Chamomile Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

Chamomile is a fragrant, soothing, and healing medicinal herb. It has soft white flower petals around a sunny, yellow center. In Ancient Egypt, its healing powers were celebrated as a gift from Ra, the sun god. The symbolism and medicinal effects of the Chamomile flower go hand in hand. This plant spells rejuvenation and purification.

Chamomile symbolizes peace and calmness and is often used in sleep remedies. It represents rebirth and renewal. The apple-scented flower is used in aromatherapy and magical rites and protects against negative energies. Other names for Chamomile include ground-apple and scented mayweed.

In Germany, the Chamomile plant is called ‘alles zutraut,’ meaning it is capable of anything and completely trustworthy.This tiny daisy-like flower is a storehouse of healing messages to the mind and body. Magical abilities connected to Chamomile flowers are the power to attract money, luck, and happiness.

Symbolism And Meaning Of Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile flowers have been used to ease body and soul since ancient times. The Greek physician Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used Chamomile extensively in 500 BC. It was seen as a cure-all for diseases of the body and the mind. German Chamomile is considered the most potent variety of Chamomile.

Chamomile is an herb that stands for protection and purification. Chamomile plants magically protect plants growing around them from diseases and attacks by insects. It attracts beneficial pollinators and nourishes the soil. It is believed that plantings of Chamomile around your home can ward off psychic attacks.

Chamomile is like a guardian angel in flower form that symbolizes tranquility, protection, and guidance. A calm mind is often the first step in healing the body. Chamomile tea and oil are used in herbal medicines, magical rituals, and potions. This chart brings the medicinal attributes of Chamomile and its spiritual benefits into focus.

Medicinal PropertiesSpiritual Meaning
Sleep enhancing and relaxingProtecting against negative energy and attacks on the spirit. Creating prophetic dreams.
Anti-anxiety, calmingClearing the auric field, finding inspiration and creativity.
Invigorates the mindPeaceful meditative states help to elucidate your life goals.
Digestive, ulcer healingTransforming negative energies into positive energies.
Wound healingHealing emotional wounds for spiritual growth.
Diabetes, blood sugar balancingSweetening your life and finding emotional balance. Balancing the energy you give and get from other people.
Anti-inflammatory mouth rinseBalancing the throat chakra helps with self-expression and communication.
Reducing menstrual painUnleash powerful feminine energies and discover the inner-goddess, unleashing sacred light
Eczema, skin irritationsFeeling beautiful leads to attracting and finding love
OsteoporosisKnowing when to be strong-willed and when to change or bend your ideas.

Chamomile Flowers In Folklore

The ancient Egyptians connected the Chamomile flower to the sun’s power because the flowers look like little suns. Chamomile symbolizes the solar deities like the Egyptian god Ra, the Greek god Helios, Sol in Germanic mythology, and Sulis, the British goddess of solar healing.

Egyptologists have found bits of Chamomile flowers in burial sites of high-ranking officials. This flower was used in religious ceremonies and mummifications as it reflects the illuminating power and resurrection symbolized by sunrise.

Chamomile was claimed as Russia’s national flower in 1998. It symbolizes the Russian people’s resilience. Gifts of flower bouquets are deeply embedded in Russian customs and traditions. Chamomile flowers are used in amorous fortune-telling. The flower petals are pulled off with the rhyme “loves-me, loves-me-not” till the last petal speaks.

In ancient Greece, Chamomile is called ‘Chamomaelo’ or ground-apple. Chamomile flowers smell delightfully of sweet apples with a hint of tobacco and musk. In medieval times Chamomile flower petals were strewn on the ground where crowds gathered for a fragrant cleansing effect.

Ground-apple is descriptive of the growing habit of Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis), which creeps along the ground. This makes a wonder some fragrant groundcover that can withstand heavy foot traffic. The spiritual message of a Chamomile lawn is to persevere and keep flourishing despite being looked down on.

In European traditions, the Chamomile plant was always respected for its curative effects. In Slovakia, there is a tradition to bow with deference when passing a Chamomile flower. The Italian phrase ‘have yourself a cup of Chamomile tea’ (Prenditi una camomilla) is the same as saying ‘cool down and have a chill-pill.

Spiritual Associations With Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile is associated with finding your true path and goals in life. Fragrant plantings of Chamomile on walkways in medieval times strengthen this association.

This is a plant that signifies inner guidance, wisdom, and a mindset that includes the following ideas:

  • Finding meaning and purpose in life.
  • Getting through discouraging and disappointing times.
  • Achieving peace and serenity to focus on your spiritual progress.
  • Overcoming fears and negative influences.
  • Attracting abundance and success.
  • A Gift of Chamomile flowers conveys wishes of dream fulfillment.

Psychic And Spiritual Uses Of Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile is connected to the element of water and is often used in combination with water for psychic purposes. In herbal magic, Chamomile flowers are used for attracting prosperity and warding off evil. It is an ingredient in making charm bags, talismans, and dream pillows. Chamomile tea and baths are used in the following ways:

  • Love-charm: Attract love by wearing Chamomile flowers in your hair or burning Chamomile incense. Sprinkle chamomile flowers in the bathwater and meditate on what you desire in your life.
  • Money-charm: Attract luck and money by washing your hands in an infusion of Chamomile before a gambling event. Grow Chamomile around your house.

Place Chamomile flowers in your pocket or wallet for general good luck.

  • Banishing-charm: Plant Chamomile in front of doors and windows to banish negative energies that want to enter your home. Blend dried Chamomile flowers and leaves in a bag to carry with you to places that feel threatening.

Place Chamomile in your bath water while visualizing the person or emotion you want to dispel from your life.

  • Healing amulet: Combine Chamomile with eucalyptus leaves, cinnamon bark, peeled garlic, sage leaves, and saffron threads in a bag that has been sprinkled with lavender or sandalwood oil.


Chamomile is a magical healing plant that can attract an abundance of peace, tranquility, good dreams, and love into your life. It is calming but also strengthening, which is a powerful combination for the stresses of modern life.