The Spiritual Meaning Of Sex Dreams

Now and again, we have dreams where we see ourselves having erotic intercourse with people close to us, people we’ve never met, who perhaps don’t even exist, and people we can’t stand to be around in real life. Sometimes, we wake up aroused; at other times, we wish there was a memory wipe button we could push.

Surprisingly, the meaning of sex dreams never have anything to do with the dreamer’s intimate life and are usually about some other aspect of their own life or personality. In some cases, the appearance of the sexual partner has absolutely nothing to do with what the dream signifies.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming Of Having Sex With An Unknown Person

To truly understand the significance of each sex dream, be it with a familiar face or a total stranger, we have to think back to the events in the dream, particularly the face and actions of the partner in question.

The reason why it’s so important to do so is that the person is symbolic of your own ‘anima energy,’ which, of course, is where the interpretation of the dream lies. Assuming you’re female and had a sex dream involving someone you can characterize as meek, this dream interpretation is that the masculine side of your personality is frail, and you need to work on it to avoid being taken advantage of.

On the other hand, if your dream partner happens to be confident, this is your subconscious telling you that there’s an even balance in your Anima energy. The same interpretation for women also applies to males.

Common Sex Dreams And What They Mean

A sex dream can be likened to one specific Carl Jung theory where he talks about human beings each having what he referred to as an ‘Anima.’ The Anima or Animus he spoke about means the presence of masculine energy in all females and, alternately, the presence of feminine energy in all males. The following are the interpretation of the most common wet dream scenarios.

1. Significance Of Having Sex With A Faceless Person Who Doesn’t Exist In Real Life

If you had a dream where you saw yourself having sex with someone whose face you couldn’t identify, this is not an indication that you’re clinging to the hope that the right person will come into your life as it’s usually interpreted. Instead, this dream signifies you’re trying to adjust to a new situation or a strange facet of your life. It would help to look out for events that happen within this period and be careful how you react to them.

2. The Meaning Behind The Dream Where You Had Sex With Your Ex Or Best Friend

A dream in which you saw yourself engaging in the act with an old flame is not necessarily an indication that you would like to reawaken the relationship or that what you had was true love. This is a lot more common than you might think, and unfortunately, many people take it literally only to find out that they were mistaken.

The actual interpretation of this sex dream is that you can’t seem to let go of some aspect or characteristic of your ex and not the individual. This dream could also suggest that you are constantly comparing your ex-lover with your current partner. Most people are guilty of doing the same thing, although it’s usually involuntary as people often seek to relive their past experiences.

Dreaming about having sexual intimacy with your previous partner or cheating is a sign that you need to shake things up in your current relationship. You need to focus on the good sides of the person you’re in a relationship with at the moment instead of comparing them with someone else from your past.

3. The Spiritual Significance Of Incest Dreams Concerning Your Waking Life

Sex dreams involving a family member are infrequent and often a result of waking life experiences recreated by the mind, most likely because you feel guilty in some way. Suppose you had such an experience in the past and find yourself occasionally having dreams which are a repeat or similar to what happened to you. In that case, you must seek medical advice to allow you to break free of your past trauma.

Generally, such dreams do not hold any spiritual significance and do not mean something unspeakable is about to ensue. For example, dreaming about having sex with either of your parents is a sign of personal growth and that you’re becoming more dependent on your ability.

If you dream about having sex with a sibling, it’s not necessarily an indication of suppressed hidden desires. Instead, such a dream relates to your fondness and admiration for them.

4. Sex Dreams Involving Your Boss Or Co-worker

Having a dream where you say yourself engaging in the act with your co-worker or boss is basically your subconscious reflecting your decisiveness and need to take charge in whatever situation you’re in. This dream doesn’t necessarily mean that you desire an intimate relationship or want to have sex with them. Rather, it indicates your desire to be recognized and respected in the workplace and by friends and family.

5. A Sex Dream Involving A Famous Person

Most people can’t help but project themselves unto the public figure they hold in high esteem. At times this can manifest in the dream state and what this sort of dream means is that you feel a strong connection to them and believe that you share some of their characteristics or qualities.

How To Stop Dreaming About Sexual Intercourse

People rarely ever feel any adverse effects from having sex dreams. However, it can be an issue if it keeps reoccurring, especially if it involves someone the dreamer isn’t quite fond of or sexually attracted to.

You have nothing to worry about since you can quickly end sexual activity when you’re asleep by figuring out the message being conveyed to you. This shouldn’t be all that difficult if you try associating the dream with the different cases in this article.


Sexual dreams take many forms and can manifest as vivid oral sex dreams. As mysterious as they may seem, there’s always an interpretation behind them. Like regular dreams, we don’t get to choose how things play out. However, it’s important not to take them literally as they are usually personality related.