Spiritual Meaning Of Being Chased In A Dream

Being chased can be fun or not, depending on the situation. Kids love playing and being chased, such as seen in games of “tag.” But being chased in a dream can be as frightening as it could be if you were chased in real life.

Dreams about being chased can be very intense. Some people wake up with considerable fright. Your heart might be racing, blood pounding and sweat running down your back and armpits. This dream is often interpreted as being anxious in your waking life.

Dream interpretation of being chased can be different for everyone. While some people have recurring dreams about being chased because they feel the pressure or demands in their waking life regarding specific situations. These situations could cause anxiety about a new job you’re starting, a problem that needs solving, or stress about circumstances in life.

Why Would You Have A Dream Of Being Chased?

The dream world often interprets our real-life situations and presents them in dreams. It can either show a resolution to things or simply be a warning of some sort. Sometimes, dreaming about something is just a wake-up call or a sign of better things to come.

  • You might feel anxious about dealing with someone that you are forced to deal with or a situation of the same nature.
  • The dreamer could be having conflict or battling “ghosts”.
  • There might be relationship problems that the dreamer would instead run away from rather than face head-on.
  • Past experiences you would rather let lie have woken up and is now on the precipice of catching up with your current life.

In some dream analyses, the dreamer is often chased by something they want to avoid. For instance, that relocation involves switching jobs and the stress that comes with it. In the dream, you’re running from reality, catching up with you.

The Following Are Some Scenarios Of Dreams Being Chased:

Chased by a wild animal

Wild animals are scary sometimes, and if you’re in their habitat, it could pose problems since they may see you as a threat. If you were chased by an animal in your dreams, like a bear, a lion, or even a wild dog, it could symbolize your need to take risks. So, you might be taking a risk in your waking life, and your dream is a sign to count the costs before going ahead with it.

Dreams of being chased by animals are also sometimes symbolic for folks tapping into their raw and true desires but might feel ashamed or afraid to share them for fear of judgement.

Chased by an unseen or unclear figure

Sometimes in our dreams, not every aspect is clear. It is often distorted at times, and sometimes there are crystal clear fragments that you can go back and reflect on when trying to remember your dream.

If you’ve dreamt that a blurred figure was running after you then this can be the fear of the unknown, We are all somewhat afraid of the unknown.

In some dream meaning interpretations, it also refers to the dreamer not facing their reality or accepting who they are. The dream is often a way to remind the dreamer to be true to themselves.

Being chased, but you’re frozen in place

One of the scarier aspects of being chased is not being able to move, and so, for this reason, it is a dream nobody likes to experience. Dreams can often feel so real; with that feeling, the scare factor becomes even more effective.

A chase dream where you can’t move while being pursued is sometimes an interpretation of what’s happening in your real life. In this instance, the dream represents situations or a single situation that you cannot control.

For this reason, it resonates with a dream where the dreamer is paralyzed and can’t get a move on. Much like sleep paralysis, the ability to function and think without being able to move your limbs is in a way similar to this dream sensation.

Running through the woods

In a chase dream where the dreamer runs through the woods and is being chased for a long time, there is often a scary one. The woods can be scary, especially at night, or is this maybe a result of horror films?

Either way, if you had a dream of running through the woods being chased, then it could mean that you are not clear of many things happening in your life at this stage. You might be venturing into the unknown, and the fact that you don’t know where you’re going in the dream is a clear definition of the unknowns faced in waking life.

Chased by the police

Chased by the police can be very nerve-wracking and why would you have it if you didn’t do anything wrong? Dreams of police chases have many meanings including feeling guilty about something, and concerns about your behavior when reacting with others. Your dream may be a sign that you should try to work things out with those you feel you might have hurt or offended.


What does it mean when you are being chased by someone in a dream?

Dreams of being chased by someone known or unknown, clear figured or not, are often linked to anxiety in the dreamer’s waking life. The anxiety can be related to various aspects of their lives. A dream of being chased can also be the present situation steeped in stress for the dreamer and so it manifests as a chasing dream.

What is the spiritual meaning of running in a dream?

The meaning of being chased can also be related to stressful situations in the dreamer’s life. It may be an ongoing and persistent stressful occurrence that is causing the brain and subconscious mind to reflect in the manner of a dream. Oftentimes, it is a dream of running away from something.

Why am I always running from something in my dreams?

Running in a dream almost always reflects anxiety and stress. If you dream that you’re running all the time, then you might have a current stressful situation that you need to resolve. Your body and mind are telling you to work through whatever it is that is upsetting and making you feel stressed.


One of the fundamental aspects of dream analysis and interpretation is that various aspects are looked at under scrutiny. The finer details are uncovered, the better the dream meanings are exposed and understood.