Spiritual Meaning Of Crying In A Dream

Tears are deep emotions; sometimes, when we cannot speak, crying alone is enough to reveal how we feel. If you’re here, you’ve probably had a crying dream where you shed tears.

Taking note of the elements surrounding your dream, such as your feelings, the setting and many other aspects, even the little ones, is an excellent way to discover more about your dream. Carry on reading to learn what a crying dream could mean for you.

Crying may seem like negative emotion, and often it is the opposite of being happy, but still, it can mean happiness too. When you cry or see someone crying in your dream, it has many interpretations, including suppressed feelings.

Some dream interpretations of crying tears may suggest a sense of overwhelming emotions that are being contained for as long as the dreamer can manage. Some people don’t share how they feel emotionally, and some folks find it hard to talk about their feelings. When you dream of crying, it may be your subconscious mind letting out the way you truly feel, the emotions you’re hiding from the world and those close to you.

Religions On People Crying In Dreams

Biblical meaning of crying in a dream

Just like some secular interpretations of crying suggests an omen of sadness to come in the future, in biblical or Christian terms, dreaming of crying could also be negative. It’s like a sign ahead of time that something bad might be about to happen. You can pray about such a dream that these premonitions of negativity may not come to pass, as this will help put you at ease.

Islam on crying dreams

Islam also has a variation of what it means to dream about crying. In Islam, just like Christianity, crying is a foresight warning of danger perhaps, sadness or unhappiness. Taking note of this and praying about it will help bring ease and peace of mind. It may even prevent the negative vision from transpiring.

Hinduism and crying dreams

Hinduism sees crying in a dream as a positive sign. Whether it is people crying, a mother crying or the dreamer crying. The dream depicts that while you could be going through a difficult time in your waking life, there are better days ahead.

Have You Cried Or Seen People Cry In Your Dream Of Late?

You might be emotional by nature

Some people are sensitive to their emotions. Some even when watching a sad movie or a happy outcome of a drama film could lead to shedding tears, which is normal. If you are the crying type when watching movies and you dream you’re crying then it is normal and nothing to really wonder too much about.

On the other hand, emotional people may also be inclined not to share their emotions but instead shed tears in their sleep. Sleep crying loudly could be how your body is letting out those emotions when someone might have hurt you, and you held it in.

Did you cry loudly?

If you cried in your sleep loudly and perhaps someone told you, or you woke up crying, then you might be going through an immense emotional breakdown or struggle. Your overwhelming experience not only affects your waking life but carries on to affect your subconscious. This isn’t a good thing; getting emotional support may be necessary.

Soft crying

Some dreamers may even experience hysterically crying. While this may not always be audible, it can just be in your dream, where you can see yourself emotional enough to feel as upset as you are.

Even if the dream seems upsetting, some crying dreams are interpreted that it’s a good sign when the dreamer cries silently and not outwardly in their sleep. Good news might be on the horizon for the dreamer who silently sheds tears in their dream.

Did you see a loved one cry?

Have you seen relatives crying? Then it’s a sign to be more open to sensitivity. Your dream shows that you need to think of others and not just about yourself.

An enemy crying in your dream

If you see someone you think of as an enemy cry in your dream, it is your mind surfacing the bitterness or sense of vengeance you might feel towards the person because they’ve hurt you.


Is crying in a dream good?

Whether the dream is positive or negative depends on what the person is experiencing in their real life. In most cases, a crying dream can be positive. Still, be mindful that it could relate to your current situation. Take note to understand what you need to do or how your situation might change.

What does it mean if I cry in my dream and wake up crying?

When you wake up crying real tears after having cried in your dream, some interpretations see this as some sort of closure. You might not have closure entirely but may have dealt with some hidden sad or disturbing feelings that you buried for yourself.


Your own emotions may not always seem open to everyone. Many people would instead guard their emotions rather than appear fragile or “weak” in front of others. This could stem from upbringing or being emotionally abused. Dreams revolving around crying are often the dreamer dealing with bottled-up emotions. Sometimes it’s better to have a good cry instead of bottling up feelings that could sometimes come out the wrong way when least expected.