The Spiritual Meaning of the Sun in Dreams

There is something about a bright and warm summer’s day that allows one to feel both energized and at ease. The sun holds a great role in survival on this planet, and it also holds a great and phenomenal symbolism in the spiritual realm.

Dreaming about the sun means something different depending on its appearance. If it is bright and yellow, it represents freedom and having more than enough. If the sky is shrouded by darkness and clouds, it means you are seeking a change, and a sunset could mean the beginning of something new.

Let us take a deeper look at the life-giving power around which the entire world and all of humanity rotate.

The importance of the sun

When you think of the role that the sun plays in our earthly ecosystems, it is mind-blowing to know and realize that earth is perfectly located for the sun to provide us with optimized exposure. Human life could not be optimally sustained one planet closer, or one planet further from the sun.

It can therefore be agreed that to some extent, a spiritual higher power has to be involved in how strategically the universe was created for the planet that houses life to be optimally placed in relation to the sun.

The sun not only provides food for plants, health and vitamins for humans, and even a source of energy, but it also holds a strong spiritual meaning.

What does the sun represent spiritually?

Given the life-giving power that the sun possesses and its natural ability to give life to nature, on a spiritual level it represents life too. In many cultures and many belief systems, the sun holds a strong celestial meaning to positivity and power.

The fascinating thing about the sun, which has garnered a following and often resulted in people worshipping the sun or the sun gods, is that the sun is outside of all human control. While it is needed by all life forms on earth, nothing can access it or control it.

In the same way that the moon holds a lot of power, the sun is different in that it not only passes its power to earth, but to a number of other planetary bodies. The moon, on the other hand, is only attributed to earth and is quite easily accessible by humans and human technology.

Even in biblical mentions, the sun and the sun rays represent God and His glory that comes down from the heavens to the earth. This adds to the notion that God is the life-giving force that all life on earth needs to survive.

In modern pop culture, the sun has created a symbolism that relates to happiness. The color yellow, together with the bright warmth, allows individuals to plan their lives around the summertime and to bask in the joy that summer brings with it.

The aesthetic representation of the sun also holds great meaning. From the way little children draw the sun on the top corner of a page, to its representation in jewelry, it all holds some symbolism to the person.

One thing that seems to be a common thread is the way children draw the sun. Whether your child has done this of their own accord, or because they have seen others do it, it is well established that children draw the sun in the same place on a page quite consistently.

The reason for this is that even at an incredibly early age, little children know the magnitude of the sun. They understand that it is a large object, even though it appears small as it is far away. Somehow, by being in the corner of the page, an image of the sun seems to still hold such a commanding authority in a hand-drawn picture.

In jewelry, and other forms of art or aesthetics, a picture of half the sun can hold a representation of a rising sun which means a new beginning. But each meaning and representation holds a personal symbolism in one’s life, which is why the dream meaning means something different for each person.

The Power of the Dream

Dreaming of the sun can be a beacon of hope in a difficult time that you might be facing. Through your spiritual being making contact with you through your subconscious, you may be receiving some form of comfort that hope still remains despite your circumstances.

While dreaming of the sun generally represents a good omen, dreaming of the sun being red is thought to be a bad omen. This means that there may be some sort of emotional pain or even a death that may occur in your life.

If you have been hoping for something to happen, dreaming about the sun could be your spiritual sign that what you have been hoping for and what you have been praying for is going to come to pass.


If the sun seems to be a constant presence in your dream, take heart in the positivity that it brings. Perhaps take each day with the promised light that the night has given you.

While the sun holds a unique meaning for each person, maybe now is the time to find the meaning that it holds in your life. Whether it has served as a reminder of the good, or a promise of the good to come, the sun can serve as a light in the dark times.

Whatever representation it may hold, create your own symbolism, and follow the path of goodness that the light of the sun so clearly illuminates.