What It Means To Dream About Butterflies

Dreaming of a butterfly, regardless of color and size, signifies an alteration in some aspect of the dreamer’s life. Generally, such dreams indicate that a cross-over is in the cards for you, and whatever form the change may take, you can rest assured that it would be to your advantage.

Change is a given in the journey of life and while we are often faced with unpredictable circumstances, to sight a butterfly in your dream is the cosmos indirectly telling you to look forward to the future with positivity as things will undoubtedly play out in your favor.

Dreaming About Orange Butterflies

Orange butterflies have always been associated with passion, excitement, and inspiration. Dreaming of a butterfly of this color signifies a time of positivity for the dreamer.

If you happen to see an orange butterfly in your dream, it means you’re at the stage of your life where you need to pursue your aspirations and inner delights more fervently than ever, as you may not have many other opportunities to do so.

A dream about an orange butterfly signifies a welcome transformation and healing period if you have been struggling or looking for a way out of an unfavorable situation.

Dreaming About Black & Orange Butterflies

Black and orange butterflies represent transition and rejuvenation, which is quite similar to the spiritual symbolism of moths. The meaning of dreaming of butterflies with black and orange-colored wings is an indication of growth and advancement, but to truly achieve this change, the person concerned must be willing to put in the work.

The guidance we receive from our dreams is spiritual, and since dreams about butterflies aren’t common, this is all the more reason to take them seriously. Many cultures worldwide believe dreams of black and orange butterflies presage new beginnings and impending success.

Dreaming About Brown Butterflies

Although brown butterflies aren’t quite as pleasing to look at as some of the more colorful types, they do, however, share the same positive significance as every other type of butterfly. The meaning of dreaming of butterflies with brown wings is simply an attestation of your desire to be independent.

Besides this, it also hints at a possible opportunity to correct past mistakes and foretells a period of good luck and glad tidings. While this dream symbol is generally positive and points to you getting a clean slate, you should think critically about the poor decisions you’ve made in the past and ensure not to repeat them; Second chances are not so easy to come by.

Dreaming About White Butterflies

White butterflies are quite the specimen and a well-known portent for spiritual growth, abundance, and new connections.  The meaning of dreaming of butterflies with white wings is the universe telling you that you’re about to make a life-altering decision.

This dream manifests your strong will and capacity to take decisive action. It’s also a clue that you will soon make a decision that will affect you and those in your immediate surroundings.

Dreaming About Yellow Butterflies

The meaning of dreaming of butterflies with yellow wings is an indication that there’s something you have to fix in your waking life. It’s crucial that you recall the events in your dream and how you felt as they unfolded. If the sight of the yellow butterfly provoked negative emotions in you while you were dreaming, then you need to watch out for minor annoyances in the coming days.

If you were undisturbed by the sight of the butterfly, then it means you’ll find the solution to whatever has been bothering you, perhaps through your own efforts or with some assistance.

Dreaming About Black Butterflies

Black butterflies signify a new phase of one’s life. It might also involve taking on new responsibilities or a different role, for instance, the passage from single life into marriage. It could also mean a new addition to the dreamer’s family.

The meaning of dreaming of butterflies with black wings could also signal that you’ll finally be able to put away some bad habit you’ve been meaning to let go of.

Dreaming About Blue Butterflies

The meaning of dreaming of butterflies with blue wings is that the dreamer will see his or her dreams come true momentarily. If you spot a distinct bright blue butterfly in your dream, this spells fun and lively occasions in the upcoming days.

Dreaming About Monarch Butterflies

The monarch butterfly symbolizes hope and fresh starts. If you’re wondering about the meaning of dreaming of butterflies of this kind, it would interest you to know that positive changes are afoot in your waking life.

Dreaming About Purple Butterflies

The meaning of dreaming of butterflies of this color is that you’ll accomplish a lot in the coming weeks, much to your surprise.

This dream implies that your dreams and ambitions are within your grasp. You just have to soldier on till you realize them.

For married people, this dream forebodes long-lasting happiness for their families.

Dreaming About Black And Yellow Butterflies

The meaning of dreaming of a butterfly with a mix of these colors is that you’re about to witness a close to a trying period and the beginning of a new phase filled with happiness and glee.

Dreaming About Black And Blue Butterflies

The meaning of dreaming of a butterfly with black and blue colored wings is a reflection of your strong intuition, wisdom, and confidence.

These fabulous creatures are known to only show up in dreams when the person concerned is about to make quantum leaps in some area of their life.


In essence, the meaning of dreaming of butterflies is your subconscious reassuring you that you’ll be able to overcome whatever difficulty you might face. Such dreams could also mean that you’re considerate and emit positive energy others can’t help but be drawn to.