Lisianthus Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

Lisianthus flowers are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful summer blooms available, which easily explains why they are so often used in summer flower bouquets to bring summery vibes into any home or occasion. However, does the fragile petals of this flower hold a greater meaning behind them?

The lisianthus flower symbolizes rising above your struggles and appreciating what life has to offer. It means the joining of two people through a lifetime bond which explains its high usage at wedding receptions. Because the flower comes in different colors, it symbols a person’s charm and charisma.

However, to fully understand the deeper meaning behind this pastel-painted flower, we need to analyze the different meanings behind its different colors. We will even branch to where the flower initially received its name and when people would use it, whether in your home or on a special occasion.

Where Did The Name Lisianthus Originate?

The name is a combination of two different words that originate from Greek literature. The Greek word for dissolution is ‘lysis,’ and the flower is ‘anthos.’ Therefore, by combining them, we received the name lisianthus, which means dissolving flowers in the Greek language.

Scientists pulled the scientific name for this floral beauty from the ancient Greek dictionary. The name that scientists use for this flower is eustoma which describes its appearance as the ‘eu’ stands for beauty, and ‘stoma’ relates to a mouth-like shape. However, on the other ending of the scale, the more slang name for this flower is ‘lizzies.’

However, there are other places where this unique flower requires a different name from the locals. For example, the residents call the lisianthus flower prairie gentian or a Texas bluebell upon visiting Texas. This name came about because they grew in desert riverbeds and prairie areas.

The Meaning And Symbolism Behind The Lisianthus Flower

Like many other flowers, the meaning and the symbols behind a specific flower become closely connected, and this flower is no exception. So, with that said, let us look at the meanings and symbolism of the lisianthus flower.

This flower gets considered to be the birth flower of the Sagittarius astrological sign. This concept is because people born under the Sagittarius star sign are known for their strong acts of love and affection. This meaning makes a complete loop, relating to the meaning of a lifelong bond between two people, by wedding ceremonies, which we mentioned previously.

Pairing the lisianthus flower with any gift to either friends or family is a perfect addition to an already heartfelt present as the flower symbolizes or expresses your gratitude towards them. Whether it is because of their charming charisma or the wise advice they give you, you are completely thankful to have them in your life.

With this beautiful flower being around for so many years, it is not surprising that it would become connected to traditional values and conventional morals. It symbolizes an individual’s respect for traditional ceremonies or mindsets and always seeks to implement such traditions into their own life.

The Meaning Behind Specific Colors Of The Lisianthus Flower

The meanings previously mentioned are not even all of the messages connected to this wildflower. There is a whole list of meanings relating to each specific color that the lisianthus flower comes in. So let us look at all of the colors individually and observe their meanings.

Pink Colored Lisianthus Flowers

Lisianthus flowers with a pink tint bloom the most frequently, meaning there is always a large supply of this color which is quite convenient as this flower, not a surprise, entirely relate to moments of romance, affection, and deep love. So then, when you decide to go out for a date with your significant other, why not bring a pink lisianthus flower for the ride.

The pastel pink shade also represents femininity as it gets often given as a gift to new mothers and young girls. In addition, you have lisianthus flowers with a red tint to its petals, and this variant is also strongly connected to concepts of love and passion.

White Colored Lisianthus Flowers

Like the glowing bride dress, lisianthus flowers with pure white color get used as decorations for wedding ceremonies. We already discussed the flower’s meaning of a lifelong bond between two people, but even the soft white color represents spirituality, purity, and innocence.

Purple Colored Lisianthus Flowers

Lisianthus flowers with a purple tint emit a very charming tone into any room they are in, for the deep tone of the purple color easily calms the mind and comforts the soul. In addition, similar to the color purple itself, it represents nobility, royalty, wisdom, bravery, and beauty. So, should you want to make yourself feel like a queen or king, this is where to start.

Yellow Colored Lisianthus Flowers

Lisianthus flowers with a yellow tint, similar to daisies, project a bright and cheerful feel within any room, making it the perfect addition in any household. In addition, the meaning correlates to its yellowish color, symbolizing joy, hope, and positivity. So, if any room seems a bit gloomy, an arrangement of these flowers will brighten up the room.

Blue Colored Lisianthus Flowers

Lisianthus flowers with a blue tint also provide a certain feeling within a room, and these feelings are openness and a calming sense of peace. In addition, when referring to the meaning behind its blue color, it can also represent serenity, inspiration, stability, and health. Therefore, these flowers provide a lovely remedy to lessening stress and anxiety.

Green Colored Lisianthus Flowers

Very different from normal flowers, the lisianthus flower also comes in various shades of green. When looking at the meanings of the color green, this type of flower symbolizes growth, fertility, harmony, wealth, and success.


With its delicate petals and a large spectrum of colors, the lisianthus flower is a beautiful flora to either gift to friends and family or a charming decoration for any special occasion. It also serves as a great addition to your own home, each color providing different moods and feelings within any certain room.