Can You Meditate In The Shower?

Meditation is an effective way of managing your mental and physical health and has a wide range of benefits to your body. However, you may not have the time or the space to have the meditative experience for which you hope. So, can you meditate in the shower?

The simple answer is yes, you can meditate in the shower. You can knock out two birds with one stone by meditating as you shower. Shower meditation is great if you do not have the time or the space to meditate and is beginner friendly.

Be sure to create an intention for your shower ritual to have a fruitful shower meditation. Practice gratitude, sensory awareness, movement, attention, and relaxation as you normally would whenever you meditate. This way your shower meditation would be just as rewarding and comfortable with practice.

What is shower meditation?

Shower meditation is a form of meditation that utilizes your shower ritual as a mindful practice. It is a preferred form of meditation if you want to do a cleansing ritual during your meditation and is also helpful when you do not have the time or space to meditate. It is the easiest way to channel the energy by washing away your stress and tension.

The truth is that your can meditate anywhere, even in the shower. The shower just so happens to be the easiest and most rewarding place to meditate as it utilizes all your senses, which is the essence of your meditative experience. Shower meditation is great for connecting with your inner self and attracting peaceful energy overall.

Shower meditation is helpful for when you want to begin or end your day feeling cleansed from the inside out. Like any form of meditation, shower meditation will make you feel grounded, relaxed, and refreshed to take on anything.

You can maximize your personal time with shower meditation because as you are taking care of your body you are also taking care of your mind. You will end your shower routine by having a clean body and a clear mind.

Benefits of shower meditation

You have time to yourself

When you meditate in the shower you are truly alone and away from any distractions. Therefore, you can use your time in the shower to your advantage.

You engage your senses

When you meditate in the shower you can utilize all your senses, such as touch, sight, hearing, smelling, and tasting. This way you are practicing being optimally aware of your senses which is vital to meditation.

You can multitask

Meditating in the shower is the easiest way to meditate. Shower meditation cuts your time in half since you can shower and meditate at the same time. Your shower meditation routine does not have to take long either; you can simply meditate for time you have to shower at a given time.

It is an effective way to start your meditation practice

If you think of your time in the shower as a relaxing experience offering peace and quiet, then shower meditation is a good form of meditation to begin your meditation journey. It could also hold the possibility to be your preferred option of meditation given your needs and lifestyle.

How to meditate in the shower

 Use a combination of these shower meditation techniques to personalize your shower meditation experience.

Create the environment

Set the environment for your shower meditation to make it a ritual instead of an everyday activity. You can do this by lighting a candle or burning incense each time, you are about to do a shower meditation.

Practice gratitude

Everything around you has energy, so it is important to give gratitude to everything around you as you do your shower meditation. For example, you can show appreciation for the water that you have because it provides nourishment to your body and keeps you alive.

Be intentional

Set an intention for your shower ritual to be a meditative experience. Allow the water to wash away any stress or tension you might feel and comfort you as you meditate.


Do breathing exercises as you do your shower meditation. Breathing has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and calm the body. Imagine that you are inhaling healing and exhaling stress and visualize the water washing all your stress down the drain as the warm water comforts you.

Scan your body

Draw your awareness to your body. Check on yourself by seeing if your body parts are what it should be. For example, you may realize that your back aches or even that you are in good physical condition. Wash yourself tenderly being mindful that you are caring for your body.

Engage your senses

Ground yourself while you prepare your shower. You can do this by contacting all your five senses. For example, pay attention to the sound of the water splashing in your shower, feel the steam on your skin, or smell the aromas of the products which you will be using.

Types of shower meditation

Use a combination of the following practices during your shower meditation.

Wash Away Negativity

Pay attention to how you are feeling. For example, if you are worried about something, or you are experiencing negative thought you can use your shower meditation to ‘wash away’ these negativities and replace it with positive thoughts and outlooks on your situation.

An effortless way to do this is to close your eyes and do breathing exercises as you imagine your shower washing away the negativity. When you feel the tension leaving your body and start to feel lighter be sure to express gratitude for the experience and carry the positivity that you have received throughout your day.

Flow of Abundance

With this type of meditation, instead of imagining the water washing away negativity as in the previous type of meditation, imagine the water carrying abundance to you. Pay attention to what you want out of life and visualize the water carrying that to you. For example, if you are seeking wealth imagine the water as jewels and gold raining down on you.

Positive Affirmations

Vocalize positive affirmations over your life in the present tense to lift your mood and encourage you. Create the self-belief that positive things are happening and release anything that does not support it. For example, to uplift your mood you can say something like: “I am loved. I am powerful. I am capable.”

Golden Light

Envision a golden light surrounding you or raining down on you as you are showering. Pay attention to how it makes you feel. For example, it could make you feel loved or treasured.

Chakra Healing

You can do your chakra healing during your shower meditation. Your shower meditation is a soothing experience and is perfect for aligning your chakras.

Breathing Meditation

Do breathing meditation during your shower meditation which will allow you to be present in the moment and bring calmness to your body.

How to end your shower meditation

You can end your shower mediation by practicing gratitude for the experience and what you have gotten out of it. In the same way you end your shower ritual by wiping down the shower and tidying up you can similarly conclude your shower meditation by showing appreciation for the water and the meditation for taking care of you.