Lily Flowers Meaning And Symbolism

When one looks at a lily flower, one cannot help but be transported by this mesmerizing summer blossom. Their bold shape, colors, and fragrance demand attention. Do these pretty flowers hold greater meaning or symbolism?

The lily is a broad name for a beautiful array of deeply personal flowers. They represent purity, femininity, purity, and even grief. Lily flowers are specifically connected to the new and the rebirth because they can pollinate easily to create the new.

The lily flower is an eye-catching and sweet blossom with deep meaning and symbolism. The meaning of the lily flower can make the perfect flower for any occasion. Which color speaks to you? What would be a thoughtful gift for the person you are thinking about?

 The Meaning And Symbolism of Different Lily Flowers

There are a wide variety of different lilies; they come in many different colors and sizes. The commonality between them is that they are all blossom with 6 petals from the middle with six anthers. These are great pollinators, and some can even be pollinated by the wind alone.

Yellow Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

The yellow lily flower is the perfect bright and cheerful flower to express gratitude. You can show your friends your thoughtfulness towards them with a big, beautiful fragrant blossom. Give the yellow lily flower as the perfect bright and happy blossom to scream “Thank you.”

Orange Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

The beautiful orange lily can be connected to the sacral chakra, which is the chakra focusing on creativity, confidence, and manifesting your dreams. The orange lily flower is an opulent message for passion. The orange lily flower can bring inspiration for new creations and be the booster for what’s next. 

You can give orange lily flowers if you want to congratulate someone on a new and wonderful personal achievement.

Red Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

The color of love and passion, the red lily flower, is seen as a romantic gift. The red lily flower also has a different meaning in that they represent hard work and determination paying off. The red lily flower is a great gift for someone you want to congratulate on a big life achievement.

White Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

The white lily flower is youthful and energetic to the eye. It symbols a fresh start. The white lily flower especially talks to purity, commitment, and rebirth.

There are two paradoxical ways to see the white lily flower. They are a great wedding flower with the symbolism of purity and commitment. However, they could also be sent to someone as commiseration to symbolize strength and show support to those mourning.

Pink Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

The stunning pink lily flower exudes femininity. They make a perfect gift to your female friends or family members to show love and admiration. Pink lily flowers will certainly brighten anyone’s day and might even boost their confidence.

Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism In Different Cultures

There is a recorded history of the popularity of the lily flowers. The nowadays traditions, the Greek mythology and the use in the Victorian era.

Greek Mythology Of Lily Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The ancient Greeks believed that the lily flower grew from the milk of the queen of the Gods, Hera. This ‘mother’s milk’ connection means that they valued the lily flower as a symbol of fertility and motherhood. Brides would wear a crown of lilies to be blessed with children.

Victorian Era Thoughts Of the Lily Flower Meaning And Symbolism

There are strong ties to the Victorian era and their use of lily flowers. Women would wear them in their hair and clothes and pose with them for photos. They were seen as extremely feminine symbols.

Accepted Meaning and Symbolism Of The Lily Flower Today

Lily flowers are also thought to be representative of the May birth flower. It is also the expected blossom to gift for a 30th wedding anniversary flower.

The Meaning Of Lily Flowers At Weddings

The lily flower is a beautiful wedding flower. The white lily flower is timeless, with meanings of purity and fresh starts. You can also add color and fun to your bouquet with orange and yellow lily flowers too.

Orange lily flowers add feelings of passion and creativity. Yellow lily flowers will bring a feeling of joy and playfulness to your arrangement.

The Meaning Of Lily Flowers At Funerals

The lily flowers’ appearance in funeral arrangements hold with them comforting meanings of resting in peace. As the lily flower is connected to purity and purpose, they are a great sympathy flower and can be quite comforting for those mourning.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Lily Flowers?

What you dream can be connected to your waking world; you need to think about your current situations. There are, of course, many actions that could take place in your dream too.

In general, the lily flower is telling you to expect love or at least attention from someone. This person could be your life partner as the lily symbolizes innocence but also fertility.

If you dream that you are being given lily flowers, the meaning could depend on the color and the setting; however, in general, this represents loyalty and honesty.

The lily flower in your dreams will usually symbolize feelings of optimism. While picking a lily in your dreams signifies deep respect and sincerity towards someone in your life.

The Meaning Of The Lily Flower Tattoo

You would like a new tattoo and are considering the beautiful lily flower as a candidate. The lily flower will make a fabulous tattoo, meaning purity, sensitivity, fresh starts, and purpose. The lily is the flower tattoo for you if you want something delicate, powerful, and full of meaning.


The lily flower is truly a beautiful and meaningful blossom. The lily flower adds tremendously to the comfort or the passion or the congratulating of those starting a new path, those who are mourning, and those who have achieved great things.