What The Gorilla Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Gorillas are native to the mountains and forests of central and West Africa, and they are highly intriguing animals with much to teach us. They are strong yet graceful and gentle creatures, and due to their sheer size, it is sometimes misconstrued that they are aggressive and ferocious. So what is the spiritual meaning of them, though?

The gorilla symbolizes many things, but strength is the most obvious of these. Deriving from this are respect and authority. Still, there are also contrasting traits such as dignity, intelligence, communication, tranquility and harmony, and the importance of the family unit.

There have been iconic tales of gorillas in the past, ranging from encounters with bands to the likes of Koko and Harambe. Although they are incredibly powerful creatures, they are also majestic and a pleasure to observe. Let us examine their spiritual meaning, dream connotations, and more.

Spiritual Symbolism And Meaning Of A Gorilla

The spiritual meaning is not to be prideful or boastful, but rather to recognize the value that we do possess. Although gorillas can sometimes make a spectacle, they generally exude a quiet honor and have a calm dignity about them. From a spiritual standpoint, we would be wise to adopt this approach.

Along with honor and dignity comes their air of leadership. This is not the aggressive type, though; instead, this animal conducts itself with compassion, temperance, and balance. One thing humans often forget is that to get one’s point across, one does not need to be authoritative and disrespectful towards others.

If you have a leading spirit, it would be wise to realize, as gorillas do, that to gain loyal followers, honesty, decency, fairness, and quiet charisma go a long way. Throwing your weight around and barking at people may get them to be compliant, but at the end of the day, they will desert you for a better leader.

Although gorillas have size and stature on their side, they are not typically aggressive animals and will opt to express themselves vocally and through behavioral displays rather than through fighting. This ties strongly into conflict-avoidance and peaceful relations.

Gorillas also portray how working as a group can be advantageous, especially when each member is aware of their role within the troop. Connection is a key feature in their communities, and we should learn to emulate this, particularly in our modern world, where we are growing more and more detached from one another.  

Gorillas also foster a selfless mindset that puts the group before their own needs. There is also the idea that is less popular among humans these days: respecting elders and honoring one’s role within a hierarchical system. 

On top of all this, gorillas are intelligent beings, which is evident in various aspects of how they conduct themselves. This stems from their interactions, use of rudimentary tools, intricate social relations, conflict management, and overall resourcefulness. They embody elements of adaptability and ingenuity.

On another note, spiritually, the gorilla will help you find inner strength and confirm that your endeavors are steady and stable. This is a comforting symbol as it will help you to push through uncertain times to reach your ultimate goals and dreams in life.

Symbolic Meanings Of Gorillas

There are several symbolic meanings that gorillas carry, and the first, as we have mentioned, is strength. A gorilla is theoretically able to lift multiple times its bodyweight. In comparison, the average gorilla is four to nine times stronger than the average human. But they are non-aggressive.

We should follow the example of gorillas that show us that we should never abuse the power we have. Strength also comes in different forms, from mental, emotional, physical, and more. Gorillas remind us to use our power wisely and with restraint.

If you have ever witnessed a gorilla sitting in a contemplative stance, you will realize that they tend to exude a sense of dignity and self-respect, along with a strong sense of self. They are calm and collected and do not get riled up very easily.

When others are rude and potentially even go so far as displaying abusive behavior, we are reminded by the gorilla not to stoop to their level. This does not mean you must take it lying down, but rather repel the negative energy and maintain your dignity and composure.  

Not everyone is gifted with a fair combination of brains and brawn. The gorilla is, though, and they remind us of how much we are truly capable of. They also point to having a well-rounded life. Living a holistic life is certainly a message we can take away from them and practice it ourselves.

Part of living a well-rounded life is being able to communicate well, which is certainly something that gorillas do. They may not utter words, but they do convey meaning through sounds, facial expressions, and body language. And it has even been shown that gorillas can learn how to use sign language.

More impressive is that Koko (the gorilla who learned sign language) adopted a form of communication from another species. This shows longing and willingness to connect that many people will not adopt. If you are generous of spirit, though, you will want to be able to commune with others.

Something gorillas are renowned for is their mellow and peaceful spirits. They tend to live structured lives that follow a routine. There is foraging, eating, playing, napping, and grooming. Overall, the gorilla is a symbol of tranquility and harmonious living.

Part of this lifestyle that they lead is the importance and sacredness of family and friends. A band or troop of gorillas is usually made up of numerous members, and they have deep connections with their immediate family. The gorilla reminds us to cherish those nearest and dearest to us.

Dreaming About Gorillas

The gorilla is an interesting animal to dream about as it embodies a variety of possible meanings from strength to intelligence to gentleness. This is an interesting combination, and if you are dreaming about them, we would advise you to read about their significance in entirety to gain a fuller picture.

For one, the dreaming of gorillas may mean that you have untapped strength that you should consider utilizing for good, or it could be the opposite and saying that you need to subdue yourself and gain mastery of self, especially where physical strength is concerned.

Another great proponent of the gorilla is the reminder to retain a grip on your dignity at all times. You are worth a lot more than you probably realize, and these dreams are looking to remind you of that.

Alternatively, dreaming about gorillas could symbolize that you have a wild nature and primitive impulses, as well as pointing to repressed sexual energy. If you find any of these resonating with you, then consider a means of addressing the issue.

Finally, gorillas can mean that we need to break out of sedentary ways and get into action. If you want something or have a particular dream or goal in mind, it may be time to take things seriously and start putting in some proper spadework to earn the reward you long for.

The Gorilla As A Spirit Animal

The gorilla is a great spirit animal as it embodies various characteristics that lead one on a path towards a more well-rounded living. If this animal resonates with you, it may mean that you require greater tranquility and peace within your life. Consider your daily routine and where you could change things.

Although the gorilla can be nearly ten times stronger than an adult human, they are capable of incredible feats of gentleness and self-restraint. Like gorillas, we too can hurt or harm others, and the gorilla spirit reminds us to hold to a gentle nature.   

The gorilla may also be vital in teaching you other lessons, such as utilizing communication to your advantage and doing so effectively. Communicating and connecting genuinely will be hard if you lack compassion for others, and the gorilla teaches us how to master this.

If you are weary and feel like you have no strength or energy left to give, the gorilla can invoke that which you so desperately require. Remember that even though a gorilla has tremendous power, it does preserve its might and is sure to rest often to keep itself rejuvenated.


Apart from the obvious characteristics such as strength and respect, spiritually, the gorilla points to things such as social intelligence skills and the ability to have a well-rounded and fulfilling life. If this spirit animal enters your life, it is time to focus on what is best for you and channel your energy accordingly.

The gorilla comes to ensure that you remain steady in pursuit of your dreams and goals and to do so with dignity, inner strength, and confidence. Although some find it an aggressive creature, you know that it is misunderstood and channeled correctly, you can reap tremendous rewards.

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