Freesia Flowers Meaning And Symbolism

A freesia flower has an elegant bell shape and has an enticing citrusy fragrance that is sure to be popular among citrus lovers. Freesias are prized flowers for their delicacy and beauty. However, what do they symbolize and mean to most people?

Freesia flowers are one of the few flowers that only symbolize and mean positive characteristics such as innocence, thoughtfulness, and friendship. These flowers also symbolize someone in high spirits and someone who is always showing grace even in the face of struggle and pressure.

Many flowers have various meanings depending on the presentation, color, history, or legend. Freesia flowers have several meanings and symbols according to their colors.

What Is The Meaning And Symbolism Of Freesia Flowers?

Like most flowers, freesia flowers have a couple of meanings. These include innocence, friendship, thoughtfulness, being of high spirits, and perseverance. In the language of flowers, freesia flowers were usually given to people as a sign of friendship and to show how much the giver cherishes that friendship.

Because of how graceful freesia flowers look, contemporary florists have been known to recommend this flower to represent someone that does not buckle under strain but is instead graceful when under immense pressure.

Freesia flowers have many sentiments that they signify. For friendship, the yellow freesia flower is the one that is at the forefront and customarily given. Whereas unsurprisingly, the white freesia signifies innocence, as white is considered a color of purity and innocence with many other white-colored flowers.

Freesia colors are yellow, mauve, white, orange, pink, purple, lavender, red, as well as bi-colored. The intensity of the aroma of the freesia flowers depends on what color the freesia is. The brightest colors, red and pink, emit the most potent scent.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to freesia flowers, although there are various colors, only two colors have meanings attached to them, the white and yellow flowers. Freesia flowers are known to last for quite some time and are a popular addition to floral bouquets.

Some colors have started to symbolize certain characteristics, such as pink freesia flowers symbolizing motherly love and red freesia flowers representing passion, unsurprisingly.

Hachijojima, in Tokyo Island, where 300 000 freesia flowers bloom every time spring comes around, is where a popular freesia festival is held that symbolizes a cultural exchange where people from all over the globe get to participate in local traditions and a tea ceremony as well as infiorata, which is a flower art carpet display that is done in many other parts of the world.

Freesia flowers also have a numerology meaning, as they are the number 9. Freesia flowers in numerology mean that a person has a humanitarian nature as they are selfless and fulfill any obligations that they have instead of shying away from them.

In The Victorian Era, Freesia Flowers Symbolized Trust.

Indigenous to Africa, 14 of the freesia flower species can be found in the wild of South Africa, while Saharan Africa and Sudan are home to two more species. Although these flowers were not cultivated until 1878, they shook things up and became popular in the Victorian Era.

It is a well-known fact that floriography boomed and reached a peak in the 19th century. Because of the polite society of keeping everything bottled up, not many people could convey their feelings and emotions. When they could through writing, they only did so by giving secret meanings to objects.

One such object was flowers, especially for female writers. This is how flowers became a way to express your feelings, hence floriography. Male writers often used floriography to show a suitor that they were interested in them romantically.

Because society did not reveal or speak about their feelings in the Victorian Era, freesia flowers became a symbol of trust. Couples could trust the person they had feelings for to keep their display of affection and infatuation a secret.

Many flowers have legends or shapes that lead to the flower’s name, but in this case, the freesia flower is named after a German physician with the last name Freese a tribute to symbolize his friendship with fellow botanist Ecklon.

What Is The Meaning Of Freesia Flowers For Anniversaries?

Often couples celebrate anniversaries to show how that relationship is a priority in their life. Flowers are a well-known traditional gift that is given for celebrating wedding anniversaries. There are various flowers that all have deeper meanings when it comes to anniversaries.

Freesia flowers are considered the perfect flowers for the 7th wedding anniversary. They are a symbol of trust and fidelity. These flowers are antidotes to the proverbial saying that the 7th year of marriage is usually where restlessness begins to surface.

Freesia flowers represent faithfulness through the many seasons, phases, and changes in marriage and relationships. They are a traditional reminder of loves honorable character. Therefore, freesia flowers are an excellent way to show your commitment and love to your partner.

What Is The Meaning Of Freesia Flowers As A Tattoo?

Because freesia flowers bloom facing upwards, they are upward oriented due to the stem bending horizontally once the freesias have flowered. Freesia flowers blooming facing upwards have led to many women wanting the delicate design as a tattoo.

As with many flowers, freesia flowers come in different designs with different symbolic meanings. Tattoos as freesia flowers generally symbolize innocence and thoughtfulness. For many people, they are a beautiful way to express their personality.

Interestingly enough, freesia flowers are often individually tattooed instead of being added to other tattoo designs, where the tattoo often ends up having an added symbolic meaning.


Not only do freesia flowers smell lovely, but they are also easy to grow and will look lovely in your garden because there is no foliage. These flowers are highly cherished and celebrated in Tokyo Island and are a way people from all over the world can come together to celebrate friendship. Freesia flowers are the perfect gift if you have a 7th wedding anniversary coming up.