What It Means When You Dream About Cats

Household cats in a dream signify longevity and revitalization. The meaning of dreaming of cats can also be a manifestation of your shrouded desire to live a whole life and enjoy the finer things in life. While cat dreams are often associated with female sexuality, seeing domesticated cats in a dream is usually a reflection of one’s ego, decisiveness, unbridled passion, and desire to live on the edge.

Is It Good To See Cats In Dream?

It’s perfectly normal to be curious after having a feline dream. However, you have nothing to worry about since such dreams often reflect the dreamer’s personality or ego, if you would. Cats are known to symbolize curiosity, elegance, and Independence. However, to truly understand the meaning of dreaming of cats, it’s imperative to examine the events in your dream.

What were your feelings toward the cat in your dream? Did its behavior seem out of the ordinary? If you weren’t bothered by its presence or deemed its behavior quite graceful, this suggests that you’re both self-reliant and in tune with your sexuality.

Inversely, if you weren’t receptive to its presence or were hostile toward it, it indicates that you’re adamant about exhibiting your true character.

Dreaming About Cats Peeing

The meaning of dreaming of cats urinating is entirely different from how it might appear. The interpretation of this dream is that something is weighing down on you but for some reason, you haven’t been able to let it go.

It also means you must learn to express your feelings instead of keeping them concealed. Although it takes courage to let others see you for who you are, you’ll find that doing so will feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders.

To dream about a cat peeing directly on you means you’re not being entirely honest about your feelings for someone. Perhaps you’re denying feelings of affection for someone close to you due to the fear of complicating things between you.

Dreaming About A White Cat

The meaning of dreaming of cats with pure white fur is symbolic of a few minor inconveniences in the coming weeks. However, the issues you’ll face in the days ahead aren’t completely unmanageable. This dream simply tells you to widen your scope of thinking as the solution to your problems might be what you least expect.

An Aggressive white cat in your dream is a warning that your plans will not pan out as you intend and you might have to deal with a few impediments along the way.

To spot a white kitten in your dream is a testament to your character. This dream means that you care deeply for your family and will go to great lengths to keep them safe and ensure they are well catered to.

Dreaming About A Black Cat

The meaning of dreaming of cats with black fur is simply a representation of your individuality, extremity, and artistic nature. To encounter a black cat in your dream could also reflect your cynical outlook on life. This dream is inherently your subconscious, encouraging you to regain your lost faith.

Dreaming About Orange Cats

Orange cats are typically a positive sign in the spiritual sense. The meaning of dreaming of cats with orange fur isn’t all that different from its spiritual significance. This dream signifies welcoming a new passion. It could be a new hobby, a new partner, or perhaps taking part in some new activity.

Dreaming Of Kittens

The meaning of dreaming of cats is usually closely related to the dream itself. However, this is quite the opposite with kittens. To see one in your dream foretells empty promises or deception from someone close to you.

What It Means To Dream About Cats Attacking You

To dream about a cat scratching or biting you can be quite horrifying. Generally, the meaning of dreaming of cats attacking means someone out there is trying to get your attention, most likely someone who’s interested in you.

What It Means When You Dream About Big Cats

Big cats symbolize willpower and determination. For instance, the meaning of dreaming of cats found in the wild like a lion represents your tendency to become hostile with the slightest provocation. While such dreams are often connected to one’s temperament, they can also be an omen warning you about dangerous situations in the near future.

What It Means When You Dream About Dead Cats

Dreams which involve dead cats can be interpreted in one of two ways. The meaning of dreaming of cats killed by you, whether or not they attacked you, is that you’ll finally be able to overcome your fears and insecurities. On the other hand, dreaming of a cat that was already dead when you encountered it indicates a lack of conviction on your part. It could also mean a lack of self-confidence.

What Do Cats Mean In A Dream Biblically

Although there is no mention of domesticated cats in the Bible, the meaning of dreaming of cats, usually of the wild, revolves around certain essential human traits, including power, majesty, bravery, fierceness, and protection. However, they can also represent toxic human traits like jealousy, anger, and pride.

What It Means To Dream About Carrying A Cat

When you see yourself in a dream picking up cats, it can be connected to the feeling of self-sufficiency. It can also explain a manifestation of your absolute belief in yourself and your abilities. Cats are very confident animals both at home and in the wild. When you pick up a cat in your dream, it could represent you owning up to who you are and being proud of just that.

What It Means To Dream About Cats In House

The inherent meaning of dreaming of cats in a house is that you feel the need to be loved and accepted by others, even if it means doing things that go against your beliefs. You want to be cared for and have someone look out for whenever you need some assistance. This is the character of house cats and dreaming about them is a sign that you can relate to that character.

What It Means to Dream about a Cat Killing Rat

The meaning of dreaming of cats stalking and killing their prey, a rat in this instance, means you’re finding it difficult to see something happening around you from the general perspective. This dream indirectly tells you to be more friendly and understanding of others.


The meaning of dreaming of cats is often peculiar to each situation; regardless of whether the dreamer is a cat lover, the significance remains the same. Don’t wake up frightened the next time you see a beautiful cat in your dream. It is probably just a sign that you are beginning to better connect with your inner self.