The Spiritual Meaning of Getting Shot in Your Dream

There is nothing worse than getting that enormous fright at the sound of a bang or trigger going off, your body is jerked into oblivion, your heart is racing, and you find yourself panting with your eyes wide open, only to find yourself laying… in bed. It was all just a dream. There may not be anything as terrifying as dreaming that you have been shot, but there is a spiritual meaning to being shot in your dream.

While dreaming of being shot can be influenced by watching war movies, it also holds many meanings depending on where you have been shot and by what. Being shot by a gun could mean you are facing a battle or that you are facing pains in reality. Being shot by arrows could represent emotional issues.

Let us delve further into the meanings that are held in being shot by different weapons, and by being shot in various parts of your body.

A Mirror Reflection of Reality

Our dreams are usually a reflection of our reality. Things that we experience in our dreams usually mirror what we are experiencing in our real lives because these events continue to play on our subconscious minds, even once we have drifted off to sleep.

Our beliefs, values, and things that are important for our conscious minds to be aware of in reality are the things that our subconscious controls. That’s why one of the first and greatest possibilities of dreaming of being shot may stem from having watched an action movie or war movie where the shooting happened quite a lot.

In the same way that we dream about work, or we dream about things that are bothering us such as family or relationship issues, or even the way we have nightmares after we have watched a scary movie, being shot can hold great symbolism in our dreams.

Being Shot by an Arrow

Perhaps in the same way as cupid has arrows and shoots his targets with arrows of love, being shot by an arrow in your dream often relates to matters of the heart. If you are shot by an arrow in your dream, it could mean that you are facing challenges in your relationship.

It is important to note that when you dream of being shot by arrows, the target may not necessarily be you alone. While it could be challenges that you and your partner are facing together, it could also be that you are facing challenges alone, or even that you are creating challenges for your partner.

Just in the same way as your feelings in your relationship are of utmost importance, your partner’s feelings in your relationship are also of utmost importance.

Being Shot with Bullets and a Gun

As powerful as it may be to give the instruction to rain fire down on an opposition force during wartime, being on the receiving end of such brutality is not a thought many of us could even conceptualize or think of.

In a dream, being shot by a gun with bullets is a direct reflection of some sort of struggle you are facing in reality. This sort of dream would implore you to reassess what you are facing in your everyday life and take steps to enhance your emotional health which is being unsettled by any situation you may be experiencing.

Who is the Shooter?

In our dreams, we see trickles of reality seeping in, and our mind tries to associate people and experiences with an elaborate unfolding of events. While in some instances you may be shot out of nowhere and you don’t even know the direction it is coming from, in other cases, you may see the shooter.

Depending on who the shooter is in your dream, it can mean different things. If you are shot by someone you know, whether it is a family member, friend, acquaintance, or even a colleague, it may be a sign that you will face a disagreement in this relationship.

Whether this impending disagreement can be attributed to a spiritual gift of foresight, or if on a conscious level, you are able to pick up on energies and vibrations that are translated in your dream, your subconscious finds a way to interpret unseen and often unnoticed messages that you receive when you’re awake.

Getting Shot in Different Parts of Your Body

We all know that the saying of “being stabbed in the back,” or calling someone a “backstabber” means that they have turned on you, that they have betrayed you, or that they have gone against you behind your back.

In a dream, being shot in your back holds a similar notion of betrayal. Whether you can see the shooter or not, being shot in your back may mean that you will experience betrayal. The unfortunate thing about experiencing betrayal is that it will never come from a stranger, but rather from someone you thought you could trust.

If you are shot in your head, it may be time to focus on the choices or the decisions with which you are faced. Being shot in your head could mean facing difficulty with a weighty decision, or it could mean that you need to take the time to focus on your mental health.

Does Being Shot in a Dream Mean You Die?

It has been assumed, although unproven for obvious reasons, that if you die in your dream, you die in real life. This cannot be proven because, if true, no one has lived to tell the tale.

However, in dreams of being shot, the opposite is true. If you dream that you have died after being shot, it does not mean anything negative. Instead, it means that an end to your challenges is in sight.

Dying in your dream after being shot is a positive aspect of the dream, and while it is unclear if you would wake up after being shot in your dream, or if you would continue to watch your dream as an outsider looking in, it can be assumed to be the one good aspect of such a dream.


While being shot in your dream seems like an unsettling, disturbing, and extremely violent thing to dream about, and while it may wake you up in a cold sweat of terror, on a spiritual level, you can use this dream as a guiding light. It will assist you in making decisions in your conscious and awake state of being.