What The Polar Bear Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Polar bears are carnivorous white bears who live within the Arctic circle. It is the largest extant bear species. They also have significant meanings as spirit guides and totem animals symbols. So what does a polar bear signify?

The polar bear is a spirit, totem, and power animal that symbolizes perseverance and endurance. Polar bears are also believed to accompany souls on their next journey. They are respected for their strength. Polar bears also protect you when traveling the Astral plane.

There are many spiritual meanings connected to the polar bears. Let’s look at the symbolism behind these animals, the characteristics of those who have polar bears as animal totems, spirit guides, power animals, and what it means when they show up in your dreams.

Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning Behind Polar Bears

The polar bear is the sister of the brown bear. Polar bears are categorized as a vulnerable species due to climate change. Their habitats are slowly disappearing.

Polar bears represent many things. You might need to pull together your strength in adversity, be courageous enough to take action, or take a leadership role that involves taking care of others.

Many believe that the polar bear can guide them and keep them safe in their journey between worlds during Astral travel.

Polar bears are both feared and respected for their strength. This strength helps you to tap into the strength you need to succeed in leadership roles and help you act without any fear.

The Polar Bear As A Spirit Animal

The polar bear comes to you as a spirit animal to tell you to trust in your strength. Surrender where you are in life and go from there. It helps you face the challenges in your life by making you courageous and self-determined. The polar bear is rarely intimidated. You can adopt this strength and courage.

Silence is necessary when your life feels a bit chaotic. The polar bear will show you that it is important to find a quiet haven amidst the chaos to heal yourself. In other words, the polar bear symbolizes adaptability. Find peace in adversity. Finding peace in adversity does not mean you need to settle.

It will further guide you in how to take responsibility for yourself. The polar bear shows you that confidence is important. Having the polar bear as your spirit animal will increase your self-confidence.

The Polar Bear As An Animal Totem

Those born with the polar bear as an animal totem are powerful. They know how to take a stand and hold their ground. People with the polar bear as a totem are not afraid to stand alone when it comes to something they believe in.

These people consider their choices before acting by using their skills to time their reactions. They are patient, gracious, and know how to hide in plain sight.

Polar bears are protective. You must do whatever you can to cherish and protect those you love. They make excellent mothers. This is because polar bears are very protective of their young. Further, they have a cunning side and a drive to uncover secrets.

If you have the polar bear as an animal totem, you are good at recognizing opportunities. You observe, research, and study before making a move. You’re a person who knows how to conserve energy and where to spend it. You are intelligent and fearless. Your self-confidence enables you to move past your insecurities and fears.

The Polar Bear As A Power Animal

You can call on the polar bear if you need to engage in Astral travel. The polar bear will guide and keep you safe during this time. This animal can help you shield negativity from coming towards you. You will also have more time to think things through before making a move. It gives you the power to let chaotic energies subside before handling the situation.

The polar bear will provide strength if you are lacking energy. It will sustain you physically, mentally, and emotionally. The polar bear grounds you and connects you to the earth’s energy lines. It also opens the communication between you, your higher self, and the divine.

Native American Symbolism Of The Polar Bear

The Inuit Tribe believes the polar bear has a soul and a spirit guide for their tribes. They also believe that polar bears taught them how to hunt. Their shamans would reach out to the polar bear for psychic empowerment, courage, and shape-shifting powers.

The polar bear mimics human motion and condition. Because of this, the Inuits see the polar bear as superior to other creatures. Because the polar bear sometimes walks on its hind legs and can mimic human motions, many believe that it could have been a person in a bear’s skin or has a human soul.

Seeing A Polar Bear In Your Dreams

Polar bears are symbols of peace. A polar bear might bring you visions in your dreams. If you see a polar bear in your dream, it means you will awaken something in your spirit very soon. However, you will face adversity. During this time, you will need to show courage and strength and refuse to compromise.

Generally, a polar bear is a good omen. Seeing a polar bear in your dream might remind you that you need more time to meditate and work on yourself. Learn to live amongst the chaos and confusion. It can also mean that you need to expand your territory and share more of yourself.


As you can see, the polar has a strong spiritual meaning, especially to the Inuit Tribe. They are respected for their courage, endurance, perseverance, and strength. The polar bear is there to guide you during challenging and chaotic times in your life.

The polar bear reminds you to take a stand and believe in your cause. But be patient and consider all options before rushing into something. You can call on the power of the polar bear for Astral travel or help you let chaotic energies subside.

You can also call on this animal to ground yourself during meditation.

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