Hibiscus Flowers Meaning And Symbolism

The hibiscus plant originated in Asia. It then made its way to loads of other warm climates, such as the Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia. Hibiscus flowers are not only considered stunningly beautiful, but they also have spiritual meanings and are highly symbolic.

“Hibiscus” translates to the Greek word “hibiscus, ” meaning mallow. This is perfect as the hibiscus plant is part of the mallow family. Hibiscus is well known to symbolize femininity, ephemeral beauty, romantic love and passion, hospitality and friendship, serenity, and joy.

Are you interested in learning the meanings and symbolism of those beautiful Hibiscus flowers in your backyard or your street? Continue reading to find out!

What Does Hibiscus Flowers Symbolize?

There are several things Hibiscus flowers symbolize. By knowing the symbolism behind these beautiful flowers, you can surprise your friends or loved ones with a beautiful bouquet!

Hibiscus Flowers Symbolize Femininity

Hibiscus flowers range from 4-10 inches in diameter. As their flowers come in all shapes and sizes, they are symbolic of femininity and the beauty of the female of all shapes and sizes. They represent strong power in femininity.

Hibiscus flowers are seen to embody and encourage the law of attraction. This is because they are simply themselves, and they still attract awe and admiration.

Hibiscus Flowers Symbolize Ephemeral Beauty

Did you know a Hibiscus flower only blooms for one day on their vine? Thus, they are seen to symbolize the preciousness of fleeting beauty, also known as ephemeral beauty.

The hibiscus flower will remind you that each and every moment are something sacred and should be savored. Because of hibiscus’s strong symbolic meaning of impermanence, they are also seen as a symbol of opportunity, teaching you to seize the moment, as it will never come to you again.

Hibiscus Flowers Symbolize Romantic Love And Passion

Because of their brightly colored blossoms, hibiscus flowers are also known to symbolize romantic love and affection between two lovers. These flowers are the perfect gift for a significant other.

And if you do not have somebody in your love, they are believed to bring good luck and attract more romance into your life, opening you up to find your soul mate!

Hibiscus Flowers Symbolize Hospitality And Friendship

Another symbolic meaning of hibiscus flowers includes hospitableness, generosity, as well as a strong friendship.

There is definitely a reason why Hawaii includes hibiscus flowers’ blossoms in their leis. This is a tactic they use to embody aloha’s welcoming and divine spirit.

Hibiscus Flowers Symbolize Sincerity

One of the hibiscus’ focus points is their vibrant flowers. It then becomes visibly apparent that the flowers are not in hiding.

Thus, hibiscus flowers also symbolize sincerity and openness to new experiences and life. They are welcoming symbols of kind feelings and generosity.

Hibiscus Flowers Symbolize Joy

If you have read hibiscus’s symbolic meanings until this far, it will come as no surprise to you that a hibiscus flower also symbolizes joy.

Such as art and music, the hibiscus flower makes life more enjoyable, allowing you to focus on the best parts of life. The bright colors lift people’s spirits, allowing them to make positive connections with these flowers.

What Does Each Color Hibiscus Flower Mean?

Hibiscus flowers come in several different colors, with each color meaning something different.

Hibiscus flowers come in purple, red, pink, hot pink, orange, yellow, and white. Let’s look at each color of the hibiscus flower and the meanings they hold.

Purple Hibiscus Flowers

Purple hibiscus flowers mean unusual and rare forms of beauty, as well as finding beauty and harmony in differences. Because purple is an extraordinary color that comes with combining the warmth of red and the coldness of blue.

So, this is why a hibiscus flower means welcoming and respecting others, even if they come from a very different upbringing or have a different religion than your own.

Purple is also the color of the seventh chakra, which means “Sahasrara” in Sanskrit. “Sahasrara” opens your consciousness to higher knowledge and beliefs.

Thus, a purple hibiscus flower symbolizes a strong connection to the divine.

Red Hibiscus Flowers

Along with rose and poppy flowers, the red flower of hibiscus is a vibrant red color. The color red often means passion, love, and primal energy.

In some cultures, such as China, red means to prosper and to receive good luck.

Red is also the color of the root chakra, which means “Muladhara” in Sanskrit. Muladhara means your foundation, your upbringing. It also includes your security and survival in life.

Red hibiscus flowers also make an ideal gift for your romantic partner. By placing red hibiscus flowers in your garden, they will bring positivity and bring you stability, security, and joy to your life.

Hot Pink/Fuchsia Hibiscus Flowers

Like the red hibiscus colored blossoms, blossoms that come in hot pink or fucksia also mean romantic love and affection.

These colors also mean female power and beauty and can attract what you choose to.

Pink Hibiscus Flowers

Lightly colored pink hibiscus flowers mean platonic love, the type of love one has for family members and friends.

A pink hibiscus flower is a perfect gift for any female friend, as well as mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, and even your grandmother!

Pink hibiscus blossoms also make for a lovely gift for men who are fond of the color pink and are in touch with their feminine side.

Orange Hibiscus Flowers

The color orange means vitality and healing. The color orange means the second chakra, which is known as the sacral chakra, “Svadhisthana” in Sanskrit.

Your sacral chakra ultimately rules your prime instincts and health. An orange hibiscus blossom is an excellent gift for a family member, friend, or even yourself who might be on a new health regimen.

Yellow Hibiscus Flowers

The color yellow means good fortune, friendship, and joyous feelings. Yellow hibiscus flowers are ideal for lifting somebody’s spirits and bringing good fortune into your home and life.

White Hibiscus Flowers

The color white means innocence, gentleness, and purity. Similar to a white butterfly, a white hibiscus blossom means messages and angles from loved ones who have passed.

If a friend close to you has lost somebody they deeply care about, it will make a perfect gift to show your condolences.


Now that you know precisely what beautiful hibiscus flowers of all colors mean, you are sure to take a second look at these beautiful flowers in your backyard or street.

They resemble all things positive and make great gifts for somebody you love or care about, whether in a platonic or romantic way.