Spiritual Meaning Of Miscarriage In A Dream

Dreams of miscarriage can happen even if you’re not expecting a baby. The nature of the dream, losing a child is very upsetting on its own, and for some people, it feels very intense and real. If you’re here, you’ve probably dreamt of having a miscarriage. In this piece, we’re talking about the spiritual meanings of this type of dream.

A dream of miscarriage is scary. Whether you dream, it’s yourself having the experience or someone you know that has it in the dream. Such a dream symbolizes fear, and it is heartbreaking, but the good news is there are positive interpretations too. Sometimes it is a reference to wanting to reach a goal, but there are delays.

Why People Have Miscarriage Dreams

People often dream about the things that are on their minds. For example, if a pregnant woman is stressed about her pregnancy and anxious about the birth, she might dream that she has a miscarriage.

It is important to remember that dreams don’t always have one meaning. It is possible to have two or more different interpretations of your own miscarried pregnancy in your dreams as well. Dreams are messages from our subconsciousness, and they can be interpreted in many ways depending on what they mean to you personally.

Miscarriage Dreams And Their Possible Spiritual Meanings

The following might be some interpretations that your subconscious mind is trying to portray to you regarding your waking life.

Seeing someone else having a miscarriage in a dream

You may have had a dream of someone else having a miscarriage, and this dream reveals that you have concerns about the person in your dream and their pregnancy. It might be someone you know, and it might be a stranger. The dream may also represent your own fears in your life.

You’re pregnant and you dream of a miscarriage

Sometimes a traumatic event may instill fears of losing your unborn baby. It can also be related to concerns about being a new parent or going through pregnancy. Strange and scary dreams are normal, and we all have them. With all your hormones and emotions at a different pace, it might manifest in your dreams from your walking life such as this one.

This dream of a miscarriage, while you’re pregnant, can possibly mean that you’re worried and anxious about the well-being and health of your baby. This is also most likely in a newly pregnant mom having her first child, where everything about being pregnant is completely unknown in experience.

A man has a miscarriage dream of his wife

Sometimes it’s not just the pregnant mothers having these nightmares, but also the expectant dads. A dream about miscarriage is almost always directly related to the fears and anxiety of the parents-to-be.

In this variation, if the dreamer is the father of the unborn child, it may be his fears or stress about being a dad and the responsibilities that come with the territory. Also, miscarriage dreams are elevated when a new parent is expecting a baby. Still, this does not mean a parent with their second or third child can’t have this fearful dream.

A miscarriage dream with blood present

Miscarriage dreams can occur in many ways. When there is blood involved in the dream, and if the dreamer sees blood and a miscarriage, it directly indicates something related to the dreamer’s energy. Since blood is our source, it is a massive representation of dreams.

Seeing blood may be the universe telling you to take some time off yourself. You may be losing energy as you spread yourself thin to accommodate all the people in your life, but it might be draining your energy. This dream is a sign to start investing in your well-being.

Bleeding in a dream about miscarriage is also interpreted as a feeling of “loss of power”. Perhaps the dreamer is experiencing something in the waking life that doesn’t allow them much say over the decisions being made. Maybe there is an experience that is entirely out of your control.

Reoccurring miscarriage dreams

When the dream of losing a baby occurs many times, it may be reflecting what the dreamer will encounter in their real life. For example, you’ve made some bad choices or mistakes, and now those choices are having some negative effects.

This dream can relate to the dreamer’s personal or professional life. Sometimes repetitive miscarriage dreams symbolize a failed marriage or a failed business. The universe also tells you that you must look ahead and not remain by that failed opportunity. Instead, go forth and start afresh.


Are miscarriage dreams normal?

Yes. While the dream about miscarriages may not be as common as other dreams, they are normal. It is merely the mind interpreting messages from the waking life. It’s up to the dreamer to take note of details to make more sense of the interpretation. Such a pregnancy dream also talks about the dreamer’s emotional pain and possible anxiety about the pregnancy.

What does losing a baby in a dream mean?

The loss of a baby in a dream can have many meanings that are unrelated to the literal dream. Many interpretations depict the loss of a baby in a miscarriage dream as the start of a new venture. When starting a new venture, it’s expected that you experience some fears associated with the unknown regarding the future. 


Dreams about miscarriage, while very terrifying to the point some people wake up in tears, fortunately, are more spiritual than literal. While a miscarriage in a dream indeed affects your waking life in most cases, it is more directed at spiritual meanings and as a guide to what you’re dealing with in your real life.