Larkspur Flowers Meaning And Symbolism

The striking blue larkspur flower is the birth flower of people born in July. It comes in various colors, including blue, white, pink, purple, red, and yellow. One can appreciate the beauty of the larkspur flower, but it also has an inner beauty hidden in the meanings and symbolism of its name.

The name “larkspur” could be derived from its petals resembling the hind claws of the meadowlark. It symbolizes love and affection and some attributes of a sweet-natured person. Myths and legends around the larkspur are found in Greek mythology, Native American culture, and Christianity.

Larkspurs were initially classified as Delphiniums because of their similar appearance. The term “delphinium” is derived from the Greek word referring to a dolphin. The larkspur also has tiny buds on the flowers that look like dolphins. Larkspurs are now classed as Consolida rather than Delphiniums.

The Deeper Meanings Of The Larkspur Flower

Many flowers are credited with underlying meanings. Often there are positive and negative meanings associated with them, so don’t always assume that a gifted flower has benign connotations! The bright and beautiful larkspur has mostly happy associations, but some colors have a few less desirable ones.

The larkspurs represent a strong bond of love and an open heart as a flower family. They also signify positivity. Other associations are:

  • Love
  • Affection
  • Pure Heartedness
  • Lightness
  • Sweet-natured
  • Having a desire for laughter
  • A strong attachment
  • Cheerfulness
  • Fickleness
  • Haughtiness

The individual colors of the larkspur also have their own specific meanings:

  • Blue larkspurs represent grace and dignity.
  • Pink larkspurs signify contrariness or indecisiveness.
  • White larkspurs are associated with a happy nature.
  • Purple larkspurs symbolize first love.

The Meaning Of Larkspur Tattoos

Today the larkspur is a popular choice for body art. Because the larkspur is the birth flower for people born in July, many people with birthdays in July or parents with babies born in that month choose the larkspur as a tattoo.

Larkspur tattoos signify joy and love and represent a sense of humor and softness. The tattoo can also symbolize an open heart. For some people, it signifies passion, deep commitment, and devotion.

Legends About The Larkspur Flower

It’s the nature of human beings to want to tell stories about deep and mystical secrets. Larkspurs come with their myths and legends, which adds to their beauty.

Greek Mythology And The Larkspur

After the death of Achilles, Ulysses and Ajax were vying for Achilles’ arms. The Greeks awarded the arms to Ulysses, and Ajax flew into a rage. He subsequently killed himself by falling on his sword, and legend has it that larkspurs burst into bloom when his blood spilled on the land.

Native American Folklore Regarding The Larkspur

According to the Native American tribes, a celestial being divided the sky and sent down spikes made of the sky down to earth. The sun dried up the pieces of sky and scattered them. Wherever they fell, larkspurs grew.

Larkspur Legends In Christianity

After the crucifixion of Christ, his followers took his body to a tomb and rolled a boulder in front of the entrance to the cave. Many doubted that Jesus could or would rise from the dead. But legend has it that a little rabbit believed and tried to remind them of God’s promise and sat waiting in the garden in the dark.

When Christ rose from the dead and came out of the tomb, the rabbit spoke to him and was delighted that he had kept his promise. Christ pointed out the larkspur to the rabbit and made the flower look like a little rabbit’s face. The little rabbit’s face in the larkspur symbolizes trusting in Christ.

Special Occasions For Larkspurs

Larkspurs grow to heights of 1-3 feet and make beautiful additions to bouquets of cut flowers. They are suitable for occasions ranging from housewarming parties to birthdays. They bring dimension and depth to any flower arrangement, and their colors are vibrant and beautiful, complimenting most other cut flowers.

Other Uses For Larkspur Flowers

Apart from their primary job as cut flowers, larkspurs are also used in aromatherapy and as a scent for candles and cosmetics. The flower can also help to control lice. They repel poisonous snakes and can heal scorpion stings. Larkspurs are toxic to all animals besides sheep.

The flowers are also said to serve as protection against spirits and ghosts, and in days gone by, the old English people would sprinkle them in their baths for this purpose. Larkspurs are still used in elixirs and magic potions in certain parts of the world.

The Native American people  also used to pick the flowers and use them for dye because it was freely available, growing in the wild.

People have always used flowers for medicinal purposes, and although there are concerns about the safety thereof, there are those who use larkspurs to make medicine. It is used for water retention, the treatment of intestinal worms, insomnia, to improve one’s appetite, and as a sedative. Unfortunately, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove the flower’s effectiveness.

Though the flower may help specific ailments, it is not taken internally without its risk. Possible side effects are low blood pressure, slowing down the heart rate, and lung failure, so it is not recommended to use these blue beauties for illness.


The larkspur flower is not only beautiful in its glorious hues of blue and purple, not to mention the less frequently occurring colors, but it is a bloom that symbolizes love, joy, and strong personal connections. It is rich in cultural folklore and symbolism and has uses beyond simply looking pretty. Just don’t use it medicinally – you might be taking your life in your hands!