Spiritual Meaning Of Fruit In A Dream

Have you dreamt of fruit lately and want to learn more about fruit dreams? You’re at the right place. While dreams can be scary, strange, and wonderful, they often have a story for us or something we can learn from.

To dream about fruit has many meanings, but for the most part, it can depict religious faith and positive things in your life. But, with every dream, the interpretations can differ from one person to the next, and paying attention to waking life is essential to best understand the meaning of your dream about fruit.

If you dream of ripe, beautiful fruit, then you have some positive things heading your way. It can also symbolize excellent health, prosperity and general well-being, and joy.

If you dreamt about eating fruit, a fruit basket, and anything else related to fruit, then we have some interpretations for you.

Here Are Some Fruity Dream Interpretations

Exotic fruits

Exotic fruit is usually juicy, tasty, flavorful, and bright in color. Dreaming of such fruit is symbolic of financial gain. You may even experience travelling to a foreign country for positive business or career prospects.

Unripe fruit

Dreaming of unripe fruits may symbolize that you may not have reached your potential yet. You may be looking for or praying about getting something and you’re time to reap this has not yet come. The green fruit might also indicate that you’re not mature enough to experience the next stage of your spirituality or maturity in your waking life.

If unripe fruit was in your dream, it might be time to practice patience and wait until the right time presents itself.

Eating various fruits

Dreaming about fruit or eating fruit could signify that you’re pregnant or you might be planning on starting a family. The fruit is symbolic of fertility. Just like a tree bears fruit, so will you. It can also be about future prosperity.

Picking fruit

There are many possible interpretations of dreams about picking fruit. You may have dreamt that you picked an unripe fruit; as mentioned before, this is a sign that you must exercise patience.

It can also mean that your goals have come to pass and that you will see the rewards soon with all your efforts rewarded. For some dreamers, picking fruits may mean your wealth will be as much as the fruit you collect in your dream. If you’re picking many, your wealth may be plenty too.

Rotten fruits

If you’ve found yourself lately dreaming of rotten fruit, then this may be a depiction in your life that you’re dealing with old issues that you have or should have put behind you long ago.

Rotten fruits could also mean that you are exhausted and overworked, and all you put in is not coming to fruition. You’re feeling frustrated with the outcomes of your endeavors, and it seems like all your hard work has been wasted away.

It may be time to evaluate where you have put your efforts and the outcome of those efforts.

Ripe fruit

Have you dreamt of ready-to-eat fruits recently? These dreams have several meanings too, just like the rotten variation.

Dreams of rip fruit mean that you’re feeling happy in your life and what have been working towards is supporting you. The dream is also specific to fertility and that you might have a baby soon. It can also depict your hopes and desires to have children and start your family.

Overripe fruit

When it’s the overripe fruit you’re dreaming of, it can mean that you have been waiting for your turn for a long time such as wanting to land a specific job or wanting to publish a book but keep procrastinating.

Your dream may be a sign that the prospects have died down now that you’re finally at the goal destination you wanted.

Eating sour fruits

In some cultures, sour fruit can depict a sad time in your life. You might lose a friendship or perhaps you’re feeling afraid of losing a friendship or relationship.

Sour fruit can also mean some prospective changes are coming; still, it won’t be all easy, and you may have to face some difficult situations.

Seeing a fruit market

Dreaming of a fruit market is often a good thing if you come across a supermarket or farmer’s market selling fruit in your dream. The dream may depict that this is the beginning of a new chapter for you personally and maybe even in your career.

Pay attention if the market seems dull or of some kind of low mood amongst the people as this might be you’re not happy in your own life. It may mean that you’re working hard but you’re not satisfied with your progress and you’re putting pressure on yourself to do better and work harder.

Falling fruit from a tree

When the fruit falls from the tree it can mean that something in your life is upsetting you and that you cannot seem to find balance.


Is seeing fruits in a dream good?

Seeing fruit in your dream depends on what is happening in that dream and the health of the fruit in your dream as to whether or not it is a positive thing. Berries, for instance, are a good thing as it symbolizes luck and also happiness.

What is the spiritual meaning of fruit?

Fruits in spiritual interpretation are often about being prosperous and healthy. It also symbolizes sharing goodness with others since fruit is so good for us and usually tastes good.


Often dreaming of fruit can be pretty simple and one of the easier dreams to interpret. Sit with your dream and the possible meanings to tune into what feels most true for you.