How To Meditate On God

Meditation has been in existence for the longest time. Many religions and cultures use meditation practices to get closer to the divine. Christians meditate on God’s word, and we talk more about this in this article.

You don’t have to be Christian to meditate on God. Doing so is open to everyone. Although, some people may associate meditation only with certain religions. Meditation is ancient and rooted in many religions. Christians primarily practice biblical meditation.

What Is Meditation On God?

To meditate on God’s word is to focus your attention on the presence of God. This can be done through contemplation, prayer, or worship.

Christian meditation is a spiritual practice to develop a personal relationship with God. In life, we face many challenges, some on a personal level, some may be related to family or work, and even self-esteem. The practice may also bring peace and clarity into one’s life, especially from the stressors mentioned.

The practice of meditating on God has been around for thousands of years. Countless records suggest it formed part of ancient times too. Over the years, many variations developed, and some are seen as secular while other forms are Christian. In saying this, there are many different ways to meditate.

Secular VS Christian Meditating

When it comes to types of focus, and a greater understanding of the term meditate, it’s different for everyone. Some Christians may see the practice and methods as not allowed in Christianity.

What’s regarded as secular in the practice of meditating includes the following:

  • Focused practice – In the focus variation, mantras can also be used, but there are many aspects of breathing techniques, mala beads, or listening to the sound of a gong.
  • Transcendence meditation (TM) – TM is said to give you more benefits in a short period compared to other traditional meditating methods. TM enhances a very relaxed state with zero distractions and brings you closer to finding God “within.”
  • Mindfulness – Mindful practice observes the thoughts in the mind taking note of these thoughts without interacting. It allows the thoughts and does not ban any of them.
  • Movement – Martial arts like tai chi forms part of movement meditating and is a common practice. Yoga, as well as simply walking, or working in the garden, can be part of movement practice.

Christian meditation methods may include the following:

  • Using mantras – Mantras are selected words to help focus one’s mind from wandering. Christian mantras could be “The joy of the Lord is my strength” based on the scripture passage Nehemiah 8:11 or other scriptures. Reading the Bible and pondering what the message’s teachings mean can help you engage in more mantra meditating efforts.
  • Thinking about God and His greatness – This is another way to go about being still in the Christian variation. 
  • A focused mind with music – This would be gospel music as opposed to bells, chimes, or other sound effects used in the “secular” version.
  • Mindfulness – Christians may use the mindful method to study and memorize scripture. 

More Ways To Meditate On God’s Word

Meditation in Christianity also involves focusing on a specific topic or scripture. For example, loving thy neighbor as they are self. We have all experienced hurt from family, friends, and co-workers. Sometimes hurt can lead to hate or other negative feelings in the heart.

To meditate on loving others as yourself is another way you can meditate on God because God is love.

You can also meditate on aspects like forgiveness. Whether you’re Christian or not, forgiveness is important in all cultures. Meditating can help instill the practice of forgiveness, even if it takes time.

You may use meditation to better apply God’s word in your life and heart. There are countless benefits in why meditating on God is so great.

How To Meditate On God’s Word And On Him

Meditating on God is a spiritual practice traced back to the time of the early Christians. It is a way of connecting with God to gain enlightenment and understanding.

There are many ways to meditate on God, but finding one that works for you is important. Meditating can be done by sitting or lying down, but it is possible to do it while doing something else like walking or running.

Meditating is a practice that people use to calm their minds, relax, or think about what they are doing. It has been used in many different religions and cultures throughout history.

Choose a quiet setting to meditate

Some people prefer to be in nature to meditate. This way of meditating is shared in its secular form too.

Put away doubt and negative distractions

When meditating, separate yourself from distractions like fear, doubt, and other aspects that may hinder the process. Let go of the feelings that make you feel insecure.

Pray and read the Bible

You can pray and ask that God guide you through the process of reading the Bible so that you can understand the scriptures and their meanings. You can use aids like dictionaries and thesauruses to help you understand words that are not clear. Some people also use different Bible translations to help improve the context of the scriptures.

Make notes

After you meditate on God’s word, take notes, and see how it can apply in your life and what you understand. You can also take notes during your quiet time and after focusing on God and the scriptures.

Be thankful

After every session, be thankful. There are plenty of things to be grateful for, and you can say thank you in prayer and feel it in your heart. Apply the word of God in your life as best as possible and share it with others.

The Benefits of Meditation On God

Meditating is a practice that is used by many religions and spiritual practices. It is usually seen as a way to find inner peace and enlightenment.

Meditation brings with it many benefits which are not just limited to spiritual or religious practices. Meditating has been proven to have many advantages for the body and mind, such as reduced stress, improved memory, better sleep quality, increased focus, and more.

Perhaps there were things present in your life that you didn’t understand. When you meditate, it may help you become clear about the meanings or purpose of these aspects of your life. 


How can I connect with God in meditation?

You can focus your thoughts on God in your quiet space and time. This process is part of ways to focus on God.

Do you pray when you meditate?

In Christian meditating, we focus on getting closer to God and giving Him control.


Whether you’re religious or not, Christian or Islam, Hindu or Jew, all cultures and all religions can use meditating for its benefits. It will open your thinking to the spiritual side of life and will help you foster important practices like love, hope, faith, and being a blessing to others without judgment.