Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming Of Being In Jail

Jail dreams are strange, but like many dreams, they have spiritual symbolism and interpretations. They present as messages for the dreamer. Often dreaming of jail can make you feel trapped in your waking life.

When you think of a prison dream, you won’t immediately think of jail as a place to connect spiritual symbolism. Jail is usually reserved for those who committed crimes, so why would the concept have any link to spirituality?

When it comes to jail and even dreams about jail, it, just like other dreams and symbolic messages, has some connection to the spirit world. Not everything is what it seems, especially in the case of dreams like this.

Jail Dreams – What Are Their Spiritual Meanings?

Below are a few possible interpretations of jails and jail dreams that may relate to your circumstances or your dream. Everyone’s situation is different, but you may understand this type of dream or the meaning behind the concept a little bit more after reading this piece.

You might feel trapped in real-life

When you dream of jail, it is often one of the ways the mind communicates with the person. The subconscious ties the waking world to that of the dream world to reveal a bigger possible picture. Perhaps you’re struggling with a situation or feel you cannot share your opinion on something. Maybe you feel as though your voice doesn’t get heard. This might be the reason the jail dream is manifesting.

Some interpretations of jails in dreams say that when the dreamer sees a jail, it often means that they will be betrayed by someone close. Seeing a jail can mean that the dreamer is being left in the dark about the true nature of a situation.

There are struggles ahead

In life, we face many difficult situations and have to deal with and cope with them as best we can. When you see jail or you dream of prison then it may be the universe sending you a message that you will soon face some troubles. Use this dream as a heads-up; perhaps you will feel less blindsided by the occurrence.

This dream of seeing a jail could also be that you need help with deep-set trauma or other difficulties causing trouble in your relationships with others. Try to seek the help and support you need.

You’re not evolving spiritually

Seeing a jail or dreaming of jail can be the universe telling you that you are not progressing in spiritual growth. As a result, you seem trapped or stuck in one place, like being in jail with nowhere you can go or escape.

Sometimes people don’t think of spiritual growth or enlightenment as essential or write it off to specific religions. Yet, everyone can benefit from spiritual enlightenment and growth. See this dream as your cue to start practicing spiritual wellness and development.

What Are Some Cues That You May Be In Spiritual Prison?

  • You have not forgiven the ones who hurt you
  • You may be untrue to yourself
  • You have forgotten or not nurturing your talents
  • You are possibly in an unhealthy or toxic relationship

You have not forgiven someone who has hurt you in the past

There is a saying that one should forgive and forget, which is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you were badly wronged. Sometimes you can forgive, but you can’t forget. Sometimes you hold onto resentment and don’t forgive nor forget. When you are in spiritual jail, you may not have forgiven that person who hurt you. This dream is a sign that for healing to begin, forgiveness is a crucial part of this chapter in your life.

You’re untrue to yourself

As part of loving your whole self, being true to what makes you who you are is very important. This realization and acceptance allow for a sense of freedom that improves self-esteem, positivity, and overall mindset. You may not realize that you are not being true to yourself, but a bad dream of going to jail is a sign that you are being untrue.

Perhaps you want to please those around you in your waking life, and you’re always out to make sure you “fit the mold” and expectations of others at the expense of your happiness.

Your guides are showing you that you must start being true to yourself and have this be part of your reality before you become even more unhappy or overwhelmed with the stress and pressure to fit in and comply with others.

You don’t nurture your natural talents

We all have talents and gifts, and it’s something The Creator has graced everyone with, even before birth. So, you may have some talents and skills that have always been part of your life, but you’ve always set them on the back burner. Often a dream interpretation of jail is connected to you setting aside your gifts.

May this dream be your sign that you should start focusing on your goals and your aspirations. Even if you’re starting slowly, you may even discover newfound happiness by engaging in the things you’re talented in.

You might be bound in a destructive relationship

You may feel miserable and unable to excel because the person you’re with is not a healthy partner for you. Your relationship might be unhealthy or toxic, and you might be struggling internally to find peace. This is why dreaming of jail may be your experience at this time.


What does it mean to be in spiritual jail?

Spiritual prison is often related to a sense of feeling trapped in your waking life. Perhaps you are trapped in a situation that you’re trying to get out of, like an unhealthy relationship, or feel stuck as though you’re not able to progress in your career or growth as a person.

What does jail represent in dreams?

Jails in dreams are often symbolic of feeling trapped in a situation. It is often a sign that the dreamer feels bound or imprisoned in real life. Being trapped can be about various situations in the waking life of the dreamer and it may also be trapped in the past and not able to move forward and heal.


Spiritual jail meanings are essential because they often send a profound message that the dreamer should heed. At times it’s easy to ignore or try ignoring a situation for what it is, but this isn’t always the best option to take. It’s better to come to terms that there is something wrong.

After realizing something is amiss, the next step is the road to healing and being whole. You should also lean on the help and support from family or a professional to get to the point of clarity. Jail dreams are always a way of directing us that we are stagnating somewhere in our real life.