The Spiritual Meaning Of Keys

Just as keys unlock doors, so does it unlock answers via your dream. In many interpretations, seeing a key in your dream is symbolic of a solution to a previous problem or something you have been waiting for.

Dreaming of a key is beneficial since it often means unlocking something in your waking life. The more keys in real life mean you have access to more responsibilities. So too, may the dream mean that you might take on more responsibilities.

Every situation is different, and what you’ll read below may be possible key symbolism interpretations for you or your situation.

The Following Are Some Familiar Features Of Key Symbolic Spiritual Meanings

Responsibilities or success

Keys in a bunch or a stack on a key chain given to you in a dream or seeing your name tag on the keys often have significant meanings. The dream may represent that you’re responsible for many things or may become responsible for many things.

Since keys are made to open doors, this may be a sign that you will be able to have access to more things in your life.

Skeleton key dream meaning

Skeleton keys are extraordinary as they are made master keys and can unlock many doors. They are shaped so that they fit various locks and can unlock and lock the doors again. If you went to bed and dream about a skeleton key then your subconscious is signaling that you know the true nature of a dishonest person.

Your dream may also depict that you used to be very honest and trusting, but now you have put your guard up and are no longer feeling you can trust those people.

Silver keys

When you dream of silver keys, it bears spiritual meaning. It may mean spiritual capability or strength and a possible solution to your problems or challenges.

A silver key in a dream can also symbolize creativity and your ability to adapt to a situation. Silver key symbolism also means that you are taking the lead in a situation. Think of silver leadership in one setting as silver keys may indicate that you will take on a leadership role.

Golden key

A gold key in a dream could symbolize your authoritative nature. You may also have excellent leadership qualities and authority over other people.

Inserting a key into a keyhole

Keys are made for opening doors. Pay attention in your dream if you’re dreaming about inserting the key into the keyhole, as this may be a dream of anxiety on an intimate level. You may be feeling anxious in your waking life about your partner and being able to please your partner or your partner being able to please you.

Rusty iron key

Whether the key is a thick iron or a light metal material, seeing rust on the key depicts wasted opportunity, dream or passion that has not been put to use or achieved. You may feel that you haven’t reached personal potential and now that feeling is showing in your dreams through the rusty depictions of a key.

The sound of a key

When you hear a key jingling in a dream, think of it as a lucky sign. Hearing the sign of keys is a nod to the fact that you are pursuing the correct path.

Broken or lost key

If you witness breaking a key or you lose a key, it is symbolic of how you feel in real-time. For instance, you may think your reputation is not what it once was in your social circles. A broken or lost key can also mean that you will have a ruined or tarnished reputation when others see you from their point of view due to the circumstances you may be going through.

A huge key

A larger key in your dream can indicate that you will experience some kind of hurt. A big key can usually be related to negative energy too.

Have you closed a door and locked it with a key in your dream or vision?

Closing a door and locking it with the key in your dream could mean that you have hidden artistic or other talents that you don’t share with people.

If you struggle to open or close the door using the same key, this could mean that you are working to do well in your real life. This could also mean that things are weighing you down.

Did you pick up or find a lost key?

Retrieving a lost or big key can be overwhelming, but it is an excellent symbolic initiative. In many dream books, it reckons that when you see and use a big key chain, don’t let others’ insecurities or opinions affect you too. If you find a key, it means that you have found a solution to a problem you’ve been struggling to resolve.

Did you hold a key in your hand?

If you had a dream where you saw yourself holding a key, you are trusted, and people confide easily in you. Take note as this dream is a warning that someone will share a secret with you because they trust confiding in you.

Close a door with a key in

Seeing yourself close a door with the keys in symbolizes that you’re not using your talents.

A similar meaning to this is that when you cannot open the door with the keys inside, it could mean that your skills are not being used the way they should. This is also similar to the rusted key symbolism.


Are keys a symbol of good luck?

Key charms have been used and believed to bring luck for many years. Some people may have a key charm on a bracelet to add to their luck. It can also be your luck that you have unlocked the door to your significant other’s heart.

What is the symbolic meaning of keys?

Keys usually have good meaning and often symbolize responsibility or success. A key in a dream can also be a hidden talent or skill.

What do 3 keys symbolize?

Three keys are often symbolic to love, health and wealth.


Dreams about a key are often interpreted as good and even new beginnings. Still, always remember to take note of your dreams and of what is happening in your dream. Fine details always help to interpret the dream better.