How To Use Chakra Stones In Meditation

Using chakra stones for meditation is helpful for restoring your energy balance and healing your body. But how exactly should you use chakra stones?

Chakra stones are helpful for physical and mental health. Each of the seven different chakras has an association with color and symbolism and should be practiced accordingly. You can balance and cleanse your chakras using the appropriate stone.

Your chakra energy patterns can be disrupted but you can restore your chakra energy patterns by incorporating chakra stones in your meditation. Using chakra stones in your meditation will help you heal and restore balance and harmony to your energy and leave you feeling calm.

What is chakra stones meditation?

Meditation is a fruitful practice on its own but even better with chakra stones. Chakra stones meditation involves incorporating chakra stones in your meditation which brings good and harmonious energy to your meditation.

‘Chakra’ originates from the Sanskrit meaning ‘wheel.’ Therefore, chakra is a swirl of energy where your mind and body intertwine holding your body together like a spine.

Your spine has seven primary chakras which altogether align your body from the root of your spine to the top of your head. Chakra stones are helpful for reinvigorating and harmonizing your chakra.

How do you meditate with chakra stones?

Meditating with chakra stones is simple. The most important thing is to be mindful of your chakra stones and the purpose that they hold. You can use the following techniques to meditate with your chakra stones:

Wear your chakra stones as jewelry

The most common ways are to wear chakra stones as necklaces and rings mainly because there is no time limit to the workings of chakra stones. You can simply choose a piece of jewelry with the relevant chakra stone and wear it remaining mindful and meditating throughout the day.

Place your chakra stones on surfaces close to you

This is a great technique if you want to dispel negative energy in your environment and cultivate the energy which you desire.

Hold your chakra stones

Now and then you can take your chakra stones from your person and hold them while meditating on their energy and being present in the moment.

Chakra stone colors and uses

You only need one chakra stone for each chakra in your life. There are seven primary chakra stones and some secondary chakra stones relating to a different areas of your body.

Black or red chakra stone

Black and red stones can be placed on your groin or on your feet to humble yourself or to make you feel sexually secure, known as the ‘root chakra.’ Black and red chakra stones will put you in a state of security if you are feeling out of place and easily frustrated. Black and red chakra stones is also helpful for chronic back pain, colon, and prostate problems.

Orange chakra stone

Orange stones can be placed onto your abdomen to balance and heal energy associated with your mental health, energy, motivation, and creativity, known as the ‘sacral chakra.’ Orange chakra stones can also help with bladder infections, irregular menstruation, and muscle aches.

Yellow or gold chakra stone

Yellow chakra stones are for strength and should be placed above your navel, known as the ‘solar plexus chakra.’ Yellow or gold chakra stones can also help with eating disorders, indigestion, and arthritis.

Green or pink chakra stone

Green or prink chakra stones should be placed over your heart and is helpful for dealing with your emotions, such as love and hate, known as the ‘heart chakra.’ Green or pink chakra stones can also help with asthma, breast cancer, and heart disease.

The pink chakra stone could double as your ‘crown chakra’ which helps with your ethics and overall spirituality and should be positioned on the top of your head. The pink chakra stone is helpful If you are searching for a new purpose and something to believe in or look forward to and could also improve chronic migraines and neurological disorders.

Blue chakra stone

The blue chakra stones should be placed on your throat or at the center of your neck and are helpful for communicating truthfully, known as the ‘throat chakra.’ Blue chakra stones can also help with a sore throat, dental problems, and thyroid diseases.

Purple or white chakra stone

Purple or white chakra stones should be placed on your forehead and is helpful for your intuition, known as the “third eye chakra.” The purple or white chakra stone can also help with dizziness, blindness, and neurological diseases.

How to place your chakra stones on your body

Chakra stone body placement technique is helpful if you desire to work on a certain area in your life. All you need to do is place the chakra stone onto your body part relating to the chakra you want to work on. Before placing each stone onto your body part associated with it you should also pay close attention to the energy associated with each color associated with the chakra stone.

You should clear your chakra stones before you begin your chakra stones meditation. You can do this by removing all the dirt from it in water with dissolved salt in it.

The chakra stones must be placed down before you begin your chakra meditation. Lay yourself down and begin with the root of your spine and move your way up to the top of your head.

Try to relax the way you are positioned and get comfortable. Imagine a red light taking in the sensation of the chakra. Stay focused on one chakra at a time, and the body part and chakra stone related to it. Move onto the next chakra in an upward sequence towards the top of your head.

You should open yourself up to the sensations of each chakra and embrace the energy that you get from your chakra stones. You should feel lighter as your chakra stone meditation progresses.

Once you get to the top of your head you should thank your chakra stones before changing your position. Remove your chakra stones one by one in reverse order and cleanse your chakra stones thereafter.

Practicing these chakra stone meditation techniques regularly will help you improve your chakra stone meditation overall. You should begin to see positive changes in your mental and physical health as the days go by.