What The Falcon Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

It’s impossible not to admire a falcon in flight. It’s majestic and graceful, completely free, with harnessed power and strength until it dives down low and attacks its prey with perfect accuracy. There is enough symbolism in that picture alone, but what messages do they send to us when they cross our paths or appear to us in dreams? What is the true spiritual meaning of a falcon?

The falcon embodies a plethora of spiritual meanings throughout many cultures and religions. It represents war, wealth, and power, while others see it as a symbol of success and rising above difficult situations. The ancient Egyptians revered the falcon that symbolized kingship and deities.

We get a glimpse into the magnificence of creation when we take time to study a single bird of prey. The falcon is an awe-inspiring physical creature, but it can also offer us deep spiritual wisdom and guidance when listening with our souls.

The Spiritual Meanings Of A Falcon

Humankind is perpetually searching for the meaning of life, their purposes in life, and for signs and messages to help them make sense of this world. People have looked to the animal kingdom for spiritual insight throughout the ages, and they found a treasure trove in the falcon.

The falcon represents a prodding to pursue your passions and questions whether you are doing it intelligently. As a falcon watches its prey and plans the best way to capture it, it sends the message of focusing on one task to achieve our goals most efficiently.

It reveals the wisdom of achieving our goals through careful planning and consideration, rather than diving in head-first and hoping that we will be successful. The falcon symbolizes energy, courage, willpower, vision, freedom, and a sharp mind.

In addition, it symbolizes an imminent positive change in your life that will require careful planning and strategizing to make the best of the opportunity.

Spiritual Meanings Of The Falcon In Different Cultures

A host of cultures attributed different spiritual meanings and traits to this majestic bird of prey. As each community had different religions, deities, and philosophies, they would attribute different spiritual meanings to the falcon, each culture focusing on those that make sense within their norms and values.

The Falcon In Ancient Egypt

In the Egyptian hieroglyphics system, the people used the falcon glyph in words and phrases that represented superiority, such as:

  • God
  • Greatness
  • Pharoah
  • Star
  • Hour
  • Sovereign
  • Prayer
  • Land
  • World

The falcon was also linked to the god of the sky, the sun, royalty, and kingship. Horus, the deity of the sun, was drawn as a falcon or as a man with the head of a falcon.

The Eye of Horus, shown as a falcon’s eye and face, represented the sun and symbolized royal power and protection against all evils, danger, and sickness.

In the ancient kingdoms, the people called the king’s ascension to the afterlife  the “Flight of the Falcon.” As the mummies lay with their arms across their chests, it also signified a falcon at rest, with its wings folded.

The Spirituality Of Falcons In Other Cultures

The Greeks believed that the falcon was Apollo’s messenger. Apollo was the deity for many things, including prophecy, truth, healing, archery, dance, and music, and the falcon would bring Apollo’s wisdom to the mortals. It was sacred to the Greek wizards.

In Norse mythology, Odin’s wife, Freyja, had a suit of feathers that gave her the power to fly wherever she wanted to go. The Celts believe that the falcon is a sign of victory, and the Chinese view it as a symbol of war. The Polish people see the falcon as prophetic and attribute supernatural powers to the bird.

To the Native American people, the falcon represents strength, courage, and power. The Cheyenne tribe believes it is a symbol of protection from their enemies. Some also see it as an omen of danger.

In the Far East, the Japanese and Chinese cultures see the falcon as a symbol of nobility, courage, power, and vision. Feng Shui practitioners use the falcon to depict pursuit and motion, a journey towards success.

Falcons In Your Dreams

When the falcon comes in a dream, it encourages mindfulness as you set your mind on your goals and dreams. It encourages focus and perseverance. The falcon also challenges you to recognize the things holding you back from achieving your goals. As you let go of those constraints, you will make faster progress in reaching your long-term goals.

These are some common dreams that you may have about falcons and their meanings:

  • A flying falcon signifies success in your current tasks.
  • A falcon eating its prey is a symbol of abundance.
  • When dreaming of a caged bird, it means you escape from the daily grind and enjoy life more.
  • If you dream of a dead falcon, it means that you will defeat an enemy and have time to rest and heal.
  • When a falcon flies above you, it warns you of imminent enemy attacks.
  • A black falcon means that change is necessary somewhere, or you will fail in your endeavor.

Universal Meanings Of The Falcon

Over the centuries, different cultures have given diverse spiritual significance to the falcon, but some universal truths apply no matter where you’re from.

The falcon is noted for its excellent vision, and this physical advantage is extended into the spiritual aspect of life. It enables you to see your journey more clearly, make good decisions, and choose the right roads to achieve your goals.

The falcon encourages you to pursue your passions, and when you follow your heart in this, it will bring you overwhelming joy.

Falcon symbolism constantly reminds us to work methodically at everything we do to get better results.

The falcon represents quick thinking and helps you act quickly in a difficult situation and remain calm, even when others are panicking around.

A falcon is a sign that good opportunities are on the way, but you need to strategize to turn them to your advantage.


Falcons have been revered in many cultures for thousands of years. They know how to execute a plan to get them what they want with their excellent vision and strategic hunting skills. They speak of awaking your vision, dedicating yourself to following through until the end, when you will reap your rewards.

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