately drawn to them because of their beauty, and then she eventually became jealous of the beauty they hold. She then decided to put an eternal curse on the flowers, so she put a yellow pistle in the middle of the flower.

Today, the yellow pistil in the center of a Calla Lily flower adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the flower.

Though this story represents the exceptional beauty of the Calla Lily flower, many people say that it actually represents sensuality and lust.

Many etymologists also speculate that the Calla lily was named after Calliope, the Greek goddess. Calliope was known as a muse of beauty and a patron of music.

As the Calla Lily flower has come to be symbolic of elegance and beauty that will last forever, they also tend to represent the achievements in any field one has worked hard to achieve.

What Different Calla Lilly Colors Symbolizes

Although a white-colored Calla Lilly blossom is the most common one, there are several other colors Calla Lilly flowers could be. The meanings could differ slightly because of the specific meaning of beauty and purity, depending on the flower’s color.

 Each of these colors has its own symbolism. What is the meaning of each color, and what makes each of these colors appropriate as a gift or occasion? Let’s find out!

The White Calla Lily

The white Calla Lilly represents innocence, youth, purity, faith, and holiness. If you’re looking to find a flower with meaning, the white-colored Calla Lily is the best way to go. These flowers will make any event feel sophisticated and memorable.

The Purple Calla Lily

The purple Calla Lilly means passion, royalty, and charm. It is also known to be a symbol of wisdom and admiration. There is nothing more elegant in a flower arrangement than pairing a plain white Calla lily with a soft color such as purple.

The Yellow Calla Lily

The yellow-colored Calla lily signifies gratitude and thankfulness. This color Calla Lily is a perfect thank-you gift for showing your appreciation to friends and family. It can also be a great birthday gift, as birthday celebrations are primary for showing platonic love and appreciation.

The Red Calla Lily

Red Calla Lily portrays beauty and courage. It can also mean intense determination to your goals. This would make it an excellent gift for somebody in the office, or if you want to surprise your boss with a new centerpiece for their desk or your own desk!

The Pink Calla Lily

Pink-colored Calla Lily blossoms are symbols of admiration, romance, and love. Because the color pink is also symbolic of feminine beauty and perfection, pink Calla lilies would be a perfect gift on Mother’s Day and show appreciation to the women in your life.

The Black Calla Lily

Like many other black flowers, this color Calla lily blossom means elegance and intense mystery. If you want to give somebody in your life a hint of your interest, it will make a great gift!

Calla Lily flowers can be given on any type of occasion, but it is an exceptional flower that should be given to a particular person in your life.

When somebody receives a Calla Lily flower, they do not even need to know anything about flowers. They will know the gift they have received in a unique one.

The perfect time of year to give these flowers as a gift would be in the Spring, as everything starts to bloom and come alive again after the long, cold winter.


Calla Lily flowers are known to be one of the flowers with the highest symbolic meanings, and it can be seen in numerous paintings that portray religion, with strong relations to love and purity.

Now that you know everything about Calla Lily’s symbolic meanings, you are sure to pick the correct color for a unique gift!