Cosmos Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

The Cosmos flower is the flower of love. It symbolizes gentle yet strong emotions, like the hardy Cosmos plant with its colorful, fragile flowers. A bunch of cheerful Cosmos flowers lifts the spirit and brings harmony, wholesomeness, serenity, and cosmic order into your home.

Cosmos flowers reflect the harmony and balance of the universe in their petal arrangement. The Cosmos plant (Mexican aster) belongs to the family Asteraceae and is native to Mexico. Here Spanish priests christened this flower with the Greek word for Cosmos. It symbolizes peace, joy, and innocence.

Cosmos flowers in orange, pink, white, and purple are a common sight along roads. It is obvious why this popular flower embodies joy and freedom. Cosmos flowers’ sacred geometry, symmetry, and varied colors are rich in symbolic meanings. These humble beauties are a perfect token of love, saying more than you might realize.

The Symbolism Of Cosmos Flowers

The Cosmos plant grows in barren, wayward places where it manages to sow its own seeds and flower anew every year. It symbolizes eternity and the circle of life, death, and resurrection. It also represents love enduring despite obstacles. The spiritual message of this flower is to make the most of where you are and never give up.

Traditional pagan beliefs about this plant include that Cosmos flowers can attract faeries to your garden. It is believed that spiritual beings will choose wild, overlooked places like roadsides to impart their transformative wisdom and magic to those willing to look there. The Cosmos plant prefers this same growth habitat.

Cosmos flowers signify luck. This might reflect the Cosmos plant’s ability to ward off harmful insects while attracting beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies. Cosmos magic advises placing a single petal in the bottom of your glass of wine to enjoy a long, healthy life.

The symbology of the Cosmos flower is slightly different in various cultures. Here are a few of the ideas connected to this plant.

Cosmos Flowers In Greek Culture

In the Greek language, “Kosmos” means order, notably the universe’s harmony and order. Ancient Greek astronomers believed that nature reflected the perfectly ordered sphere of the gods. Pythagoras was the first philosopher to describe the universe’s order with the word Cosmos.

The Greek verb “kosmein” derived from “Kosmos” means arranging or decorating.

The decorative Cosmos flower with petals growing in perfect symmetry signifies the order of the universe. Cosmos leaves grow wispy and wild. This wildness combined with order represents harmony and balance between opposites.

Cosmos Flowers In Japanese Culture

In Hanakatoba, the Japanese language of flowers, the symbolism of the Cosmos flower is connected to the Cherry blossom. Both flowers symbolize joy and a pure, gentle heart.

The Cosmos flower has the specific meaning of “maiden Japanese heart” and represents love and purity.

The Meaning Of the Cosmos Flower’s Sacred Geometry

The numbers 2, 8, and 19 are inherent in the anatomy of Cosmos flowers. Each joint on the flower stem has two pairs of leaves growing from it. The bract of the flowers makes an 8-pointed star shape. This links it to the symbolism of sacred geometry and creates a field of positive energy around Cosmos flowers.

The Cosmos flower stands as a symbol of wisdom, creative energy, and the mystic order of all that exists. The center of the Cosmos flower has 13 to 19 spiraling circles of florets. This links Cosmos flowers to the mystical and mathematical 19 Circles of Pythagoras’s Theorem, The squaring of the circle, the Tree of life, and the Merkabah.

Cosmos flowers embody a free flow of positive energy. They can help to remove blockages that hinder the lust for life. This is supported by the fact that the Cosmos flower is connected to the Chakra of the throat. The energy medicine of the Cosmos flower helps with speaking out convincingly.

For an in-depth discussion on the essence and spiritual meaning of the Cosmos flower, follow this link to the Flower-essence Society website.

The Color Symbolism Of Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos flowers represent joy and are often seen at wedding festivities. In countries like Austria and Belgium, Cosmos flowers are traditional funeral flowers. The color symbolism of each flower has quite different messages to share.

The Symbolism & Meaning Of Pink Cosmos Flowers

Pink Cosmos flowers display soft and gentle energy and are connected to the feminine side of the psyche. This makes an excellent gift to mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends. Meanings and messages embodied by pink flowers include the following:

  • Romantic love
  • Hugs and fond kisses
  • Beauty and kindness

The Symbolism & Meaning Of White Cosmos Flowers

White Cosmos flowers are traditional choices for wedding ceremonies, baptism events, and birthdays in October. The Cosmos flower is connected to a second wedding anniversary. Spiritual messages that white flowers convey are:

  • Purity and innocence
  • Faith, hope, and sincerity
  • Order and balance
  • Friendship and peace
  • Pure love

The Symbolism & Meaning Of Yellow Cosmos Flowers

Yellow Cosmos flowers share the meaning of optimism with all yellow and orange flower species. These flowers are ideal for gifts to friends, family, and work colleagues to congratulate and wish them well. Messages expressed by yellow or orange Cosmos flowers are:

  • Good vibes and positive energy
  • Success and encouragement
  • Warmth, generosity, and friendship

The Symbolism & Meaning Of Red Cosmos Flowers

Red is the color associated with passion, intense love, and sensuality. Give your lover or marriage partner a red Cosmos flower that means: “I love you more than words can say.” Red Cosmos flowers are symbols of desire and matters connected to the heart and represent the following:

  • Energy, passion, and desire
  • General good vibes and well-wishes
  • Never-ending love and faithfulness

The Symbolism & Meaning Of Chocolate Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos astrosanguineus has velvety red-brown or light brown flowers. They smell like chocolate-vanilla and make a special gift to anyone you love deeply. Brown flowers reflect masculine energy. This Cosmos flower is a first-rate gift to fathers, sons, brothers, and boyfriends. Additional meanings for the chocolate cosmos include:

  • Never-ending love and devotion
  • Sincerity and loyalty
  • Unfailing friendship
  • Honesty and respect


The Cosmos flower is an unassuming, joyful, good-vibe addition to our lives. It balances order with wild and passionate love. Stop by the roadside when you next see these colorful treasures and breathe in deeply.