Spiritual Meaning Of Receiving Money In A Dream

Money dreams often have some positive inclinations to them, and it is usually reflective of a person’s life. Money in a dream can mean strength, confidence, power, and the start of prosperity. Carry on reading to explore the meaning of money in a dream or various aspects of money dreams.

To dream of money means wonderful things like strength mentally, physically, or emotionally, an increase in power or prosperity, as well as self-worth. Money is often good symbolism, for the most part, in dreams.

Seeing a specific setting, sign, or message in a dream has various meanings. Receiving money in a dream is no exception. Taking note of what’s happening when you have this dream is also good for interpreting the dream. For instance, you want to take note of aspects like what you felt when you got the money. Also, what is your status in the dream? For example, are you in a financially difficult situation, or are you financially strong?

Bearing these little aspects in mind when dreaming may not seem important, but it can help narrow down the money dream’s possible meaning. Sometimes the person has a dream because of their situation in their waking life. Dreams are often an extension of our feelings or things we try to avoid showing others.

The Following May Be Some Meanings Of Money In The Dream You Had Recently

You’ve received the money in a dream

When having a money dream in terms of receiving and not giving money, there are some aspects to assess. Check whether or not you usually accept gifts and blessings from others when they send them your way.

If not, then your dream is a message to you that you must start to open up yourself and accept when receiving blessings that come your way. Don’t reject or turn it down because it is due to you, and thus you’re the one receiving it at the time that you’re receiving it.

So, if you dream of receiving money from someone, it can mean that you are open-minded and avail yourself of receiving blessings coming your way. Some dream book interpretations speak of receiving gifts from the universe.

If you get money from someone in your dream, specifically someone you know, then it may be an interpretation that you must ask the person you know for help. You may be struggling with something for a while and need that extra help, and you know this person can help you get this done.

In your dream, someone gave you coins

Coins don’t have as high a value as notes, so if you saw this in your dream, you may not be inclined to take note of the facets surrounding this dream. Still, when you receive coins from someone in your dream, it could mean that you’re carrying a burden or that you are aware of someone else’s burden.

Coins are sometimes interpreted as burdens when seen in a dream because they are metal and heavier than notes. You could also dream this because you’re under pressure and feeling so stressed that it is manifesting through your dreams.

Bible or religious meanings of money

In Christianity and some other faiths, money represents many things since it has a type of power to instill or invoke change. Money can change a situation, whether it changes for the good or the bad. The Bible says in scripture that “to love money is the root of evil” however, using money in the right way may allow you to change lives positively.

Stealing money

If you witnessed someone steal money in your dream, it could signify a personal attack on your life. You may feel upset in your dream, especially if it’s you whose money is being stolen. Still, this dream is often interpreted as someone close to you being lost or on a path to sadness.

The dream of money being stolen can also mean that you have invested in something that is failing, or perhaps you’ve trusted someone who has betrayed or will betray you.

Catching someone stealing money from you

Some dream interpretations about losing money, like when someone steals it, and you’ve caught them, suggest you will overcome a difficult situation. The dream can also mean that you are going to overcome some opposing force like an enemy.

Receiving a lot of money through selling an expensive gift

Perhaps your dream was about someone buying you a very expensive gift that you know selling would fetch you a lot of money. This dream could mean that you are going to see someone you’re fond of but haven’t seen or spoken to them in years.

Perhaps you’re in a financial struggle and hope that receiving money soon will help liberate or solve specific concerns affecting your waking life.

You accepted a money bribe

Bribes are often dangerous territory, and taking bribes may backfire in a waking life experience. More so, the person bribing another believes that everything can be bought through money, which isn’t true.

If you’ve dreamt about accepting a bribe, it could indicate that you are pressed with something, and you’re considering taking this seemingly easy way out.

You won the lottery

Receiving money in the form of a lottery win is a wonderful dream to have. We all could do with a bit of extra cash flow, especially when things are difficult financially. So, if you dreamt about winning the lottery, your dream may mean you have huge goals for your future.


What does it mean to see money in a dream?

When you see money in your dream, it can be symbolic of power, mental strength, stability, and many strong personal attributes. You may be a strong person. Thus you see the money. It may even be symbolic that you’re about to advance in your career, perhaps with a job promotion or landing something that will earn more income your way.

What does it mean to find your lost money in a dream?

If you’re fortunate to retrieve lost money or find your own previously lost money in a dream, then you are growing in wisdom. You are becoming mature and reaching higher spiritual heights.


While money dreams are often a portrayal of power or strength, it is also sometimes a reflection of whatever is happening in the dreamer’s waking life. Taking note of the finer details in the dream is best for a close interpretation. Losing money in a dream does not always mean losing money in real life. Sometimes dreams are merely interpretations and not to be taken literally.