How To Meditate With Crystals

Crystals can help deepen your meditation, providing you with focus, consciousness, and awareness. But how exactly do you meditate with crystals?

You can meditate with crystals by using their healing powers and draw energy from each of their meaning during your meditation. Although there are no scientific facts to compliment the healing powers of crystals, the meanings behind any given crystal help set the tone and intentions of your meditation.

You use the crystals with colors that coordinate with their chakras (energy) to meditate based on your intentions or goals. Doing this can amplify your meditation and yield a multitude of benefits.

The science behind meditating with crystals

There is no scientific evidence to support crystals’ healing capabilities, meditation, and spirituality, and there is minimal evidence about crystals overall. However, scientists such as Christopher French and Lyn Williams argue that crystal meditation is considered a placebo effect that offers interpersonal healing different from European medication.

Evidence suggests that placebos can change the brain and is a common practice amongst health professionals. Therefore, although there is no reliable evidence to support the capabilities of crystal meditation, there is historical evidence that there is a possible placebo effect that crystals may have been vital in healing and spiritual pursuits for thousands of years.

A guide to meditating with crystals

Before meditating with crystals, choose your crystal according to its color and purpose. You should also be willing to meditate and set your intentions for crystal meditation.

The key to fruitful meditation is to practice meditating regularly and to make meditation a part of your daily routine. Meditation should be at the top of your list regarding self-care and should be done regardless of whether you are tired or out of time because that is when you need it the most.

Before you begin your meditation, you should find a comfortable and quiet place to meditate in. Ensure that you set the mood by adjusting your temperature, lighting, and searing area to a place of comfort. You can then prepare the crystals you will use for your meditation.

Cleanse your crystals

Cleanse your crystals before you begin your meditation. Some cleansing methods are only appropriate for certain types of crystals, so be sure to do your research before you cleanse your crystals. You can cleanse your crystals by:

  • Passing your crystals through incense, such as sage smoke
  • Using sounds, such as chanting or singing
  • Exposing your crystals to the sun or the moon for a few hours
  • Rinsing your crystals with water
  • Soaking your crystals in salt water
  • Burying your crystals in brown rice

Ground yourself for crystal meditation

Ground yourself for your crystal meditation because it connects you to your highest self. You can ground yourself by asking your highest self and the highest beings to help you through your crystal meditation. This will help you set your intentions for the highest good of yourself and humanity.

You should get permission from your crystals to use their energy and vibrations. You will receive the answer from your crystals by connecting to your intuition.

Connect yourself to your breath and the crystal vibrations by staying relaxed and breathing calmly to allow you to connect with the energies. You can keep your eyes closed yet remain alert. Pay attention to the vibrations, visions, and thoughts you receive from your crystal mediation.

Note that it is normal if your mind starts to wander. You can do this by acknowledging your distractions and releasing them.

Time your crystal meditation

Your crystals should not remain on your body for more than 20 minutes. However, if you feel uncomfortable with the crystals before the 20 minutes, you should remove them immediately and drink water.

You should not use crystals to meditate more than once per week. Crystals are known for their powerful energies and vibrations. You will still need time to assimilate these energies and vibrations and release negative vibrations and energies before your next crystal meditation.

After meditating with crystals

When you have completed your crystal meditation, you should gradually become aware of yourself and your surroundings. You can stretch your body and drink water to detox yourself. Be sure to process your experience and feelings as your day continues to the long-term benefits of your crystal meditation.

Types of crystal meditation

There are several types of crystal meditation. You should find which crystal meditation works for you. Below are examples of crystal meditations for beginners.

Crystal grids or circles

Crystal grids or circles are good when you do not want your crystals to touch your body while you meditate. You can set up your crystal grid or circle with a specific issue or goal in mind and allow your crystals to let their vibrations and energy work. It can be anything from a personal issue you want to work on to a larger global one.

You can make a crystal grid or circle by placing your crystals in an intentional shape around or in front of you. People set their crystals in sacred geometric shapes to reap the most benefits from their crystal grids.

Crystal bath or shower meditation

You can also do your crystal meditation in the bath or the shower. The warm water from your bath or shower helps put you in a restful state. Putting your crystals in water also recharges their energy or vibrations and cleanses them as you meditate.

Meditating with crystals in the bath or the shower is a relaxing and restful time. It combines self-care and meditation, which is the same thing but are considered separate activities.

Note that crystal bath or shower meditation is not suitable for the crystal selenite or calcite as they will dissolve.

Crystals on your chakras (energy)

Chakras is a Sanskrit term translated as “energy.” Each chakra represents a different part of your mind, body, and spirituality. When you meditate, you can place a crystal that aligns with the chakra you want to focus on and set your intentions for your crystal meditation.

You can do your crystal meditation by placing your crystals on your body to allow the healing properties of the crystals to heal those areas and restore positive energy (chakra). You should place the corresponding-colored crystals in the corresponding areas of your body when you meditate.

It is important to know that your meditation journey differs from others and that it might take some time to familiarize yourself with the distinct aspects of meditation. Embrace your meditation journey and remember that change happens over time and with regular practice.