What The Crow Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Superstition has given crows a bad reputation of sorrow and misfortune. While many find these birds spooky or off-putting, I find them fascinating and beautiful. Contrary to what you may believe, crows, as spiritual messengers, symbolize more good things than bad. But what is the spiritual meaning of a crow?

Spiritually, crows are symbols of magic, transformation, destiny, mystery, and wisdom. A crow is believed to be a spiritual messenger, connecting them to the idea of magic, foresight, and destiny. Thus, the spiritual implications of seeing a crow are often viewed as a good omen.

Crows have been dubbed a bad reputation surrounding death and dark omens. However, the reality of these birds’ connections to these topics isn’t as morbid as you may think. This bird’s unfortunate branding comes from misinformation and the spread of superstitious falsehoods.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Crow?

The spiritual meaning behind a crow is that of change, discovery, perspective, and destiny.

The presence of change that crows are often linked to is not always the physical manifestations we often think of. A crow may refer to a spiritual or emotional change. The insights into situations these birds provide guide us to adapt in order to survive.

Crows are watchful creatures, having sharp and powerful foresight into the future. However, this does not mean their predictions are going to come true – the power of this bird can be tapped into and used to transform a bad foresight into something useful.

The crow teaches you to accept and heed spiritual messages, as well as to recognize your self-worth. Those who are strong will be able to see profound truths, no matter how harsh. Crows ask you to look beyond physical limitations and tap into your intuition to accomplish your goals.

Down to its core, the spiritual meaning of a crow is that you have received a clear message on what you must do and which path you must travel. You must be ready to take action and be open to change as it passes through your life.

The Superstition Surrounding Crows

For centuries, crows have been associated with negativity – seen as bad omens and harbingers of doom. Depicted in fiction as a trope to indicate misfortune or even a curse to those who see them. Thus, begging the question; where does this bad reputation come from?

The reason crows are so connected to death is that they are both predators and scavengers. Crows are opportunistic omnivores, giving them the willingness to eat almost anything, so it is not uncommon to spot them feasting on a corpse alongside vultures and eagles.

Because of this, crows are portrayed as harbingers of doom, leaving death in their wake. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Crows are not followed by death and destruction; rather, they are the ones doing the following. These birds often flock to dead things in the hopes of finding food.

The association between crows and death is only strengthened through how crows symbolize different forms of death, other than the physical passing of something living. Crows signify spiritual, emotional, and even situational deaths as new beginnings cannot be endings.

Moreover, the concept of death being viewed as something negative is highly modern. Throughout the centuries, death has always been perceived as passing from one stage of life to the next – making it a positive occurrence and cause for celebration.

Crows are intelligent social creatures with complex social lives, traditions, and rituals. Their ‘evil’ presentation stems from the modern media’s twisted interpretation of their genuine spiritual connection to death: a symbol of opportunity, transformation, and new beginnings.

The Positives And Negatives Of Crow Symbolism

Crows have had strong associations with negative messages; however, they have just as many connections to positive characteristics.

Positive Symbolisms:

  • Intelligence – Crows are revered not only as one of the most intelligent bird species but animals on the planet in proportion to their brains.
  • Memory – Crows have remarkable memories, so a crow encounter may be asking you to look back to your past and take something into deep consideration.
  • Perspective – With the connection crows have to multiple realms, crows have a higher perspective on life and its events.
  • Adaptability – Crows have been proven to be one of the most adaptable and resourceful animals due to their proven ability to survive and thrive in large populations all across the globe.
  • Teamwork – These social birds have a fascinating social hierarchy that relies on cooperation for the flock’s survival.
  • Transformation – Though many resist it, life cannot continue without change or transformation. When seeing a crow, you must remember that change is often positive.
  • Fearlessness – The bravery of these birds is reflected as they symbolize a courageous and daring spirit.
  • Magic – Crows have always been associated with life magic and a connection between the living and the dead.

Negative Symbolisms:

  • Manipulation – Crows are known for their mischievous and trickster nature, making them signs of deception and manipulation.
  • Disease & Pain – With their powers of foresight, a crow can foretell the coming of pain, struggle, and sickness.
  • Death – Unfortunately, there are circumstances in which a crow is an omen of death. Due to their connections with the realm of the dead, crows are able to tell you when death is near. The death they foretell is not always physical.
  • Failure – Crows can often appear as a message that continuing on your path will lead to failure and disappointment.

Messages From Crows As Spiritual Messengers

It is believed that crows are able to communicate through the physical and spiritual realms, making them perfect spiritual messengers. Considering all the characteristics crows represent and their possible interpretations, there are a few common messages carried in a crow sighting:

  • A message from ancestors or a deceased loved one
  • A sign good news is on its way
  • An upcoming wedding in your family
  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Disease or pain
  • A theft in your house
  • Moving from your house
  • Sorrowful events

Often it is the timing of a crow’s appearance that carries the message they are trying to communicate from the spirit realm. Common times a crow will appear as a message are:

  • Transformation: As symbols of transformation, crows appear when you experience a sudden shift or chaos that will lead to a spiritual awakening and internal revelations.
  • Messages: The appearance of a crown acts as a reminder to heed the spiritual messages being sent to you, for they provide the knowledge you need.
  • Separation: Crows show up when you are experiencing separation from someone – through the end of a relationship or death. They provide comfort and support through the grieving process.
  • New Beginnings: A crow can manifest to help you end a chapter of your life and begin a new one. People are often reluctant to change, so crows help release this resistance.
  • Shadow Self: Crows are associated with shadow work and the shadow self due to their dark color. Crows can show up when you are struggling with the darker parts of yourself or when these parts are holding you back and help you break free.
  • Uncertainty: Often, you may find it difficult to see the bigger picture during periods of uncertainty. A crow will tell you to use your intuition and listen to your inner psychic sight.
  • Mental-Blocks: Crows may appear to help you work through a mental, emotional, or spiritual block using creativity and problem-solving.

The Meaning In Specific Numbers of Crows

The number of crows you see is believed to determine the message being sent to you. Despite the possibility that this is not always true, it may help you decipher the sent spiritual message. There have been different variations of what the numbers symbolize throughout time, but these meanings have mostly remained the same.

  1. One for sorrow
  2. Two for mirth
  3. Three for a wedding
  4. Four for a birth
  5. Five for silver
  6. Six for gold
  7. Seven for a secret never to be told
  8. Eight for a wish
  9. Nine for a kiss
  10. Ten for a bird you must never miss
  11. Eleven for health
  12. Twelve for wealth
  13. Thirteen beware the devil himself

While some rhymes continue the list further, most stick to the thirteen representations when counting crows for a message.

The Spiritual Meaning When You Dream About Crows

Dreams are unique and personal to every dreamer as they come from the subconscious mind. Thus, one should never force a specific meaning onto a dream; however, through combining symbolic crow meanings, what you were feeling in the dream, and your personal feelings on crows, you should be able to determine the message being sent.

Overall, crows are attributed deep meanings when they appear in dreams due to their ability to travel between the living and dead land. A crow appearing in your dream signifies your thoughts and feeling about your life, transformation, and death. While crows are symbols of transformation, only you can determine the nature of the change.

Themes Crows In Dreams Symbolize

While there are various ways to interpret the presence of a crow in a dream, the meaning of their appearance often revolve around the following themes:

Foreshadowing – Crows are known to appear as symbols of coming sadness, grief, or misfortune.

Change – Crows are symbols of transformation. Their appearance in dreams can signify a change in your life. It also suggests that you need to let go of some limiting beliefs and other factors hindering your personal growth.

Danger – Crows are often seen as warnings of physical or spiritual danger. You may find yourself in a conflict or bad relationship. The crow appears to inform you of danger.

Wisdom – Crows are intelligent and intuitive; dreaming of them is a sign of your own wisdom. Your subconscious is telling you to trust your intuition.

Crows Actions In Dreams And What They Signify

The specific meaning of crows in dreams depends on the circumstances of how the crow appeared and what it was doing.

  • A Flock of Crows: A flock of crows may signify a death in your family.
  • A Crow Nest: Crows’ nesting in a dream suggests upcoming opportunities.
  • A Large Crow: The sight of an abnormally large crow is a sign of huge problems overtaking you.
  • A Baby Crow: A baby crow indicates opportunity and profits to be earned.
  • A Crows Eye: Only seeing the eye of a crow indicates you have nothing more than a shallow physical attraction in your relationship.
  • A Crow Flying: Hidden issues in your subconscious are demanding attention. These problems need to be brought to the surface; otherwise, you will have difficulty moving forward. It is also a sign to chase your dreams.
  • Chasing A Crow: Dreaming of chasing a crow denotes fearing the consequences of your actions.
  • A Crow Feasting: This means that your current plans will bring you wealth and prosperity. Keep trusting your intuition. Further, if the crow is feeding on flesh, it reveals that the spirits of your ancestors are protecting you.
  • Feeding a Crow: You may have a subconscious desire to help those in need.
  • Eating a Crow: Much like seeing a crow eat, this action indicates financial abundance.
  • A Crow Watching: Generally, crows in dreams are a sign of positive change; this is especially true when the crow is following and watching you. Contrastingly, a crow standing and watching you suggests you are trying to conceal something.
  • A Crow Following: Being followed by a crow is a symbol of happiness and positive change.
  • A Crow in a Cage: Your subconscious urges you to be more grateful.
  • A Crow in an Unclear Position: This is likely to be a warning. You need to evaluate your current course of action, or it may end with disappointment.
  • A Crow on Fire: A crow on fire denotes the end of struggles and the rise of new opportunities.
  • Killing a Crow: Witnessing the murder of, or killing, crows in your dream symbolizes your strong willpower. Further, destroying a crow is representative of ending negative thoughts and beliefs.
  • A Dead Crow: This is a sign that your problems will soon come to an end.
  • Attacked by a Crow: A crow hitting you on the head suggests a conflict between you and your family. Moreover, if a crow bites you, it is a sign of pent-up anger.


Despite their reputation, one must spiritually see the crow as a good omen as it aims to provide you with a higher perspective on life and guide you through the many transformations which will come your way.

Crows are reminders that you must trust your intuition and remain open to spiritual guidance. With their scrappy nature, crows are an example of thinking outside of the box and assessing where you are in life. But they also teach acceptance; you must take the good with the bad, for that is the balance of life. 

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