What You Should Wear When Meditating

You may have started your meditation journey and are unsure about a few things. Such as what to wear to meditate?

You should wear soft and comfortable clothing when you meditate. It is easier to focus on meditation when you are comfortable and not distracted by your appearance. The clothing you wear sets the tone for your meditation.

Choose clothing that will make you feel comfortable but is also in line with your intention for your meditation. Be mindful of the colors that your clothing represents and how your clothing will affect your environment and vice versa.

Wear comfortable clothing for meditation

Wear clothing that will make you feel comfortable during your meditation.

Confidence. There is no right or wrong clothing to wear for meditation. Wear clothing that will make you feel confident about your meditation. The clothing you wear will be different from the next person’s because what makes you comfortable might not make someone else comfortable. If an outfit makes you feel confident, you should wear it.

Dress in comfortable clothing for your meditation, the same way you would dress for a workout. But ensure that you are dressed comfortably enough for a seating position in clothing that is non-restrictive.

Loose clothing. Wear loose clothing that will make you breathe comfortably while you meditate. However, your clothing should not be too loose either to the point where it gets in your way.

You should avoid uncomfortable leisurewear such as strappy bras and clothing that is too tight around your waist. For example, you can wear a flowy robe or loose pants with adjustable waistbands.

Awkward clothing. Avoid wearing heavy and awkward clothing which needs adjustment, such as jeans, jackets, coats, jewelry, etc. Uncomfortable clothing could be a distraction and hinder your focus during meditation.

Avoid clothing that makes a noise when you move or reveals too much and needs adjustment when you switch positions. However, if you cannot change into comfortable clothing, you can shred as much awkward clothing as possible and make yourself feel comfortable.

Remember that you will be seated with bent knees and might switch positions. Choose meditation clothing that will accommodate your seating positions and is appropriate for a meditation event. There is no need to dress up or wear accessories or jewelry. Keep it simple so that you can entirely focus on your meditation.

Designated clothing. Have designated meditation clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Think of your meditation clothing as a uniform you wear each time you meditate. This will allow your brain to associate that clothing with meditation and allow you to ease into your meditation quickly.

When you designate specific clothes for meditation, you consciously or subconsciously make it an important activity. You could even take it a step further by getting a Tibetan Buddhist robe, tunic, shawls, or baggy yoga harem pants for your meditation sessions. You are bound to do some profound inner work given this much dedication.

Clothing colors for meditation

Consider the colors of your meditation clothing.

Clothing colors & energy. Like all things on earth, colors have energy and carry vibrations that affect your feelings and behaviors. You can absorb the energy from the colors of your clothing, which can either heal or hinder your intentions. You can wear the colors you are trying to draw energy from or imagine wearing a specific color to influence your meditation.

Clothing colors have meaning. Your intention for your meditation should match the colors of your clothing. Like how clothing color carries energy and vibrations, they also have meanings attached to them. Identify the intention of your meditation and choose clothing colors that match your needs and intentions. For example, if your creative energy is blocked, you can wear yellow while you meditate.

  • Red is for physical activity, strength, and courage.
  • Orange is for change and communication.
  • Yellow is for creativity, happiness, and intelligence.
  • Green is for health and prosperity.
  • Blue is for peace and spirituality.
  • Purple is for power.
  • Indigo is for insight.
  • White is for protection. You will see that many yogis wear white even when not meditating. White is a healing shield and filters out bad energy.
  • Pink is for affection and empathy.
  • Brown is for humbleness and practicality.
  • Black is associated with evil and is related to the absence of color.

Personalize your clothing colors. Experiment with different colors for your clothing to see what works for you. Some colors could make you feel better than others.

However, if you do not have a variety of clothing colors, you can use a meditation cushion or blanket in your desired color. You can also incorporate chakra stones or jewelry in the colors you want to draw energy from during your meditation.

Clothing for meditating around people

It is essential to wear appropriate clothing when you are meditating around people.

Wear appropriate clothing. When you are meditating with a group of people, you must cover up appropriately. Your clothing should not be a distraction for other people who will be meditating with you. Avoid revealing clothing that exposes your vital areas. Wear clothing that is appropriate to wear around other people.

If you are meditating in a group setting or at a designated place, you should ask your peers what they will wear. This will not only put your mind at ease but will ensure that you don’t feel like the odd one out if you show up in the wrong clothing.

Layer your clothing. Wear multiple layers of clothing, which you could take on or off depending on how the weather or room temperature changes. You could carry a jacket or hoodie and wear shoes with socks, for example.

Wear cotton or silk fabrics as these are breathable and do well with layering. Cotton and silk fabrics have a symbolic connection with the earth due to their natural substances, which are ideal for meditation. However, you could also wear polyester or linen.

Check the rules. Check the rules for where you will be meditating. Meditation centers tend to have a dress code to follow as they have many uses. For example, if your group meditation will be at a religious institution, they might have restrictions on showing your knees or wearing tight-fitting clothing.

Hopefully, you have found meditation clothing that suits your comfortability and preferences. Meditation practice is about creating the space and habits for physical and mental wellbeing. Your meditation clothing and colors serve this purpose.