Camellia Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

Camellias are beautiful flowers usually found in Eastern and Southern Asia. The symbolism behind flowers has been recognized all over the world for centuries. Each flower and the color thereof have a specific meaning attached to it. So, what is the meaning and symbolism of camellia flowers?

Camellia flowers are symbols of love, affection, and admiration. They come in pink, white, and red shades, each with a corresponding meaning attached to them. It also symbolizes understanding and patience. Camellias represent the number 11, frequently associated with faith and intuition.

The term “camellia” translates to “helper to the priest” or represents the “young sons and daughters” in China. The flower was named after a botanist, who was also a priest. Camellia flowers have various meanings. Let us look at what camellias symbolize, the purpose of each color, how to grow it in the winter, and its link to the master number 11.

Camellias As Symbols Of Love, Affection, And Admiration

Camellia flowers symbolize love and devotion to a lot of people in Asia. Many couples treasure these flowers as it signifies undying and everlasting love. When gifting someone with white camellia flowers, it means that you adore and like that person.

Red symbolizes desire, passion, and love. It makes an outstanding gift for your significant other. Pink camellias are gifted to someone you miss or long after. The camellia flower itself is a symbol of perfection. The symmetry of the flower is perfect and almost unreal. You can give it to someone successful or someone you think is perfect.

The White Camellia Flower Signifies Adoration

The beautiful white camellia makes an excellent gift for friends and family members since it symbolizes pure love, as well as good luck. Its symbolism makes sense since the color white is usually associated with purity.

The Red Camellia Flower Signifies Love And Passion

The color red represents love and passion. Thus, red camellias are a great alternative to roses. If you want something that represents the love and passion between you and someone else, gift them red camellia flowers.

Placing this flower on someone’s grave signifies that their death was noble. Warriors and samurai believed this flower to symbolize a noble death.

The Pink Camellia Flower Signifies Love And Longing

The pink camellia signifies many things linked to romance, playfulness, charm, and femininity. It makes for a thoughtful gift. Give pink camellias to someone you fancy or a family member.

The pink camellia also symbolizes longing. It is an appropriate flower to place on a loved one’s grave if you miss them. If you miss someone and do not see them too often, send pink camellias as a reminder that you are thinking of them.

The Camellia Flower Is Also Known As The Rose Of Winter

What makes camellias genuinely unique is the fact that it blooms during winter. This symbolizes that even in the dark, there is light. Even during hard times, there is hope.

This vibrant flower can remind you always to see the positive side of things and overcome anything that is set your way. There is joy in beauty in everything.

The Cultural Significance of the Camellia

The camellia flower is popular among Chinese cultures. They believe the camellia‘s petals reflect a woman’s beauty and spirit. The calyx represents the man. When the flower dies, both the petals and calyx fall away. Both falling away symbolizes the undying love between two people.

In Korea, the camellia flower has been used in traditional weddings since 1200 b.C. The flower signifies longevity, devotion, happiness, and faithfulness. The camellia flower also represents the young sons and daughters in Chinese culture. Many also believe that gifting this flower to a dying or ill person is not a good idea because it eventually wilts and dies.

The white camellia flower has a negative connotation in Japan. It is considered bad luck to gift someone a white camellia since it is usually associated with death and funerals. That is why it is placed on people’s graves.

Camellia Flowers Are Linked To The Number 11

Camellia flowers also signify the number 11. Many people have an obsession with the number 11, and its significance is well known. This angel number represents faith and good fortune.

It is also related to spiritual awareness, as it opens communication between you and your higher self. Some even believe that the number 11 opens up communication to the Divine. Seeing the number 11 means you are on the right track, and the universe is listening to you. In other words, don’t fret!

The camellia flower’s male and female counterparts cannot be separated. This is true for the number 11 as well. This number is a perfect blend of the best characteristics of both masculine and feminine energies.

In light of this, it also makes an excellent gift for your significant other. It is also placed at wedding ceremonies to symbolize love and devotion. The number 11 also signifies strength, representing the camellia flower’s endurance in winter and its transcendence.

Use camellia tea leaves for divination purposes as well! Steep the loose tea leaves in a white cup. While drinking the tea, think of a question you might have. Look for any patterns in the leaves that might indicate an answer. Look at the center of the teacup to find any indicative patterns in the cup.


It is pretty easy to love camellia flowers, given their beauty and positive energy. It symbolizes love, longing, passion, devotion, and understanding. It is easy to grow and has a fantastic fragrance. Use it as a gift to convey your feelings for another, or keep it for yourself.

It is linked to the divine number 11, making it a great flower to have around to develop your spiritual awareness, use for divination purposes, and place in some regions of the house to calm yourself or others around you. It is a remarkable flower to use during ceremonies and self-care rituals.