Lavender Flowers Meaning And Symbolism

Lavender flowers are very well-known, perhaps especially for their pleasant smell and versatile uses. You have probably heard of, or even used, lavender oil, soap, or dried lavender flowers. But what is the meaning behind these lovely purple flowers, and what do they symbolize?

Lavender flowers are a great option to symbolize a romantic gesture. Lavender flowers symbolize beauty, serenity, royalty, devotion, love, and grace. The symbolism of lavender flowers is closely related to their everyday uses, such as healing properties and prettiness in the garden or the home.

In ancient times, lavender flowers meant many different things. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used lavender for various purposes. The color of lavender also symbolizes the color of royalty and the crown chakra, which is the 7th energy center in the body.  

The Symbolism Of Lavender Flowers

Lavender plants are part of the mint herb family, and they are characterized by small purple flowers perched on long silvery stalks. They are commonly used for their many purposes and because they are beautiful in the garden and as house plants.

The lavender plant’s wide variety of practical uses is tightly linked to the meaning and symbolism. Lavender products are very commonly used as a calming agent – to destress and help promote serenity. In this sense, lavender flowers symbolize peace and stillness.

The association of lavender flowers to calmness and serenity is so influential that lavender promotes a good night’s sleep. Diffusing oils, body creams, and room mists that are lavender scented are all used to help you drift off to sleep better.

Many people have used lavender flowers to treat different ailments and physical problems. These uses are linked to their healing properties, precisely their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As oil infusions, lavender has been used widely in aromatherapies.

Ailments that are treated include insect irritations on the skin, burns, headaches, and any inflammations. Lavender can also be used as a preventative measure to repel insects before they can harm you or pets. You can do this by using lavender-scented candles or other infused materials which are strategically placed to repel insects.

Lavender flowers can mean love and adoration and even love at first sight. If you are a romantic, lavender flowers have a lot of special symbolism for you. If you give your love interest lavender flowers, it symbolizes love and conveys that the person is extraordinary and unique to you.

The Meaning Of The Color Of Lavender Flowers

The beautiful color of lavender flowers represents royalty. Deep purple especially has long been considered a royal color. Lavender flowers also symbolize many aspects that are related to royalty, such as devotion, grace, beauty, and serenity.

Not only does the purple color of lavender represent majesty and luxury, but it also represents the crown chakra. Chakras are different energy centers in the body, where other points in the body resemble different colors and types of chakras. The lavender flower is linked to the crown chakra, the 7th chakra.

The crown chakra is situated at the top of the head and symbolizes a higher purpose and deep spiritual connection. This association makes utmost sense when referring to the lavender flower as a means to heal and promote wellness.

The crown chakra represents the highest vibration possible in the body, linked to encouraging physical and spiritual well-being. Often with essential oils used for chakras to balance and heal, lavender essential oils are used for the crown chakra.

Besides the color of lavender representing royalty and the 7th chakra, it also symbolizes beauty and femininity. Lavender flowers are seen as pretty and delicate flowers and are associated with the feminine side of people.

Traditional Meanings And Uses Of Lavender Flowers

There appears to be some controversy about where the word ‘lavender’ comes from. Originally the word came from Latin ‘lavare’, which means to wash. This term may represent the way people can infuse lavender in different ways.

However, some say that the word actually comes from the Latin word ‘livere’, which means blueish. This term could, of course, be referring to the purple-blue shades of some lavender plants.

The ancient Egyptians used lavender for embalming and preserving their mummies. There is a long history of using lavender flowers for different purposes, including various purposes. This history extends to approximately 2500 years ago.

The Greeks used lavender in a more health-oriented way to try and treat medical ailments such as back pain. Lavender flower infusions were used in the medical system, among other herbs and natural medicines. They also used lavender to help people sleep better, which is now a widely used practice to treat insomnia naturally.

The lavender flower is also mentioned in the Bible a few times. In the Bible, lavender flowers were once again used for their healing properties. They were used in rituals for purification, especially for the higher members of society, such as the priests and royal people.

The Meaning Of Lavender In The Zodiac

The sign that the lavender flower is associated with within the zodiac is the Gemini. This relationship is because the qualities of lavender are related to many of the characteristics of the Gemini sign. Gemini also has a lovely, beautiful, fragrant personality, just like the lavender flower.

Another typical quality of both lavender flowers and Gemini’s is their multiple dimensions. Lavender flowers are known for their many uses, and Gemini is known to be multi-faceted.

Geminis, more specifically sociable Geminis, will feel drawn to the lavender flower. The connection lies in the bright purple color of lavender and the lively and charismatic nature of the Gemini sign.


Lavender flowers symbolize grace, calmness, love, royalty, and deep spirituality. Their beautiful purple color is associated explicitly with luxury, royalty, and the crown chakra.

For many centuries, lavender flowers have been used to heal and promote health and wellness. In ancient Greek and Egyptian times, people typically used lavender infusions. These days, lavender flowers are used widely and known for their many benefits.