Geranium Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

An estimate of 40 million Geraniums is planted in UK gardens each year. Geranium has a nostalgic scent for many of us — the scent of a grandma’s greenhouse, or perhaps her perfume. So, what does it mean if someone gifts you Geranium?

Geraniums symbolize positive feelings like sound health, happiness, and friendship. These flowers make for a traditional housewarming gift — probably due to their nostalgic scent and positive symbolic meaning. In the Victorian era, the rich used these flowers to represent foolishness and fatuity.

Other than making for a great gift, Geranium is also used in various ways worldwide, making the plant meaningful in more than one way.

Geranium Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Geranium flowers have several meanings attached to different cultures on an international scale.

They are decorative as much as they possess healing properties.

Cape region Pelargonium was used by tribes to treat respiratory diseases. The tribe people also used it in a natural remedy called Umckaloabo.

Geranium flowers also have a wonderful scent often used in perfumes and aromatherapy.

It’s associated with religious figures and symbolizes prosperity in Egypt, immortality in some Chinese cultures, and longevity in some Japanese cultures.

Sometimes, the flower is used in certain magic spells, especially Geranium tea, a love potion.

Geranium flowers are used as a protective measure against intrusion. Geranium flowers can be worn around the neck or brushed over windows and doorknobs.

This flower symbolized jealousy, deception, and stupidity in the Victorian era. These connotations are attributed to their light and airy appearance. However, the real reason was likely due to the class dimension of gardening.

The Geranium symbolized mass culture and was seen as thoughtless by the upper classes.

Fortunately, these connotations have been severed, and anyone with these lovely flowers in their garden will be sure to have some admirers.

Common Geranium Flower Colors And Their Meanings

The color of a flower often signifies the person’s intent who gifts it. Much like other flowers, Geranium flower colors have different meanings associated with the various colors.

Because Geranium flowers have such an array of colors, the meaning associated with each is unique.

Some Geraniums even have non-traditional associations to their colors — like a red rose indicating love or a white daisy meaning peace.

Here are some of the most common Geranium colors and their respective meanings:

  • Red — Red Geraniums are Pelargoniums. The red cultivar is a cross between Pelargonium and Hortorum. The Wiccans believe that red “Geraniums” ward off illness when planted near your doorway. They can also symbolize passion and feelings of love.
  • White —White Geraniums are seen as powerful protectors. It’s believed in some traditions that snakes and flies won’t come near them and they were often planted in front of homes as a safety measure. Modern meaning would indicate that white Geranium symbolizes purity, innocence, and promotes fertility.
  • Pink — Pink Geraniums symbolize femininity, motherly love, and gentle romances.
  • Purple — The purple geranium flower symbolizes sophistication, nobility, and style. It shows the receiver that they are admired and adored.

The color of flowers is significant, and the Geraniums even more so.

Because it is a protective flower — not only does it ward off snakes, but when it points downwards, the flower warns you that memories of the past are hindering you from living in the present.

Geranium Essential Oils Symbolism

Geranium essential oils have had multiple uses throughout history.

The ancient Egyptians used this to boost the appearance of their skin and hair.

In the modern-day, you will find it utilized in many perfumes. Some know Geranium as “the other rose” with masculine and citrus notes.

It is also used in many cosmetics as a skin brightening and tightening agent that reduces puffy skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This “glowing” effect it produces can symbolize health and youth.

It was and still is used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, pain, and infection. Diffused Geranium essential oil creates an environment of peace and calm, which helps restless nerves to calm down.

For this reason, the Geranium essential oil has become synonymous with health and beauty.

Besides its cosmetic and medicinal use, the Geranium essential oil can protect and ward off insects.

What Do Geranium Flower Tattoos Mean?

Flower tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs, next to hearts, butterflies, and dragons.

What makes flower tattoos unique is that each flower represents something different about the person or may symbolize an experience they’ve gone through.

Popular floral designs for tattoos include roses, orchids, hibiscus, lilies, and lotus. These designs look great anywhere on the body. 

An often-overlooked flower for a tattoo is Geraniums.

These flowers symbolize positive emotions, indicate strong friendships, wish good health, and loads of joy and happiness.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Geraniums?

Dreaming about Geraniums indicates that you will soon experience good fortune in your life.

These flowers have long been associated with health and beauty — so who’s to say that you won’t experience exceptionally beautiful moments of health and prosperity?

When you dream of Geraniums, it can symbolize your willful and robust nature. Appreciate and cherish these deep feelings.

Exploring how you feel about yourself can be a healing experience, especially if you’ve struggled with your self-image in the past.

It’s time to embrace positive feelings, let the negativity go, and start rooting confidence in yourself.

Geranium Symbolism In The Modern Day

Geraniums still have a place in the modern day.

Shirley Temple sang a song where she said that, “I love Geraniums, bright red Geraniums, and every time I see one, I always think of you.”

Bob Dylan also references it in his song “Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands,” where he says, “The kings of Tyrus, with their convict list, Are waiting in line for their Geranium kiss.”


Geraniums have had their fair share of mentions and use throughout history.

They symbolize health, happiness, and prosperity.

The Victorians do not know what they missed by associating the flower with negative personality traits.

Its use in our current day makes it a valuable essential oil often used in medicine to fight against body diseases and calm down the mind.

Its healing properties make Geranium a flower that we do not want to live without.