What The Whale Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

The magnificence of whales is recognized all around the world. Their reputation stems not only from their massive size but their intelligence, grace, and gentle nature. Whales are very peaceful animals, although they possess the strength to easily be considered the most powerful animals on the planet. So, what is the spiritual meaning of a whale?

Spiritually, whales are symbols of wisdom, communication, music, protection, magnificence, and gratitude. A whale is believed to be connected to the world, the body, and the grave. Thus, they are symbolic of the mystic mandorla – the intersection of the circles of heaven and earth.

The whale is considered to be the Earths’ record keeper for all time and all the events of history. Despite the undoubted importance of these creatures, there is nothing more ambiguous or unclear than the whole symbolism of the whale. Much like the ocean, the spiritual meaning of a whale has not been fully explored.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Whale?

The spiritual meaning behind a whale is that of healing, community, inner truth, and psychic abilities.

The whale’s spirit calls us to realize that there is more to our reality than we know. Traveling down into our consciousness opens an entirely new emotional and spiritual awareness world. As a spiritual guide, there will be times when the whale’s power will be upsetting, so it pushes you out of a rut. The journey will be challenging, but it will bring you priceless knowledge.

Whales are peaceful creatures, having the strength, speed, and capacity to be the most dangerous animals on the planet; their decision to live in peace is a testament to the lesson that being peaceful and being harmless are two very different things. They prove that choosing to live in peace and harmony leads to a long and happy life.

The whale teaches you the importance of self-examination. The act of retreating into oneself in quiet contemplation, honing in like whale sonar to hear your inner voice, is one of great significance. One must evaluate their life and the waters they find themselves in, trusting in the whale as the redeemer, sacred teacher, and transformer who is the instrument of rebirth and spiritual awakening.

In the bigger picture, the spiritual meaning of a whale is that you cannot know or understand everything. There are many things in life that you must accept through your intuition, heart, and senses, despite not understanding why. You must have faith in your spirit and divine purpose.

The Symbolism Of Different Whale Species

There are many species of whales that hold their own significant spiritual meanings.

Humpback Whale –  Humpbacks bring a message of good fortune through creativity. Thus, you must not give up on your current creative endeavors because you are close to success. Alternatively, the humpback is a reminder to sing your song through life and choose the path which feels right for you and not to follow the path of others – yours is the path of individuality.

Blue Whale – Blue whales, appear as symbols of big things happening in your life. This whale is reassurance that although things may feel overwhelming, these changes are necessary, and you must have faith in yourself to make it through.

Gray Whale – Gray whales, signify that the goal you have set is not as far away as you think. Change your perception to believing your goals are closer; you will achieve them faster. Time and distance are self-set obstacles that can be overcome.

Sperm Whale – Sperm whales remind you that there are untapped abilities within you and power that you must not be afraid to use. You must work to manifest your goals with clarity and trust that the Universe will aid your journey. Alternatively, the sperm whale is a reminder that you are free to make your own choices.

Pilot Whale – Pilot whales symbolize a unique path in life. Though it can be lonely at times, you are being guided and helped along the way. Alternatively, a pilot whale can be letting you know that you are not as lost as you may think. You must prove that you still want to get there to get back on course.

Beluga Whale – Belugas are reminders that you are your own best friend. This whale asks you to embrace, accept, and unconditionally love yourself as you are. The beluga meaning can extend to also embracing others as they are.

White Whale – The white whale, like in the tale of Moby Dick, is symbolic of things that cannot be easily defeated – representing a person’s inner truth, voice, and creativity that cannot be quickly silenced or subdued. Furthermore, per the famous story, a white whale can symbolize obsession.

Messages From Whales As Spiritual Navigators

The depth and knowledge of whales and their symbolism cannot be fully comprehended; however, we can interpret what we do know. Common messages from whales are:

  • Wisdom: Recognized as one of the most intelligent animals on earth, whales are a sign to use your intellect to help you achieve your goals. Embrace your curiosity and never stop learning and expanding your mind.
  • Communication: Whales are complex communicators, using sonar, echolocation, clicking, and whistling sounds, as well as their body language. The whale is an important reminder of having the communication skills to convey your thoughts and emotions effectively to others.
  • Music: The musical nature of whales is symbolic of music’s sheer power and healing qualities. Music is able to connect you to your deepest thoughts and emotions.
  • Protection: Whales have been known to not only protect other whales but even offer protection to non-whale species. Due to their altruistic behavior, whales are potent symbols of protection and reminders to protect those and what you love.
  • Gratitude: The concept of gratitude is one of the most powerful ideas in the world as it acknowledges the good in the world. The whale is a reminder to be grateful.
  • Transformation: Evolving out of and back into the water makes whales symbols of transformation. This is a reminder that you have the power to transform in extraordinary ways; despite how drastic the change is, you can visualize what you want and work to get there.
  • Psychic Abilities: Animals are more sensitive to certain things that very few humans can also pick up on. Thus, the whale is a sign to tune into your intuition and the supernatural.
  • Rebirth: A whale signifies a need to address the pressures you are under and to let go of the old and negative to make room for the new and experience an emotional and spiritual rebirth.

The Spiritual Meaning When You Dream About A Whale

All dreams come from the subconscious, making them unique and personal to the dreamer. Thus, it is difficult to assign one meaning to a dream; however, through a combination of whale symbolism, the emotions you felt during your dream, and your personal feelings on whales, it is possible for you to determine the message being sent.

Overall, whales are important omens when they appear in dreams and possible signs that you are connecting with a whale spirit or other spirit guide. A whale appearing in your dream signifies collective consciousness, the unconscious self, and big changes. While whales are symbols of transformation and can shake your foundations, it is up to you to determine the change.

Themes Whales In Dreams Symbolize

There are endless ways to interpret the significant appearance of a whale in your dream, but thankfully there are common themes that a whales presence revolves around:

Psychic Abilities – Whales are associated with psychic and spiritual abilities. The sight of a whale can indicate that you need to uncover spiritual and psychic gifts.

Communication – Whales are loud and effective communicators. Thus, their presence may symbolize a need for you to speak up or listen to your inner voice.

Maternal Figure – Whales are strong maternal figures due to their nurturing nature. Their presence can suggest a need for or missing a motherly figure in your life. It can also indicate that you need to take on the role of a maternal figure.

Serenity – Whales are peaceful creatures, making the presence one of tranquillity and serenity as they symbolize that everything in life will be okay.

Whale Colors And Actions In Dreams And What They Signify

The presence of a whale in your dream carries a lot of meaning, so it may be easier to determine the spiritual message by looking at the color of the whale and its specific connotations.

  • White Whale: White whales signify your soul and emotions.
  • Black Whale: Black whales signify needing to gain a deep understanding of yourself.
  • Pink Whale: Pink whales signify good and cheerful things waiting for you.

Furthermore, how the whale appears, what it does, and how you interact with it in your dream all hold keys to discerning the more specific message of your dream.

  • A Baby Whale: Baby whales symbolize happiness and a protected family.
  • A Pod of Whales: A group of whales is symbolic of your friends and family and how you feel when you are around them.
  • A Stranded Whale: A stranded whale is a warning that you are disconnected from your spiritual side and need to step back and rethink your actions and take control of your life.
  • A Beached Whale: This is a reminder that your family and friends are your greatest support system. Be careful to blindly support some people.
  • Whales Singing: Hearing whales communicate is a sign that you want to be more open with the people in your life and share a deeper connection with them.
  • Whales in the Sky: This dream signifies the end of something and the beginning of a new phase in life. It suggests that you will need spiritual guidance in your journey.
  • A Flying Whale: You may feel a sense of relief as this dream signifies that you will release all your stress and worries.
  • Whale Jumping out of Water: Seeing a whale breaching signifies that you have come to a realization that will change things for the better. You have connected with your inner self. Alternatively, if you feel fear, it is an indication that you will encounter more problems.
  • A Whale Swimming: Seeing a whale swim represents freedom and goodness in your life. You can express yourself freely and be yourself.
  • Swimming with Whales: Swimming with whales in your dream indicates that you will need to rely on your instincts and wisdom in the coming weeks.
  • Whale using its Blowhole: A whale ejecting water from its blowhole implies a romantic encounter or affair. If the whale is in the distance, it means the end of a romantic encounter. If the whale is up close, it signifies a short-term affair that can cause serious problems.
  • Swallowed by a Whale: Being swallowed by a whale symbolizes familial conflicts and issues.
  • A Whale Attacking You: This suggests that you are refusing to accept something you already know. On the other hand, you are silencing negativity in your life and are rising above it. Alternatively, a whale attacking you can be symbolic of someone in your life with impure intentions.
  • Training A Whale: Training a whale in your dream is representative of your intuition and training yourself to become self-aware.
  • Chasing a Whale: If you are pursuing a whale, it indicates that you are an ambitious person and are willing to do anything to achieve your goal. This is a reminder that you may need to sacrifice some things to achieve goals.
  • Hunting a Whale: Dreaming about hunting a whale symbolizes clarity over your goals. Self-confidence is the key to achieving what you want.
  • Killing a Whale: These actions are symbolic of taking steps that will lead you to victory. However, killing an orca signifies you are denying your need for spiritual guidance.
  • A Dead Whale: The sight of dead whales signifies giving up on your goals. It can also be representative of your emotions and feeling alone.


Despite knowing that we will never share the same level of wisdom and understanding as the whale, they teach you to learn as much as you can and trust your intuition and heart for what you cannot understand.

Whales are reminders to dive deep inside yourself to gain emotional and spiritual clarity. The self is an ever-changing thing that is constantly growing and transforming. Embrace the changes in your life and manifest what you wish to see. Whales also teach the importance of peacefulness and gratitude.

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