Hyacinth Flowers Meaning And Symbolism

The hyacinth flower is a spring blossoming plant, and it is one of strong, fresh fragrance. It is a noticeable blossom and holds with it many meanings as you may see it at weddings or just in your garden as the season changes. Is there a deeper meaning to the hyacinth flower?

The hyacinth flower is a fragrant blossom and, depending on the color, can symbolize devotion to family and loved ones, playfulness, commitment, and of course, beauty. The hyacinth can mean an array of things, from enjoyment to hoping for improvement to even envy.

You are just as likely to see this flower at a wedding, given as a gift to a friend, or displayed at a funeral. The hyacinth flower holds a couple of truly deep and profound meanings. What could the hyacinth mean to you?

The Mythology Of Hyacinth Flowers

The hyacinth flower has a strong meaning and symbolism due to its connection with the Greek Sun God Apollo. The myth goes that in mourning his friend, Hyacinthus, who was killed during a game. The white hyacinth flower was said to grow from his blood.

We can, therefore, already attach deep sorrow to this flower. However, it is a deeper meaning of commitment even after death. Devotion to your loved one through power and beauty.

The Meaning And Symbolism of Different Hyacinth Flower Colors

The wonderful hyacinth flower is a blossom of many colorful delights. Each one holds with it its own corresponding message, meaning, and symbolism. Which one speaks to you? Which one could you be seeing or wanting to know more about?

The most common hyacinth flowers found are purple, white, or pink. However, the blue hyacinth flower is the most sought-after of the blossoms. What could that be? What does the blue hyacinth mean?

Blue Hyacinth Flower Meaning And Symbolism

The blue hyacinth is said to hold meanings of faithfulness, sincerity, and dependability. The throat chakra is understood to be blue, and this links well with the blue hyacinth flower. As for communication which is the throat chakra’s key attribute, we can see themes of trust, honesty, and forgiveness when the blue hyacinth is present.

Purple Hyacinth Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Purple is known as a deeply spiritual color and, when seen in the deep shade in the hyacinth flower, can be connected to this supreme purpose. The purple hyacinth flower is a great flower to show sympathy. It represents great respect and can also symbolize gratitude.

White Hyacinth Flower Meaning And Symbolism

This powerful flower, the white hyacinth, means innocence and purity, and giving them to someone indicates you are praying for them. You are hoping for healing, or you wish them well with their new endeavors, great for weddings!

Yellow Hyacinth Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Be careful when seeing, thinking about, or gifting the yellow hyacinth flower, as it is a symbol of jealousy. If you see this flower in your dream or you think about giving it to someone, do some self-reflection to better understand the situation.

Red Hyacinth Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Red is the color most connected to romance and passion. It goes without saying that the red hyacinth can be connected to romantic intentions and desires.

The red hyacinth also symbolizes fun and excitement, so this could be a great gift to a fabulous and loving friend or to your significant other.

Pink Hyacinth Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Pink hyacinth flowers are sweet and peaceful looking. They represent fresh starts. They are also linked to joy and having a good time. You can give them to a platonic friend or a new love interest to show that you care.

The Meaning Of Hyacinth Flower At Weddings

It does all depend on the color of the blossom. In general, hyacinth flowers have a lovely fragrance, so at elegant and special occasions like weddings, they add to the ambiance wonderfully.

Usually, the common hyacinth flowers to use in a wedding would be white or blue. These seem like traditional western wedding colors. The blue hyacinth represents dependability and loyalty, while the white one would bring in prayers for the lovely couple.

The Meaning Of Hyacinth Flowers At Funerals

The hyacinth has a very strong smell, and in a flower, tribute can add a pleasant aroma to the arrangement. As the Greek mythology of the hyacinth flower suggests, they are flowers that represent deep sorrow and devotion to the loved one even in passing and after passing.

In this way, the hyacinth flower at a funeral represents dedication to your loved one and a deep and truthful way to give respect to the deceased.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Hyacinth Flowers?

Anytime you dream about flowers, they can be connected to joy, abundance, and beauty. The hyacinth flower in all its splendor appearing in a dream could be a warning.

The hyacinth flower could symbolize a phase in your life that you need to get through and heal from. It could particularly be a warning against jealousy or a foreshadowing for separation in your near future.

Take solace in the appearance of the hyacinth flower, that it has appeared to warn you but also to keep you hopeful of the divine order and plan.

The Meaning Of Hyacinth Flower Tattoo

You want a tattoo of a pretty flower and are considering the hyacinth flowers. You want to depict dependability, courage, endurance, and honesty while remaining playful and competitive; this flower-power tattoo is the choice for you.


The hyacinth flowers in all their beautiful array of shades hold a special meaning of devotion. It, of course, depends on the color used; however, this flower can be connected to love, playfulness, fun, commitment, beauty, and of course, power.

Even in death, there are new beginnings, and where there are new beginnings there, love can continue and grow and be more and more beautiful. The hyacinth is truly a beautiful flower with strong meanings and symbolism.